BraceFace: S1, E25 “Twisted”

Sharon is on her way to Dr. Hertz’s office. Summer vacation is almost over and Sharon is hoping to have her braces off in time to start high school. Ah, so when she told Jason that her braces might be off at the end of summer she wasn’t lying. Sharon proved me wrong. Dr. Hertz tells Sharon that her wisdom teeth have changed things around and she might have to have her braces for another year, two at the most. Sharon freaks out and Dr. Hertz tells her to calm down while he puts headphones on her. I’m not 100% sure what he’s doing. I would say that he’s performing surgery, but that’s unlikely.


“Just relax” says the creepy orthodontist.

Dr. Hertz tells Sharon that he’s all done and calls her muffin. Sharon gets pissed at him for calling her muffin and storms out of the office.


“I’m your paycheck and my name is Sharon”-Sharon

Sharon rides her bike (that’s how she got to Dr. Hertz’s office) through the park and almost runs into Nina. Sharon ends up crashing her bike and says that she’s okay. Nina tells Sharon that she’s not worried about her and that it’s her fault. Sharon is surprised to see Nina because she’s supposed to be in Europe. Nina explains that she did go to Europe and that she’s on her way to a luxury spa and she running so the masseuse won’t have to touch any “flab”. Back at home, Helen tells Sharon that they’re going up to Windy Pines Lodge for a last minute vacation and Richard will be there performing. Sharon tells her mom she’s not going and I think this picture tells you whether or not she’s going:


I have to admit that I’m surprised that Sharon doesn’t want to go. Yeah she complained about how it’s an old folks’ place that smells, but she gets to see her dad. If you recall “The Divorce Thing” and “Miami Vices”, you know that Sharon is a daddy’s girl. You would think that she would be excited to see him. On with the episode, Richard comes in and greets everyone. Sharon sees Nina with her mom and hides behind a pillar. I guess this is the luxury spa Nina was bragging about. Nina’s mom walks over to Richard and he announces to everyone that they’re dating.


Sharon screams and everyone’s reactions are funny:

Sharon realizes that if they get married that Nina will be her step-sister and faints. Sharon comes to and asks Helen if they can go home. Sharon excuses herself to the bathroom and Nina is there applying lipstick. She asks Sharon how she’s feeling since she’s had so many falls the last few days. Lol. Sharon tells Nina to leave so she can have some privacy, but Nina’s not leaving since they’re practically related. Sharon swears she’s going to make sure Richard will come to his senses. Nina goes on about how nice Richard is and how adorable Josh and Adam are especially Adam. Yeah, that’s just creepy. Nina leaves the bathroom and comes back in to say that she and Adam can still date since he’ll never be her real brother. (cringes) Helen comes into the bathroom and tells Sharon that they’re getting ready to have dinner and they got a table to fit everyone.

At dinner, Richard gives a toast and Helen adds in giving her support to Nina and Ellie (Nina’s mom) for the divorce.


“How touching…”

At night, Sharon wakes up Adam and tells him that Nina wants to date him and to beware of her evil ways. He’s mad that he woke her up for that and reassures Sharon that he knows what’s up. The next day, they’re in the pool playing Chicken. Sharon and her dad beat out Ellie and Josh. Nina and Adam go against Sharon and Richard. Oh, this is going to be interesting.


The fight of the century. Everyone, place your bets!

Nina starts pulling Sharon’s hair really hard. Helen is supposed to be the referee and she claims to not have seen it. They go back at it again and Nina fakes a back injury. Helen “just so happens” to see it and blows the whistle. Adam curses out Sharon for taking it too far. Sharon points out what Nina did to her, but Richard just chalks it up to Sharon being a sore loser. Oh, I see what’s happening. Everybody kisses Nina’s ass and treats Sharon like shit. It’s like when a new kid comes along and everyone loves the new kid except you because you know the new kid is a bitch, but everyone assumes you’re jealous. Sharon and Richard are playing golf and Sharon attempts to talk Richard out of dating/marrying Ellie. Richard applies the “The Apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree” logic and doesn’t think that Nina is all that bad. He also assumes that Sharon doesn’t want him to date other people. He’s totally wrong about that. Compare how Sharon acted towards David in “The Divorce Thing” to this and you’ll see. Sharon still attempts to convince Richard that Nina will make her life a living hell (like she doesn’t already) and we get a fantasy of Sharon being Cinderella and Nina being the wicked, step sister. Just then, Ellie calls out to Richard in the car with Nina in the backseat. Richard explains to Sharon that he’s going souvenir shopping with them and invites Sharon to come along. Sharon declines the offer.

