BraceFace: S1,E24 “Stormy Weather”

Remember last week when it was Christmas and the week before it was summer? Well, it looks like we’re back on track again. It’s a continuation of the girls being at Camp Kookalah. I’ve been itching to review this episode. All of you Shalden fans out there might enjoy this one. This is going to be a pretty, damn long review so let’s get right into it.

The girls have spent 4 weeks at Camp Kookalah and Alden has only written to Sharon twice. And the letters he did write to her aren’t romantic. Maria doesn’t see the big deal. Sharon’s on her way to the CIT meeting and some guy bumps into them. They get mad at him, he turns around and apologizes to them and everything is okay because he’s “soooo hot”. It’s not a summer camp episode if you don’t have a camp crush.


“Erhmagawd, he’s soooo hot!”

He tells them he’s a new CIT because the other guy got kicked out for smoking. He says that he’s lucky to run into two pretty girls and walks away. Maria plays dumb and wonders if he was talking to them. Sharon points to herself and Maria and her face is one for the books:


Don’t play dumb, Maria.

The girls continue walking and the new guy asks Maria if she’s coming in. Sharon tells him she’s not a CIT yet and Maria tells him that she will be and embarrasses herself by hitting herself with her paddle ball.


Real smooth, Maria.

During the meeting, Carol introduces the camp crush as Jason. Sharon stares at him like the teenage girl she is. He looks back at her and smiles and causes Sharon to blush.


Sharon never blushed like this when it came to Alden…

After the meeting, Maria starts asking Sharon a bunch of questions about Jason. Sharon asks Maria why she wants to know so much about him. Maria sees Jason with a bunch of girls flirting with each other. She makes a comment about how one of the girls moves pretty quickly and Sharon finally puts two and two together and realizes Maria has a crush on Jason. Maria, of course, denies it and changes the subject to Alden. Sharon is too busy staring at Jason and snaps out of it. Sharon thinks that she’s been too hard on Alden because she wants him to send her a letter every day. I have to agree on this one. I don’t expect a guy to write me a letter every day. Maria disagrees. Well, that’s a shocker. You’d think it was the other way around. Maria suggests that Sharon calls Alden to let him know that she misses him. Sharon tells them that they can only use the phone for emergencies only, but Maria says that this is an emergency.

Carol calls everyone to sign up for the regatta. Sharon suggests that they ask Jason to be on their team. Maria’s too afraid to ask him and tells Sharon to ask since she knows him better. Sharon puts Maria on the spot by yelling to Jason that Maria wants to ask him something. He walks over to them and asks Maria what’s up. Maria asks Jason to be on their team and he accepts. Sharon decides to take Maria’s advice and give Alden a call. We cut to Alden back in Elkford watching a baseball game and he’s really into it:


Alden answers the phone and is surprised to hear Sharon. Poor Alden is distracted and frustrated by the game and Sharon believes that he doesn’t care about her. Sharon, Maria and Jason are practicing for the regatta. Jason helps Sharon with her life jacket and he takes off his shirt and asks them to get him something to drink. Ugh. He’s one of those guys.


I can’t stop laughing at Maria.

The girls rush over to the cooler to get him a drink and they just so happen to grab the same can because the writers want to stress how much the girls are trying to get his attention. They have a little tug-o-war and end up falling into the water. Meanwhile back in Elkford, Alden’s reading one of Sharon’s letters at Life Cycles (hey we haven’t seen this place in a while).


Brock grabs the letter out of his hands and starts mocking him. He asks Alden if he’s writing the same romantic stuff back and he tells him he’s not. Brock gives Alden some advice and tells him that girls like it when guys do stuff like that. He warns him that the camp is coed and Sharon could hook up with a guy there. We cut back to camp and Jason loosens up the rope attached to the sail. He lets go of the rope completely and the sail ends up hitting Sharon in the face. Jason rushes over to see if Sharon’s okay and her braces are fucked up.


Back to Elkford and Brock invites Alden to come with him to his cottage. Alden doesn’t seem interested in this idea until Brock tells him that the cottage is near Camp Kookalah. Why didn’t Brock say something sooner? Brock’s mom drops Alden off at Camp Kookalah and Brock teases Alden and moons him. Alden’s face is pretty damn funny:


Real mature, dude.

I must point out that Alden got all dressed up for his girl. That’s a good start.


Jason and Sharon leave the orthodontist. He asks Sharon how much longer she’ll have her braces. She hopes by the end of the summer (we all know that’s a lie) and Jason says that he just got his off. They stop near a hot dog stand and he asks Sharon if she wants one. She tells him he’s a vegetarian and guess what? He’s also a vegetarian.


