BraceFace: S2, E8 “Vanity Fur”

The episode starts off with Maria competing in a snowboarding competition. Surprisingly, Maria is nervous but Sharon reassures her with a hug that she’ll be fine. Aww!


Maria impresses everyone with her tricks and is the winner of the competition. Later, Sharon asks Maria what she won and someone comes up from behind them and answers the question. Her name is Belinda Lightburn, a representative of Radical Tundra Boarding Gear. She tells them that Maria has a sponsorship with them and having to explain what all of that means because 14-year-olds don’t know what that is. The girls are screaming with excitement. The screaming is so annoying that Belinda wishes they would stop:


“Please, stop screaming”.

Belinda takes the girls to the store to give them a sneak preview at their new clothing line. Maria gushes over a blue jacket with fur on it, which of course concerns Sharon. Maria tells her that it’s probably fake and Belinda tells them that it’s real fur.


Sharon expects Maria to tell the woman that she refuses to wear real fur, but Maria does the opposite. Belinda gives Maria her card and she sets up Maria to come to their corporate office and sign a contract. Sharon, we’ve talked about this in “The Meat of the Matter”. Not everyone is going to share your views on everything. Also, this reminds of an episode of “That’s So Raven” that had a similar plot. Maria’s parents drop off Sharon and Maria at Sharon’s house. Sharon tries to talk to Maria, but she doesn’t pay attention and shouts to Connor (he lives across the street remember) that she won. Connor is happy for Maria and I guess he couldn’t go because he’s babysitting his cousin.


Awww! What a cutie!

Sharon walks over to Maria and gets upset that she accepted the sponsorship. They get into an argument while Connor is trying to shush them so they won’t make Ethan cry. They continue arguing and the baby ends up crying. Sharon and Maria ask Connor to take their sides, but Connor tells him that he’s the one who needs help. The girls stop arguing and stop Ethan from crying. Connor suggests that the girls convince Radical Tundra to not use fur. Sharon agrees and decides to do this, but Maria chickens out.  We cut to Sharon giving her speech on why Radical Tundra shouldn’t use fur.


After she finishes, it is revealed that her dad was listening to the speech. Hey, Richard long time no see!


Richard looks creepy in this shot.

Richard thinks that it’s good and that she’ll do great. We cut to Sharon headed down to their headquarters and she decides to ditch her dad’s lucky tie thinking it looks hideous. Ha. She goes inside as asks the receptionist to see Belinda. We get that annoying “You need an appointment” bullshit and when Sharon decides to book one, it’s 3 months from then. Sharon leaves and heads home and sees Connor outside trying to make Ethan laugh. He’s dressed like a clown and Ethan is not impressed. Lol.

Connor tries putting on a puppet show, but the only thing he succeeded at is getting Ethan to fall asleep. I can’t help but question why is the baby outside? It’s snow outside so it’s below freezing. I wouldn’t keep a baby outside in the cold for a long period of time. Watching this gives Sharon an idea. She decides to head over to RT’s corporate office dressed as a bunny delivering balloons for Belinda.


The receptionist tells her that she’ll give them to her, but Sharon tells the receptionist that she has to deliver them to her and that the balloons are from Mr. Lightburn. The receptionist tells Sharon that she’s not married. Ha! Sharon corrects herself and says that they’re from her father, but the receptionist tells her that he’s dead. Oh, this just keeps getting funnier. Sharon says that they’re from her eccentric, uncle and the receptionist buys it and tells her to go on in. The receptionist is really shitty at her job. I would have turned Sharon away the minute she showed up. Did she not recognize Sharon from yesterday?  Sharon gets in the office and gives her speech to Belinda, but she’s not trying to hear it.


She sends her bodyguards to drag Sharon out of her office:


Sending bodyguards on a 14 year old is extreme.

Sharon tells Maria that her plan was a fail and suggests to Maria that she should agree to promote the clothing line that is fur-free. Maria agrees to it and Belinda laughs at the idea of promoting half of the clothing line and still receiving perks. Belinda lets Maria know she recognized Sharon (too bad the receptionist didn’t, fire her ass) and tells her it’s an all-or-nothing deal. This just occurred to me that Maria is underage and signing a contract. Shouldn’t her parents be with her reading over the contract and signing it? We cut to Connor at Life Cycles with Ethan and he’s reminding me of Velma from Scooby Doo with the “My glasses! I can’t see a thing without my glasses” act. I find it weird that Alden and Brock are sitting with Nina and Evvie, two people who hate Sharon. I would think that Alden wouldn’t sit with Nina considering he doesn’t like her. And why is Evvie there? (Looks I was wrong about her appearing in one episode) Wouldn’t it make more since to have Allyson there instead since she’s Nina’s friend? It’s interesting that the writers showed this.


