Hey, guys. There won’t be any reviews for a while. Why? I gotta be honest. I don’t enjoy writing reviews anymore. I’ve been feeling this way for a while, but I knew I lost my joy when I had to force myself to write last week’s review. I don’t know why I don’t enjoy them anymore. It could be because I’m working or I’ve found other interests. I’m not sure if I’ll even do reviews anymore. There’s a lot of things that I’m uncertain about right now. Just be patient as I try to figure everything out.


About rosecoloredglassesreviewer

Just a 20-something year old who loves writing and critiquing 90s/early-2000s TV shows. NOTE: I don't hate the shows I review. I enjoyed them as a child and I still enjoy them as an adult. My issue is with people who are blinded by nostalgia and believe that the shows they grew up are the best of all time and who believe today's shows suck.
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3 Responses to Hiatus.

  1. wow ok whatevs do whatever u want as long as it makes u happy we will get over it

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