BraceFace: S2, E6 “The Friend Zone”

Shalden fans, it has been two episodes since the breakup. How y’all holding up? I know your ship has sunk, but fret not because this episode is for you guys.

Sharon is in looking through her closet trying to find the sweater that she borrowed from Maria. Am I the only one who doesn’t borrow other people’s clothes? It could be just me since I’m petite and it’s hard to find clothes that fit me. She knows that she has it because the last time she wore it was to Alden’s party two months ago.


Maria tells Sharon to call Alden since it’s probably there and Sharon doesn’t like the idea of it. Sharon hasn’t spoken to Alden since the breakup and she reveals that she misses hanging out with him. Sharon hopes that they’re still friends. Maria assures that they’re still friends because of the email Alden sent about forming a hockey team and practice starting tomorrow morning. Apparently, Sharon didn’t get an email and assumes that he only sent it to his sport friends. Maria laughs and mentions that Connor got one. Sharon starts overreacting and assumes that Alden wants to forget her. He’s probably thinking it would be too awkward to invite an ex just like how Sharon thought it would be awkward to talk to him.

Adam and Hanna are planning a Monster Movie marathon and are coming up with guests to invite. Adam suggest inviting Kevin and Lisa, but Hanna mentions that they just broke up. Adam decides to just invite Kevin. Sharon relates to her own situation and is upset that Lisa wasn’t invited. Hanna tells her that they’ve known Kevin longer, but Sharon isn’t trying to hear it. Later, Sharon is in her room reading a magazine and eating a PB&J sandwich. I haven’t had one of those since elementary school. Ah, those were simpler times.


Sharon’s reading an article about getting in the friend zone with your ex. And this is where shit goes downhill. I never take advice from magazines. Step one is to let him know you’re available to him as a friend. Okay that works. Sharon realizes that maybe Alden doesn’t know that she wants to be friends with him and decides to go to hockey practice. Sampson (the dog) starts messing with the magazine. Sharon tells him to leave it alone and they have a tug-o-war that results in part of the magazine being ripped off.

Sharon goes to hockey practice and Maria is happy to see her there. Maria asks Sharon what position she wants to play and she says whatever is the easiest, which is being the goalie. Maria sets Sharon up with the gear and Alden notices Sharon. He’s surprised she came and is glad that she did. Sharon is excited about all of this.


Their first encounter since the breakup.

A girl named Marlo is a part of the team and she and Alden are really playful towards each other. She hits the puck into the goal and Sharon dodges it instead of catching it. Sharon doesn’t think that being a goalie is for her and that she’d rather be the score keeper. She realizes that being a score keeper is boring and she keeps giving points to the wrong team. She brought the magazine from earlier with her to keep her busy. Step two is being supportive of your ex because it’s hard not to be friends with someone who’s rooting for you. Not bad advice either. Throughout practice, Sharon is constantly cheering for Alden even when he fucks up.

At school, Sharon tells Connor that Alden didn’t say anything to her after practice and wonders why. Connor gives Sharon his “guy advice” and tells her that Alden might think that she wants him again. That’s not “guy advice”, that’s common sense. Anyone could have gotten that vibe that Sharon was giving him. We cut to Marlo, Alden and Brock. Alden and plan on trying out for the junior hockey team. Sharon is about to approach them and remembers step three, which is to make sure to let him know you’re not interested anymore. And this is where the article from the magazine turns into horseshit. Is this an article on getting in the friend zone with your ex or trying to get back with your ex by coming off as being a crazy, stalker? She runs into a classroom so that they won’t see her and then she runs to them out of nowhere.


Alden: Damn, where did she come from?

Sharon compliments Marlo on her performance during practice and asks Alden if he thinks the same, while giving him a wink. Oh, God. Sharon, please stop. I’m not in the mood to suffer second-hand embarrassment. He agrees with her and Sharon tells Alden and Marlo that they’re cute together. They deny going out, but Sharon doesn’t believe them. (long sigh) Sharon also tells Alden she’s available if he needs advice from a platonic female friend. All three of them realize that Sharon is just being plain creepy and all find excuses to get out of this awkward situation. Haha. Sharon returns Adam’s hockey stick to him and contemplates giving up on trying to be Alden’s friend. Adam thinks that Sharon is talking about hockey and tells her to not give up so easily and if you have to go for it if you really want something. Sharon agrees and swears that she’ll make Alden be friends with her. OMG. This just keeps getting worse and worse.  He doesn’t have to be your friend, Sharon. He doesn’t have to do anything for you. Jesus Christ.

At the rink, Alden and some older guys are having an argument. Alden has the rink booked and the older guys refuse to leave. One of the guys push down Alden and Brock, Maria and even Connor (yes, you read that correctly) step in to defend Alden. Alden tells them to let it go and gets the last word by saying they need all the practice they can get. Burn! In the cafeteria, Sharon tells Maria that she snitched on those guys to the rink manager. Maria doesn’t think that was a good idea to do since Alden said to let it go, but Sharon insists that what she was doing was being a good friend. (sighs) She had good intentions, but this was stupid. Connor comes in and tells Sharon and Maria to come out in the hallway. They run outside the boys’ bathroom and a couple of guys from the group are giving him a swirly because they believe that he was the one who ratted him out. The leader throws Alden out of the bathroom and now no one can use the rink in the morning because of this.


