BraceFace: S1, E23 “Angels Among Us”

Well folks it looks like we got another episode that aired out of order. Remember last episode where everyone graduated and Sharon and Maria were at summer camp? Well, in this episode they’re back in middle school and it’s Christmas. So if you’re impatiently waiting for the Christmas season to arrive, this episode ought to hold you until November 1st. I said November because I’ve seen Christmas stuff not to long after Halloween.

Our trio is walking to school and Maria runs into Sharon and Connor because she’s struggling to walk in snow shoes:


Sharon tells her that it would be easier if she had snow shoes (I’m assuming a different kind) and Maria reveals that it’s her Christmas gift. Sharon scolds Maria for snooping at her Christmas gifts. No shame in it. My brother and I started doing this once we knew Santa didn’t exist (sorry if they’re kids reading this even though they shouldn’t be). Connor’s looking forward to his Irish grandfather paying him a visit. And Sharon has convinced her mom to cook a tofurkey (a portmanteau of tofu and turkey). She explains that once a year her family has an “out of year” experience. Her mom doesn’t work and bakes instead, they decorate the tree, and her brothers go door-to-door caroling. As they reach school, Nina and Allyson made a snowman with braces to mock Sharon. So they were anticipating for her to walk by? Imagine how dumb they would look if she didn’t show.



Seeing it reminds Sharon that her other favorite part of Christmas is not having to deal with Nina for two weeks. Mr. Hopoff has the class participating in Secret Santa. Oh, boy this ought to be interesting. I wonder who Sharon and Nina will be getting.


Nina’s face says a lot.

It’s Sharon’s turn to draw from the names and she screams causing the class to look at her like this:


Sharon, this is the third time you’ve done this. Pull it together.

Wow. The girls’ reactions were interesting. Gee, who did they get? Anywho, Sharon plays the scream off with a sneeze. Ha. After school, the trio is at the mall helping Sharon decide what to get for Nina. What? It was Nina? How shocking. Gee whiz, that makes me wonder who Nina got. Sharon remembers that Nina used to like angels and decides to get her that, but changes her mind when she remembers Nina taunting her earlier. Sharon tells Maria and Connor that she’s not going to get Nina a present. Boom! If I were in Sharon’s shoes, I won’t do it either. I would never spend my money on a gift for someone who treats me like shit.

The next day (I assume if so that’s not a lot of time to get someone a gift), everyone is opening their presents. Maria and Connor’s gifts are quite funny:


Connor asks Sharon about the bag she’s carrying (see the pic above) and Sharon tells them that she got Nina $5.00 worth of pennies. That’s funny, but she would have been better off giving her zilch. Connor thinks it’s a bit tacky of Sharon to do that, but Sharon explains that she didn’t have time to go to the mall and that at least she tried. She places the coins on Nina’s desk and Nina comes in with big basket and tells Sharon “Merry Christmas”. Wait? Nina was Sharon’s secret Santa? Unbelievable! I would have never guessed it! Nina looks around the room for her Secret Santa. While she’s waiting, she twirls her hair and tells them that she hates Secret Santas because she always get shitty ones and is glad that no one bothered to get her anything. After that she leaves the room.

Maria guilt trips Sharon into giving Nina her gift (a better one). Sharon promises that she’ll give it to her in January and Connor says that she can give it to her tonight since they get out of school early and she has time to go to the mall and buy her an angel. Sharon doesn’t want to do this because she wants to enjoy her Christmas. When Sharon gets home, she asks her mom for advice but she doesn’t have time to since she’s working. They go in the kitchen and Josh (hey buddy sometimes I forget you exist) has made a mess in the kitchen:


Sharon asks what Josh is doing and he explains to Sharon that he wants to celebrate Hanukkah (their dad is Jewish) this year so he’s making potato pancakes. Adam comes home and tells Helen that he just picked up Uncle Jerry from the airport. Helen is shocked that her cousin is visiting and apparently Adam didn’t tell her.


Uncle Jerry.

Apparently, he’s the weirdo in the family because he visits different relatives every year and camps outside their house. Because he forgot to tell her, Helen makes Adam help Uncle Jerry set up his tent. Josh decides to cook some more pancakes for his uncle and Helen just remembered that she needs to get back to her patient. So, that leaves Sharon to decorate the tree by herself. Sharon asks Adam and Jerry if they want to help decorate the tree, but they can’t because they have to set up the tent for Jerry. Sharon asks Josh to help, but he’s abstaining from celebrating Christmas.

Since Christmas isn’t turning to be what Sharon wanted, she’s decided to go ahead and get Nina her gift. Maria calls Sharon and asks her what Nina got her. Sharon hasn’t opened it yet, but decided to go ahead and open it anyway. The gift basket contains a t-shirt (that says “I Love Me”), bottles of shampoo and body lotion (from hotels), car calendars (from the dealership her dad owns), and a blue, stuffed cat.


I want one! It’ll be perfect addition to my collection of blue plush.

