BraceFace: S2, E7 “Skin Deep”

Everyone’s getting ready for the annual Fashion show and of course, Sharon is going to be helping out Dion. Good to see Dion again. I love this guy. Dion shows off the dress that he designed and Sharon will be modeling it:


Everyone is amazed at how pretty the dress is (some of it was made out of receipts) and Nina is jealous that Sharon gets to model in it. Nina and Dion have a catty exchange and as always Dion has the last laugh. Nina attempts to make Sharon think that she’s fat and some guy steps in and calls out Nina for implying that Sharon is fat. Sharon is far from fat. If she’s fat, then I guess I’m obese. Sharon thanks him for standing up for her and Dion introduces them to each other. His name is Harrison and he is the set designer for the show.  Dion wants Sharon to try on the dress and Sharon mentions that the dress is a little tight. Dion decides to loosen up a few places in the dress and while he’s doing that, Sharon starts thinking about Nina’s comments and sees a magazine with a thin model on the cover. Yep, this is an episode touching on anorexia.


When Dion is finished, Sharon tells him that he doesn’t need to “let it out” because she had a big breakfast and she’ll be a size smaller in time for the show. In the lunch line, Sharon is telling Maria and Connor about the show and she sees another magazine like the one from before. Sharon decides to skip lunch and lies to her friends about coming down with something. As they head for their table, Harrison comes by and tells Sharon that he owns her for “slaying the red-headed dragon”. Haha. This guy is funny. Sharon is helping Harrison with the designs for the show and they seem to have really good chemistry. Someone blinds Sharon with a bright light and she gets mad until she notices how hot he is.


Sharon: “Hey, what’s the big idea?” Darryl: “Sorry about that” Sharon: “Oh…it’s okay”

The guy’s name is Darryl and Harrison looks pissed that Sharon has taken a liking to him lol. Darryl shines his light on Sophie Katz, who won Miss Teen Elkford last year. She is annoyed by Darryl and as she walks away, Sharon admires her figure. No, not like that. It’s like an “I wish I had her body” admiration. Sharon and Harrison are finally finished painting the background for the show and Harrison asks if Sharon wants to get something to eat. Darryl walks by and winks at Sharon and compliments them on doing a good job. Sharon gets all nervous and excited and asks Darryl to come with them, but he can’t because he has to finish his work. Harrison tells Sharon that he has to stop by his locker and Sharon tells him she’ll meet him out front. Dion tells Sharon that Harrison has a crush on her. Sharon is shocked to hear this and tells him that they’re only friends.

Harrison and Sharon are at the restaurant and once again, Sharon is only drinking soda. Harrison invites Sharon to play Frisbee golf afterwards and tells him that he’s been the city champ for two years in a row. Nina comes by with a guy on her arm (not the same guy from “14 Candles”) and makes fun of Sharon and Harrison.


She also points out that they’re a perfect match. Harrison tries to make a smart remark, but fails again because Nina gets the last word just like before. Nina walks away and tells Sharon to enjoy her date. Sharon denies that it’s a date and accidentally drops the pepper on the floor. She and Harrison reach for it at the same time:


Harrison: “We gotta stop meeting like this”

Harrison is about to tell Sharon something (it sounds like he was going to admit his feelings for her), but Sharon cuts him off and lies to him saying that she has a boyfriend. Harrison looks disappointed and asks who the guy is. Sharon tells him that his name is Shawn and he lives far away. Remember the days you could turn down a guy by lying to him and telling him you have a boyfriend and it worked? Today if you tell a guy you have a boyfriend, they don’t give a rat’s ass. We cut to school and Dion is trying to decide how to do Sharon’s hair. Sharon’s stomach is growling again and that PB&J sandwich sitting in front of her isn’t helping:


Harrison comes in and asks Sharon if Shawn will be coming to the show. Dion comes back from putting sandwich away and asks who Shawn is. Harrison tells him that Shawn is Sharon’s boyfriend and the expressions Dion gives Sharon are ones for the book!

The bell rings and Harrison has to head off to class and once he leaves, Dion asks Sharon why she lied to Harrison. She tells him she panicked because he was about to get mushy on her, but Dion isn’t buying it. Dion and Sharon are walking down the hall and Sharon tells Dion that Harrison isn’t her type. Darryl just so happens to be walking by and Sharon gets all nervous and shy again. Dion knows what’s up and Sharon tells him that there are plenty of reasons why her and Harrison won’t work but Sharon can’t give a legit reason. (sighs) We’re doing this again. We touched on a similar situation like this in “Crushed” with the whole “Sharon is a shallow bitch because she doesn’t want to date someone who isn’t attractive” thing. I just hate it when the show recycles topics from past episodes and make a whole episode on it.