“Will someone please think about the animals?”

Maria and Alden just finished taking a swim and Maria assures him that she misses him. And as soon as she says that, look who just so happen to be back from the orthodontist and a little stop for fries.


It’s Sharon and Ald…never mind.

Maria and Alden witness this and Maria gets Sharon’s attention and she’s surprised to see Alden. (cues dramatic commercial break) We come back from the break and Sharon tells Maria to finish their flag for the regatta and has Jason help. Translation: You two need to get the hell out of here so Alden and I can talk. Sharon asks Alden why he’s here and Alden ignores the question and asks who Jason is. I love how he just didn’t answer her question. Sharon tells him he’s just a CIT and thinks that Alden came to spy on her. We cut to Maria and Jason who are decorating the flag. Maria tells Jason that she wanted to name their team after Tony Hawk (I haven’t heard that name since the early 2000s), but Sharon thought it was stupid to name a sailing team after a skateboarder. Jason says that he loves Tony Hawk and he skateboards himself. Maria agrees and asks him what his favorite trick. Jason is trying to think of something and says “Stale Fish”, which is also Maria’s favorite.


“I don’t know shit about skateboarding. Let me think of something quick to impress her.”

Isn’t it interesting that Jason has so much in common with Sharon and Maria? We cut back to our favorite couple and Sharon is upset that Alden decided to show up. Alden is confused because he thought she would be happy to see him. Sharon wishes he would have called and tells him she’s too busy with building the campfire and the regatta tomorrow. Alden tries to help her with the campfire, but she tells him she doesn’t need his help. Alden gets that Sharon doesn’t want to see him and leaves.


Poor Alden.

Sharon feels bad about how she treated Alden, but she starting to feel bored with Alden. Sharon heads back to her cabin and Maria comes running out and a bee flies out of the cabin. Sharon reminds Maria about how she got stung by a bee last year and Maria tells her to quit reminding her. I think one of my biggest fears is getting stung by one. When I was in elementary school, my brother and I attended a nearby church where our afternoon Spanish lessons were being held instead of inside the school library. The church had wasps everywhere and a girl got stung by a wasp and I never saw her again (I assumed she died). It also didn’t help that I heard stories about people dying from being stung by a bee or a wasp because they were allergic to them. Anyways, let’s get back to the review enough of my fear of dying from a bee or a wasp sting. The girls run to the other side of the cabin to avoid the bee. I don’t why they don’t just run away from the cabin all together. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near it. Maria asks Sharon where Alden is and Sharon lies and says that Alden had to go and help Brock’s mom, but Maria finds it odd. Maria changes the subject to Jason and tells Sharon that they have the same interests. Sharon also joins in and says that Jason shares the same interests as her.

Maria tells Sharon it’s obvious that she has a thing for Jason and she doesn’t want to admit it. Sharon tells Maria that she likes him as well, but Maria doesn’t have a boyfriend. Maria calls Sharon out for being ungrateful that Alden came all the way to see her. Sharon agrees and Maria thinks it makes sense for her to have Jason. Sharon agrees and while they’re not looking, the bee stings Maria’s arm.


I think this pretty much justifies my fears of being stung by a bee or a wasp.

Maria’s arm is swollen and can barely lift it. As a result, she won’t be able to race in the regatta tomorrow. Fast forward to the regatta and Sharon’s team gets a 5-minute head start because of their handicap. Carol goes over the rules and lets Sharon team get their head start. Jason is clearly afraid of water, but denies it to Sharon because he’s so cool.


“Aw man if she finds out I’m afraid of water, I’m never gettin’ laid”.

5 minutes have passed and the other teams sail off. We cut back to Jason and Sharon and Jason asks Sharon about Alden. Sharon denies that Alden is her boyfriend and tells him that he’s her cousin. Seriously?! Are you fucking serious?! (sighs) Let’s continue. Sharon gets mad at herself for saying that Alden is her cousin and she knows she would be pissed if Alden did the same thing. Sharon tells herself that she needs to keep reminding herself that she’s with Alden. As the race goes on, it looks like a storm is about to happen (hence the title of this episode) and Carol gets her out her megaphone and calls everyone back to shore. Everyone turns around except for Sharon and Jason, who were out of hearing distance. Jason can’t believe that such a pretty girl like Sharon doesn’t have a boyfriend. Sharon asks Jason if he has a girlfriend and he dodges the question by admitting there’s a lot of cute girls at camp. I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s a man whore. Sharon brings up Maria and encourages Jason to get to know Maria, but Jason says he’d rather get to know Sharon better. Sharon tries to change the subject by asking where everyone else is. Lol.