Maria tells Sharon that she’s been “re-gifted” because she gave Nina that stuffed animal for Secret Santa last year! Sharon is upset and calls Nina cheap and selfish. Maria interjects by telling Sharon that she was going to give her a bag of pennies, but Sharon fires back by saying that what Nina did was way worse. I’m going to have to agree with Sharon on this one. I think Sharon giving Nina pennies was too generous anyway. I wouldn’t even give my worst enemy a bag of pennies because they don’t deserve to receive any type of money from me. Just then, Sharon hears a noise outside and tells Maria she has to go. Sharon looks outside her window and sees Adam hanging on to a tree branch.


Adam’s okay. He’s just hanging…

Adam explains to Sharon that Uncle Jerry wants him to put his food as high in the tree as he can because he’s afraid the bears will get it. Maybe Helen could squeeze in a therapeutic appointment with Jerry. It’ll be the perfect gift and more time to spend with family. Helen comes outside and tells Adam to get down from the tree and goes off on Uncle Jerry. He’s hurt and Helen feels bad for hurting his feelings. Adam comes down from the tree and tells his mom that she was wrong for yelling at Jerry. I don’t think Helen was wrong. Jerry is a nuisance. Helen goes back into the house and Josh and Sharon ask her to take them to the mall. Helen tells them that she can’t and reminds them to decorate the tree. Sharon tells her that she tried but no one was helping her and she looks towards Josh.

Josh just wants to celebrate his Jewish heritage and Sharon complains about no one sticking to tradition and doesn’t understand why Josh can’t celebrate both. Josh brings up a good point about Sharon breaking tradition by not having a turkey for Christmas. Sharon gets defensive and just wants everyone to respect her beliefs and Josh says the same thing. He walks away and Sharon gets upset about none of their traditions happening. Sharon reminds Helen about baking sugar cookies and Helen tells Sharon she can’t because of her workload and she’s stressed out. Sharon storms off saying that she’s going wherever a “real Christmas” is celebrated.


Poor Helen is stressed.

Sharon goes over to Connor’s (she brings the dogs) and meets his Irish grandfather:


The family resemblance is strong…

Connor’s father and grandfather argue over who’s grass is greener. Ha. The grandfather notices Sharon and points out her “sparkly teeth”. He says that Connor’s dad used to have teeth like that. Connor’s dad denies this and they start arguing again. Sharon asks if this is normal, but Connor has no problem with it because it’s entertaining. Arguments can be entertaining depending on the topic at hand. Sharon leaves Connor’s house and ends over to Maria’s. Maria’s parents offer Sharon food (Chinese and Italian that contains meat), but they forgot that Sharon’s a vegetarian.


Maria’s parents.

They go into the living room and we’re introduced to Kylie (no Jenner), Maria’s older sister:


Maria’s mom comes in the living room and calls for her husband so they can light the Yule log and wish on it. She explains to Sharon her Christmas traditions growing up and Maria’s dad walks in talking about how he grew up wishing on Chinese New Year. He offers Sharon some food that promotes good luck and strong family relationships. Because she is the guest, Sharon is offered to give the first wish on the Yule log. Sharon wishes to have the same, family atmosphere at her house tonight. Sharon leaves Maria’s house and heads home.

She goes inside and Josh is playing the piano. Sharon asks him to play something “festive”. He says he doesn’t know any Hanukkah songs and Sharon convinces him to play a Christmas song and replace Christmas with Hanukkah. He plays “12 Days of Hanukkah”.


Sharon goes into the kitchen and sees her mom making cookies. Her mom apologizes for overworking and asks Sharon to look at the “tofurkey”:


The family goes outside (cause Jerry ain’t going in the house) and have Christmas dinner.  Jerry serves the family his “Winter Soup”. Jerry promises that he’ll go inside the house when they give the main course. Josh just remembered that he needs candles to light the menorah and Jerry just so happens to be carrying candles with him. Josh lights the candles and gives a prayer (I think) and it randomly decides to snow. You know it’s not a Christmas episode unless it snows.


Snow from Nowhere.

Helen and Jerry start talking and Jerry brings up presents. Sharon just remembered about Nina’s present and she’ll take care of it…after dinner. Sharon goes over to Nina’s house and starts doing something in the snow and making snow angels.  The next morning Nina wakes up and sees this outside her window:


Not a bad Christmas episode. It was nice to see Connor and Maria’s families. I do wish that Richard would have been in this episode, but it was nice to see one of Helen’s family members. In my opinion, it would have been a better Christmas episode if the entire episode was about Sharon wanting a traditional Christmas. I just didn’t get the point of adding in Sharon being Nina’s secret Santa and her having to get her a present because they didn’t go anywhere with it. It added no significance because it’s not like Nina turned over a new leaf or something. I don’t think Helen was wrong about Jerry. Helen had no idea that Jerry would be coming over and he was just being a pest the whole time. She didn’t want him there and on top of her being overworked during the holidays. I think she was justified in going off on him. As for Sharon, I understand her wanting to have her traditional Christmas but I also understand Josh’s perspective. Christmas is her favorite time of the year and probably brings her a lot of happiness. Of course, that isn’t to say her friends or her boyfriend don’t make her happy. Josh wanted to do something different and celebrate his Jewish heritage. I do love it when shows give the spotlight to other holidays. Not everyone celebrates Christmas (which is why people say Happy Holidays so stop getting mad when people don’t say Merry Christmas) and I love Rugrats (childhood classic of mine) for doing Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa specials.




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