Sharon is exercising her ass off trying to make sure she can fit the dress before the show.

At school, Sharon runs into Darryl again and he compliments her on her jacket. Sharon can’t remember where she got the jacket, but she says she’ll let him know later. He has to go and we get an ass shot of Darryl walking away:


Fan Service for all of the pre-teen/teen girls watching.

During gym class, Sharon gushes to Maria over Darryl and thinks it’s because of her diet. Maria is shocked to hear this and tells Sharon she doesn’t need to lose any weight, but Sharon isn’t trying to hear it. Sharon runs off so she can go to her last fitting for the dress. The dress fits Sharon perfectly, but you can see that Sharon weight loss is taking a toll on her:


Nina asks Sharon how Shawn feels about her dating Harrison. Sharon says that she and Harrison are just friends and ends up fucking up by saying that he has a “big heart”. (sighs) The fat jokes are too easy. At home, Maria and Connor decide to eat dinner with Sharon since everyone will be home late. Sharon decides to pass on dinner and tells her friends that they can eat some tofu that Helen left in the oven. Her friends finally tell Sharon that she needs to seek help, but Sharon insists that she has it under control. Sharon insists that she’s on a diet, but her friends aren’t buying it. Maria and Connor give us all a PSA about the unrealistic expectations for women’s bodies (i.e. airbrushing and photoshopping their bodies, making women feel insecure about their bodies so they’ll lose weight with diets, exercise, etc.). Sharon eats some of the tofu dinner her mom left her so her friends will shut up.

We fast forward to the big fashion show and Sharon’s hair looks cute!


Dion even notices that Sharon is looking pale and decides to add some blush on her. While Harrison has gone to get Sharon’s shoes, Darryl is handing out invitations to the wrap party. Nina comments aloud that it’s too bad that her “boyfriend” couldn’t make it. Darryl stares at Sharon and she blushes.


Sharon tells them that she and Shawn broke up last night and Nina says it was because he was jealous of Harrison. Sharon denies going out with Harrison and they’re just friends. She also denies liking him as a friend because “look at him”. And guess who happens to walk by as soon as she says this.


He even dropped the boots.

Poor ole Harrison is hurt by this and walks away. Sharon tries to run after him, but the show is about to start. While Sharon is on the runway, she starts feeling bad about how she’s treated Harrison. All of a sudden, Sharon starts feeling dizzy and passes out on the runway.


Harrison gets up and carries Sharon backstage. Later, Sharon comes to and Harrison tells her that she fainted and Maria went to get her food. Sharon looks around and asks for Darryl. Harrison and Dion both look pissed at goes to get some more ice. Haha. Sophie tells Sharon that Darryl left for the party and explains to Sharon that she would never go out with him because he’s not her type. Harrison comes back with the ice and Sophie leaves Harrison and Sharon alone. Sharon apologizes to Harrison and he accepts her apology and tells Sharon he wishes she was happy with the way she looked. Sharon asks Harrison for another chance, but he doesn’t seem to want it. Maria comes back and all she could find was a soda. Really? I get that Sharon’s a vegetarian so that limits your options a bit, but that’s all you could find. SMH. Sophie comes back and it is revealed that she and Harrison are dating and they’re going to the party. Sharon decides not to go to the party and instead pigs out at Life Cycles.

I really liked this episode. I like that they touched on eating disorders and the unrealistic expectations that society places on women’s bodies. As much as it annoyed me that the writers reused a topic from a previous episode, I do like that it tied in with the body issues theme for this episode. While I’ve never had to worry about trying to look skinny (because I’ve always been skinny), I have struggled with the way I looked for a long time. Yes, I know that being skinny is a beauty standard, but being skinny isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I hated being skinny because I was tired of people esp. my mom telling me I need to eat more and that I looked like one of those starving kids from Africa (the ones in those commercials). I was also being teased for it and I was told that guys would never go out with me because I didn’t have any tits or ass. It also didn’t help that I would see rappers/R&B artists having girls with big asses in their music videos. And I would always hear guys that I like prefer girls who had more meat on their bones. Fortunately, I learned to embrace my petite frame. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m not going to go into depth about the shallowness thing because I’ve talked about it in my “Crushed” review. But long story short, I’m tired of people calling someone shallow because they don’t want to date someone they don’t find attractive. Harrison seemed like a cool guy and he didn’t look fat to me at all. Such a shame we don’t see him in future episodes because he’s pretty funny.


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