At the cabin, Sharon’s complaining about having to babysit Josh while Helen watches Richard at the lounge and Adam watches wrestling in the lobby. Helen tells her that Nina will be babysitting Josh instead so Sharon is free to do whatever she wants. Nina comes in and pushes Sharon.


I guess no one saw that, huh?

Nina walks over to Adam, flirts with him, and admires his championship wrestling ring. Sharon tries to convince Helen that Nina isn’t fit to babysit Josh by bringing up the fact that Nina almost drowned her cousin over a barrette. Helen breaks up the fight and says that both of them can babysit Josh. Nina plans on spoiling Josh with junk food and watching restricted videos (I hope they’re not porn). Sharon doesn’t think that Josh will be fooled, but she’ll be proven wrong:


Nina is jet skiing with Josh tied at the end. Nina starts going too fast for Josh because she’s on the phone with Allyson bragging about dating Adam. Sharon calls for them to come back on the deck and Sharon’s braces pick up on their phone conversation. Allyson doesn’t believe Nina and Nina tells her that she’s wearing Adam’s ring. Sharon carries Josh back to the cabin because he has a stomachache for eating too much junk food. She overhears Nina and Adam talking. Adam explains to Nina about the wrestling match he saw on TV and Nina pretends to give a shit about wrestling. Nina asks Adam if she can wear his ring to bring him good luck and Adam tells her no. Sharon proves that Nina doesn’t like kids by asking her to come and help clean up Josh’s vomit. She declines and walks away. Ha.


Later, Richard is performing with Josh, Adam and Nina. During the middle of the performance, Nina snatches Adam away and dances with him. Meanwhile, Sharon is in the swimming pool plotting how to convince everyone that Nina is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


Plotting and scheming.

At night, Sharon is able to take Adam’s wrestling ring off his finger while he’s sleeping. At breakfast, Adam realizes his ring is missing. It took him that long to notice that? I would have noticed it when I was up and getting dressed. Sharon tells him that Nina probably took it. Nina walks into the dining hall and Adam confronts her over the ring. Nina has no idea what Adam is talking about and tells him to check her cabin. The rest of the family overhears this and Sharon follows them to the cabin. All Sharon has to do now is plant the ring in her cabin, but Nina denies her access. Sharon sneaks around the cabin where there’s a slightly open window. Oh, I think we all know where this is going:


While Nina and Adam aren’t looking, Sharon opens up the window and places the ring on the desk. And here’s where Sharon’s plan crumbles: The window falls on her arm. Her plan would have worked if she had planted the ring in Nina’s cabin sooner. The rest of family comes rushing over to see what’s happening and Nina tells them that Sharon stole Adam’s ring to frame Nina. Richard comforts Nina and says that Nina would never do that to Sharon. He’s right because Nina would do something worse than that. We cut back to commercial break and apparently all of this was just a dream. (sighs) I hate episodes like this. Sharon leaves Dr. Hertz’s office and bumps into Nina who’s wearing glasses:


Sharon thinks about mocking Nina for her glasses and decides against it. Nina is shocked that Sharon isn’t going to use this opportunity to make fun of her. Sharon narrates that we all have flaws and having braces in high school isn’t all that bad. She’s right. It isn’t bad. Most of my classmates started wearing braces in high school and no one gave a shit about them wearing them.

(sighs) I hated this episode in the past and my opinion on it hasn’t changed. It was a pointless episode. Was it suppose to make Sharon realize that wearing braces aren’t that bad and it could be worse (ex. Having Nina possibly be your step-sister)? If that was the purpose of this episode, then the writers could have come up with a better plot than this. The only positive thing I can say about this episode was the foreshadowing and that’s all I’ll say about it. I always hate those “Turn the other cheek” cliché in TV shows. I wish Sharon would have mocked Nina about her glasses because Nina needs to get a taste of her own medicine. I’m tired of TV shows allowing antagonists to never get their karma because the main character decides to be the “bigger person”. Of course, I hated the dream. I just got tired of Nina winning and everyone falling for her bullshit. Nina trying to hit on Adam was just creepy. I don’t care if they’re not blood related. If their parents marry each other, they’ll be siblings and them dating just screams incest.


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