BraceFace: S2, E1 “The Social Fabric”

Here we are folks, Season 2! As I mentioned before, I’ve been waiting to review this season and it’s finally here. And it could not come at a better time because I’ve been really depressed these past few days. So without further ado, let’s begin!

During breakfast, Adam tries to scare Sharon with freshman horror stories. Ah, yes I remember seeing this trope all of the time on TV and was scared that it would happen to me. And nothing happened. If anybody reading this is entering high school soon, this will not happen to you. Don’t get me wrong you might get bullied, but not all freshmen are going to get picked like this. Helen tells Adam to stop teasing Sharon and believes that Sharon will be alright. We cut to Sharon and Co. and I spy some new outfits…from Sharon and Maria that is!


Sharon is worried about the freshman haze (as I call it); while Maria doesn’t think it’ll be so bad. Connor suggests that they blend in with the lockers. Ha. They finally reach their new school:


Welcome to Elkford High!

They’re all sitting in the auditorium and the principal informs the freshman about their new mentoring program. It just occurred to me. This would be the perfect time to pull a prank on the freshman since they’re all sitting together. Or maybe they’re saving their pranks for the end of the year. Back to the episode, the freshman will be paired with a senior and the senior will help them transition through high school. That sounds like a nice idea, but I highly doubt seniors volunteered for this. That’s not to say there aren’t seniors who care about helping out a freshman, but I highly doubt that there was enough volunteers to be paired with every freshman. It’s probably a volunteering class or something that’s an easy “A”. And how is it enough seniors to be paired with each freshman? I guess it’s an equal amount of freshmen and seniors, but it doesn’t make sense since the freshman class is usually the biggest and the senior class is the smallest. Well, at least that’s how it was when I was in high school (shrugs).

Sharon thinks the mentor program is a cover-up and it’s just to pick on the freshman. Connor chimes in on his concerns and hopes that they can switch and coincidentally, the principal tells them they can’t switch and wishes them good luck.


Looks like Maria is going to like it here.

Everyone seems to be paired with someone who shares their interests. Alden’s mentor, Evvie likes Mangled Metal’s (the name of Alden’s band in case you forgot) music. She’s auditioning to be a TV3 VJ and is pretty confident she’ll get the job. She also thinks that she can take the band to the next level. And who is Sharon paired with? Someone who doesn’t even remotely shares her interests.


Meet Dion.

Sharon, understandably is embarrassed by Dion. She asks him to come out from underneath the table because people are staring. He couldn’t give an ounce of a shit and continues reading under the table. Okay, writers I see where you’re going with this. While Dion is picking up empty soda cans with Sharon, he tells Sharon his real name: Mark Jones. He doesn’t think the name suits him and named himself after Celine Dion, his idol. He chastises Sharon for thinking Celine is okay and promises to make sure that Sharon really “listens” to Celine. Geez and I thought Justin Bieber’s fans were bad. Dion goes over to a recycling bin to collect more cans and Evvie shows up. She and Dion have a little shade fest and I’m here for it! Dion tells Sharon that he rejected her to be a model in one of his shows and ever since then she’s hated him. Sharon asks why they’re collecting cans and Dion decides to show her this:


He needs to have a dress (called “The Social Fabric” hence the title of this episode) complete for his portfolio to apply for the Fashion Institute. He asks Sharon to be a model for the dress. He also tells her she’s has uniqueness to her and that her braces compliment the dress. He’s right it’s perfect for his metal theme. In the locker room, Sharon tells Maria that she’s starting to like Dion and asks her if anyone has tried to initiate her yet. Maria tells her no and just believes it’s all a rumor. Sharon asks Maria to join her for lunch, but she can’t. She asks Alden to join her and he can’t because he’s hanging out with Evvie and her friends. Sharon wants to come along, but Alden has to ask Evvie if it’s okay and Sharon flips her lid. I can understand why Alden has to make sure if it’s okay. When you invite someone to hang out with you, sometimes people don’t want other people joining it. However I do understand why Sharon would be upset. Alden is clueless and Sharon doesn’t like that Alden’s spending so much time with Evvie and points out that her and Dion aren’t hanging out all of the time. Alden promises Sharon that they’ll have lunch tomorrow, but that doesn’t make her feel better. Alden explains to Sharon that he and Evvie have a lot in common and that she can help the band. Just then, Evvie calls out to Alden and Sharon’s facial expression is hilarious:


Sharon asks if they’re still having band practice later today and Alden confirms it and mentions that Evvie will be there as well. Ah, nothing like high school drama. Mangled Metal performs for Evvie and her friends. She thinks they’re cute and tells them they need to work on their image and tighten up their rhythm. She walks up to Alden and tells him she’ll take him shopping for clothes.


Alden: “Sharon, who?”

She also tells them to ditch Sharon and Maria. Sharon objects to this and Evvie swears she knows what she’s talking about. Sharon asks Alden what he wants to do and agrees with Evvie and he’s  “so sorry”.


Sorry, my ass.

Maria calms down Sharon and they both leave. Maria doesn’t make a big deal about it because she doesn’t have time to rehearse with all the sports she’s involved in. Sharon complains to Maria about how Alden looks at Evvie and says that she’s “too gorgeous”. Maria assures Sharon that Alden is just impressed by Evvie and that Evvie is probably insecure. Maria also tells Sharon that she should join something and have fun in high school. (sighs) Everybody and their mother used to tell me this. I hated high school. It wasn’t as bad as middle school (that was pure hell), but it was still awful. I didn’t have fun because I didn’t really have any friends, I always felt like l didn’t belong and there were nothing I was interesting in joining. I joined a business club my senior year just to put on my college applications that I was involved in something.