They walk away and Alden is confused as to who was the snitch. Sharon gives herself away by saying whoever did had good intentions. Alden is furious and tells Sharon that he could use a lot less of her help. Yikes. Back in the cafeteria, Maria tells Sharon that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be friends with Alden but she got carried away. And that ladies and germs is one of Sharon’s biggest faults. She does way too much. This kind of behavior is very off-putting. Sharon reveals to her friends that she’s been taking advice from the magazine and realizes it was giving bad advice. She throws it in the trash can and realizes that she doesn’t need to fight to be Alden’s friend and that she already has great friends. Sharon asks them if they want to hang out after school, but they can’t because they’re going to hockey tryouts. Sharon looks disappointed, but she tells them that she has other plans.  What are those plans you ask? Sharon decides to go to Adam and Hanna’s MMM party, despite not liking horror movies.


I didn’t realize that Tony was there until I took a screenshot.

She ends up leaving because she can’t take all the gore and shit. So, Sharon is in the kitchen all by herself. We cut to Alden’s family restaurant and Marlo, Alden, Brock, Maria and Connor are there. Sharon calls Maria and Maria tells her that Brock and Alden made the team, but dicks from the rink didn’t. Sharon asks if she could drop by and Maria pretends to not understand Sharon and lets everyone know that Sharon wants to hang out. Brock makes a joke and Alden shuts him up. Sharon decides not to go and Maria asks if she and Connor can come over and watch the MMM with her, but Sharon declines. Hanna comes in to check on Sharon and suggests that she eats something, but Sharon declines saying that she just needs fresh air. Hanna checks on Sharon and Sharon asks Hanna what she would do if she was in her situation. Hanna tells Sharon to do nothing and just let whatever happens happen. I agree with this. Sometimes you just have to do nothing and let things happen. You can’t force things to happen.

Sharon decides to do something to make herself feel better. And where does she go? The drug store, no not for drugs you dumbasses, to buy some beauty products. Sharon is checking out some nail polish and guess who just so happens to be there.


Alden is at the drug store buying some stuff for his sisters who have the flu. And instead of asking for medicine, they’re asking for a bunch of beauty products. Alden is annoyed with them asking for stuff and hangs up the phone. Alden walks over to the nail polish and grabs some for his sisters. He’s on the other side of where Sharon is and a sign is blocking their view. They just keep on building this up. I love it!


The two come in contact with each other when they reach for the same nail polish. Sharon makes a joke about Alden buying nail polish and he explains that he’s buying them for his sisters. Sharon thinks it’s sweet that Alden is doing this for his sisters and tells him that Adam would never do that. Those assholes hockey players come in and taunt Alden for buying “girly stuff”. He pushes Alden knocking him into a display in the store. The other guy comes up and twists Alden’s arm. They notice panty hose in the cart that Alden was carrying and taunts him even more. Sharon steps in and says that it’s her stuff and Alden was carrying it for her. A security guard walks over and asks the guys to leave. The guy blames Alden for the stuff being knocked down and the security guard says that they can check the security footage. The guys decide to leave and Alden thanks Sharon for sticking up for him. Sharon tells him that she owns him and apologizes for being a snitch. Alden said he was mad, but he’s over it.


They make-up.

Sharon congratulates Alden on making the team and asks him where he and his team will play. He mentions that Maria found a rink for them to practice and asks if she’ll be there. Sharon thanks him for the invite, but tells him she can’t skate. Alden offers to give Sharon some lessons before practice and she agrees. We cut to Sharon getting ready to go to practice and Sharon finds a piece of the article from Girl Power attached to her skates. She reads it and it includes step 5 which is basically the advice Hanna gave Sharon. Sharon decides to post it on her wall next to the picture at Alden’s party which was shown at the beginning of the episode. We see Alden teaching Sharon how to skate and she thinks that she and Alden would be great as friends.


Remember Maria’s missing sweater from the beginning of the episode? Look who’s wearing it.

I really loved this episode and I’ve been waiting to review this one. This was a great episode to see where Sharon and Alden stand post-breakup. This was a nice episode for you Shalden fans out there. Your ship may have sunk, but don’t give up hope. This episode shows that you can be friends with an ex. I do believe that you can be friends with an ex, but it depends on the seriousness of the break-up imo. I could see myself being friends with an ex if we dated, but decided that we were better off as friends. However, I couldn’t see myself being friends with an ex that fucked me over big time (i.e. cheating, abuse, etc.) I’ve seen some people be friends with their ex who have done those things to them, but to each is to own. I really liked Hanna in this episode. She provided a big sister role to Sharon and I wish we could get more of that. I think the introduction of Marlo could have been better, but if memory serves she’s a pretty good character so we’ll be seeing more of her. I have to admit that Sharon was a bit annoying in this episode. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be friends with Alden, but she took things too far. She was also doing all of the steps all at once. She should have approached it slowly. Sharon’s heart was in the right place when she snitched on those guys to the rink manager, but she should have let it go when Alden said so. I did feel bad that Alden took the blame, but I think his reaction was a big over the top. I don’t think he would have been as mad if Sharon wasn’t annoying him up until then.




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