Maria walks in and Sharon assumes that Maria didn’t sign the deal. Alden and Brock congratulate Maria on her sponsorship and they’re eager to see the clothing line. Sharon is upset that Maria signed the deal and gets all preachy again. Everyone comes to Maria’s defense saying that it’s a lifetime opportunity and whatever, but Sharon isn’t trying to hear it. No one notices Connor is looking for his glasses and he accidentally steps on them. Sharon walks away from everyone making Maria feel bad.

Sharon is at her dad’s apartment and I can’t help but ask this question. Is Richard done touring or something? Back to the episode, Sharon tells her dad everything and apologizes that she didn’t wear his lucky tie. He doesn’t mind since he’s not a tie person. He gives us a back story on the tie. It all started with Richard going out with this girl (who I assume to be Helen). She wanted to go to a restaurant that required you to wear a tie. That’s stupid. Richard doesn’t like the idea of having to look a certain way to be respected (I agree), but “Helen” insisted that she wanted to go to this restaurant. Richard decided to have dinner at his house with the restaurant catering the food. He also wore the tie. Sharon is confused by this since he wore a tie anyway, but Richard tells her that he did it on his own terms. He also tells her that she has to fight this fight on her own and she can’t expect Maria to. Sharon is worried about their friendship and Richard tells her whatever happens, happens. Of course, this doesn’t make Sharon feel better.

We cut to Maria venting to Connor about her fight with Sharon, but Connor is sleeping. She wakes him up and all he can think about is Ethan, who has gone home. Connor is tired of them fighting and tells Maria that Sharon wants Maria to understand her. More like she wants Maria to do what she wants her to do. Maria and Connor head down to (what I assume to be) a vet’s office to get information on what animals RT test on. Maria discovers that they test on Minks and learn about the horrible conditions they live in and that they are killed at 5 months.


They also watch a film about fur farms and now Maria understands why this is so important to Sharon. Ugh, I’m tired of this episode. It’s the day of the fashion show and Alden and Brock showed up to support Maria. Sharon makes a call on her cell phone confirming that the local news station will be at the event. Oh, Sharon don’t do this. Connor overhears this and asks Sharon why she’s calling the news station. We cut to Maria getting her makeup done and Belinda hands her a mink coat:


The makeup isn’t too bad compared to the one she and Sharon had in “Mommy Nearest”.

Sharon tells Connor about her plans to sabotage the event by climbing on the scaffolding, throwing anti-fur pamphlets, and making a speech on a megaphone. Sharon, who are you fooling? We all know that you’re clumsy and you’re probably going to fall or a fear of heights might kick in. Connor rightfully tells Sharon that she’s being selfish and doing that will ruin Maria’s big moment. The show starts and Maria is first. When Maria comes out, Sharon realizes that she can’t go through with this. Maria takes the mic away from Belinda and starts her own protest against fur.


Save our animals.

Maria announces that RT is going to start a fur-free sports line and Belinda goes along with for appearances (though we all know she’s pissed). Sharon is shocked at what Maria did and is ashamed of herself for what she was about to do. After the show, Belinda approaches the girls and decides that going fur-free is a good idea (they have no choice since Maria announced it), but she fires Maria for being insubordinate.

I didn’t like this episode at all. It was a combination of “The Meat of the Matter” and that episode of “That’s So Raven” I mentioned earlier. I didn’t like Sharon at all in this episode. She was being too preachy and once again acting like she did in the S1, E5 episode. It’s like she learned nothing from that episode. Not everyone is going to like or agree with everything that you do. You can’t force people to be who you want them to be. I just hated that she guilt-tripped Maria into giving up a great opportunity for something that she doesn’t really care about.  If Sharon wants to protest against RT, then that’s fine and dandy. Just don’t make your best friend do it. I didn’t buy Maria “understanding” why Sharon wanted to protest against RT. It just didn’t come off genuine to me. I actually wished Maria went ahead with the fashion show. I get that her protest was for her and others to realize how horrible killing animals and wearing them as clothes are, but I just felt like it was done so Sharon could get what she wanted. The only thing I liked about this episode was seeing more of Connor and him being a mediator.


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