The next day Sharon is trying to find her way to History class. Ugh I just got a flash back to being late for all of my classes because I couldn’t find them. I’ll never forget the time I asked the principal to help me find my Biology class. He escorted me to class and everyone was staring at me like I was a juvenile delinquent. I’m embarrassed all over again. Sharon walks into a classroom thinking it’s her class and she walks into a class with Evvie and Dion. Evvie, as usual teases Sharon and Dion tries to step in and help Sharon. He and Evvie start Round 2 of their Shade fest and once again Dion comes out victorious. Sharon excuses herself out and Evvie points out that Sharon has green food between her braces and the rubber bands on them pop. Sharon runs out of the classroom and heads to the bathroom.


The second hand embarrassment makes its Season 2 debut.

God, I hate Evvie so much. I hate her for sharing the same name as one of my favorite Gen 1 Pokémon (even though the Pokémon’s name is spelled Eevee).Later on, Sharon is going through her locker and Dion stops by. He asks Sharon to try on the dress, but Sharon lies and tells Dion that she has too much homework to do. Dion puts on a front like it’s no big deal, but you can see it in his face he’s disappointed:


Sharon is trying to get away from Dion as much as she can, but Dion doesn’t seem to get it yet. He surprises Sharon with Celine Dion concert tickets and Sharon lies to him saying that she can’t go because it’s her brother’s birthday. Dion realizes that Sharon is trying to avoid associating with him and walks away. Poor Dion. During lunch, Evvie and her friends confront Sharon about modeling for Dion. Sharon denies modeling for Dion and Evvie writes the number 9 on Sharon’s forehead while her friends hold Sharon down.

Evvie warns Sharon that she’s got more surprises for her. And you thought Nina was bad? This bitch is just petty as hell. Because the 9 is written in permanent marker (I assume), Sharon can’t get it off with just water and has to wear a bandana to cover her forehead. Sharon tries playing volleyball with Maria so she can blend in and avoid Evvie, but volleyball clearly isn’t for her and she starts to miss hanging around Dion. Sharon finds Alden in the band room and asks him to tell Evvie to leave her alone. Alden refuses to because he doesn’t want to ruin his chances to help his band. He also advises Sharon to not bug Evvie and stay out of her way. (inserts internal scream) Remember when I said that Alden starts acting like a dick? And you’ve only seen the beginning. I’m so fucking mad right now. Ugh, I’ll save my rant for later.

Sharon is trying to head home, but Evvie pops up. I would make an “A wild Evvie appears” joke, but she’s not worthy of it. Evvie apologizes to Sharon for how she’s treated her and promises to leave her alone. Yeah, right. She manipulates Sharon into stealing the dress for her VJ audition by telling her it’ll beneficial to Evvie and Dion. And Sharon stupidly agrees to it. Sharon goes into the fashion room and just when she’s about to grab it, Dion sneaks in and turns on the light switch. The light bulb gives off electricity to Sharon’s braces and her braces attach themselves to the dress, thereby ruining it.


Dion, of course is pissed. He and Sharon pick up the soda can tabs and Sharon offers to sew it back on. Dion, angrily, refuses her help. Evvie comes in asking what’s taking so long and Dion finds out about everything. Dion believes that Sharon was doing it for herself and not for Dion. Dion goes on about it’s going to take him forever to fix it and that he’ll never meet his deadline. Evvie interrupts him by complaining about what she’s going to wear for her audition and Sharon tells her off. This should be a moment that I should be celebrating, but I’m not. It just came a little too late for me. Evvie walks out of the room and Dion apologizes to Sharon for saying she wasn’t an original (he started saying that after he realized she was avoiding him). While Dion comes up with a Plan B, dental floss and rubber bands fall out of Sharon’s pocket when she picks up some soda can tabs. And she gets the idea to use them to put the dress back together. At the end, we see Sharon modeling the dress and it looks good on her.

I have to say that I quite liked this episode. Dion is one of my favorite characters and I love that he’ll be in future episodes. I love that he’s himself and doesn’t give a rat’s ass what people think about him.  He definitely was the perfect mentor for Sharon. The summary of this episode describes Dion as “a fashion designer whose sexuality has been called into question”. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I didn’t get that from this episode. No one in this episode avoided Dion because he was gay. I saw it as people didn’t want to associate with him because he’s eccentric. Earlier in the episode, you saw people staring at him because he was reading a book under the table. Regardless, Dion is an awesome character. I like that Sharon’s junior high peers weren’t in this episode a lot. It’s just a reminder that you’re not going to always see everyone from junior high and that high school is completely different from junior high. I just hated Evvie so much. She just picked on Sharon because she was Dion’s mentee. She was just a petty bitch and thank God she doesn’t appear in any future episodes (from what I recall). Alden was just awful this episode. I understand that he wanted to take his band to the next level, but that was no excuse for how he let Evvie control him. When Evvie suggested that Alden get rid of Sharon and Maria, Alden didn’t even bother to stand up for them he just went with it. And I can’t believe he didn’t defend Sharon! If somebody was messing with me, I would want my boyfriend to stand up for me. That’s not to say I couldn’t do it myself, but I would want him to be on my side. And don’t get me started on the bullshit advice he gave Sharon. Don’t bug her?! Stay out of her way?! Sharon didn’t do anything to deserve being picked on. Sharon never bugged Evvie at all. I didn’t agree with Dion when he said that Sharon wanted to steal the dress for Evvie because she wanted Evvie to like her. I think Sharon did it so Evvie could leave her alone. I never really got the impression that she wanted to impress Evvie.


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