We cut to Brock and Alden and Brock’s cottage and Alden is playing the guitar and singing a song about Sharon.


Poor Baby 😦

Brock suggest that he gives Sharon a call because he’s tired of Alden moping around, but Alden goes back to playing the guitar and singing. Alden is no dummy as he’s well aware that Sharon is into Jason. We cut back to Sharon and Jason and Sharon’s reading the compass. Jason asks Sharon how she knows how to read a compass. Sharon tries explaining to Jason, but a wave hits them and knocks the compass out of her hand and Sharon is pushed into Jason’s arms.


He asks Sharon if she’s okay. Sharon can’t fight her feelings anymore, stops giving a fuck about Maria and Alden, and damn near kisses Jason.


(inserts internal screaming) Their “kiss” is interrupted by the loud sounds of thunder. Thank you, Mother Nature. The sail on their boat breaks and the big waves carry them away. All of the other boats make it back to the camp except Sharon obviously. We cut to Alden on the phone with the camp and he’s been told that she’s out in the storm. Alden snaps out of his depressed mood, grabs Brock, and rushes to find Sharon. We’re back to Sharon and Jason and Jason is screaming and crying for his mama.


Even in the midst of a storm, he still manages to be so brave.

Sharon tells him to snap out of it and help her gain control of the boat, but Jason’s afraid to thunder. Isn’t Maria also afraid of thunderstorms? They’d be a match made in heaven if Jason wasn’t such a dick. Maria and Carol go out to look for Sharon and Jason and Jason admits to Sharon that he’s only a good sailor in calm weather. She asks him if they’re anything else she needs to know about him and he vomits. The storm finally stops and Maria and Carol find them. Alden and Brock arrive at the dock and spots everyone arriving at the shore. They come rushing over to them and Alden and Sharon embrace.


“Shit, I just remembered I have a boyfriend. Silly me.”

Carol and Brock help Jason out of the boat and this part here is pretty funny.

Jason: You seem awfully happy to see your “cousin”.

Sharon: You seem awfully happy to see dry land.


Sharon apologizes to Alden for how she’s been treating him lately. Alden promises to write her every day, but Sharon tells him he doesn’t have to and Alden shuts her up with a kiss.


As much as both of them has pissed me off in this episode, I can’t deny how fucking adorable that scene was. Brock tells Alden they’ve gotta go and Alden promises no more surprise visits. Sharon and Maria head back to camp and they pass by Jason at a campfire, who’s bragging to the girls at camp how “brave” he was during the storm. He’s doing this while eating a hotdog. The girls wonder what they ever saw in him and believes he lied about everything he said.

I really enjoyed this episode. Like I mentioned in a previous review, I love seeing Maria have her teenage girl moments. I don’t know if it’s just me, but most of the time Maria doesn’t act like a teenager. It’s nice to be reminded that she is one and is capable of falling for a guy. This episode reminded of an episode from “As Told by Ginger”. Ginger was going to camp before she started high school and she wasn’t really into her boyfriend anymore and she was hoping to hook up with her camp crush from last year. I don’t want to make this review longer than it already is so let’s get right into Sharon and Alden. I think that both of them were in the wrong. Alden definitely should have doing more to keep Sharon interested. Remember when I said that he’s clueless when it comes to relationships? This won’t be the last time we see this. When Sharon called Alden from camp, he should have paid more attention to her instead of the game. He was giving her the impression that he didn’t really care about her. It also didn’t help that he wasn’t writing her enough. You have to put a lot of effort into long distance relationships. While it’s easier nowadays with technology, it’s still a lot of work. I’m not trying to justify Sharon’s actions, but I can understand her losing interest in him. And speaking of Sharon, let’s talk about her. Watching Sharon in this episode reminded me of my best friend because we had this similar situation. Long story short, she was Sharon, I was Maria, and the guy who emotionally abused me (I mentioned him in a couple of reviews) was Jason. Back to Sharon I understand that Alden wasn’t giving her what she wanted, but that’s no excuse for her to treat him like that. Even when he did make an attempt, she wasn’t happy. Granted it was a little too late since she had already fallen for Jason, but at least he tried. She did Maria and Alden wrong and we don’t know if she told them she kissed Jason off screen or not. If she didn’t, she definitely should have. If she did, I don’t understand how either of them could forgive her so quickly. I forgave my friend for practically doing the same thing but it took some time. It happened three years ago and I didn’t completely forgive her and move on until last year.



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