BraceFace S1, E21 “Skipped”

Remember Alden’s band with Brock? Well if you enjoyed them, they’re back! Oh, and it looks like they added a new member as well:


They’re at Brock’s house in the garage practicing (because that’s where all bands go to practice) and Brock’s father comes in to pull the plug on them…pun intended:

Brock's dad pulling the plug

Brock asks his dad if they were good, but Brock’s dad tells him that they’re too loud. Brock takes this as a compliment, but Brock’s dad tells him that practice is over and he’s got more important things to do like homework. Oh he’s one of those parents who don’t allow their kids to have any fun. At school, Sharon asks Maria if Alden is looking at her. Jesus Christ, your first line in the episode is worrying if Alden is looking at you. Maria tells her to stop worrying and that he couldn’t care less. Thank you Maria for saying “couldn’t care less” instead of “could care less”. Sharon goes on that Alden hasn’t paid attention to her in weeks and hasn’t noticed her “new haircut”. (gasps) Sharon got a new haircut? Oh I didn’t notice.

Sharon's new haircut

Alden and his band, who goes by Mangled Metal, are going over poster designs. Brock thinks that they need to worry about performing at JamFest. Alden tells him to relax since they made the first cut, but Brock is bent on proving to his father that music isn’t a waste of time and that they’ll “make it”. The band thinks of a gimmick to make them stand out and Brock thinks of putting girls in the band. Nina overhears the guys talking and decides she wants in. Brock tells her that they’ll be holding auditions after school. Sharon and Maria have been eavesdropping the whole time (you can see their heads turned to the guys in the background) and Sharon doesn’t seem too thrilled.

Sharon's pissed

Wasn’t intending on using a screenshot of Maria’s face like that, but it’s too damn funny not to use.

Sharon tells Maria that she wants to audition to prevent Nina from getting closer to Alden. I feel like I’m watching the first few episodes of BraceFace all over again with this “Nina’s plotting to steal Alden” thing. Maria warns her about performing at gigs (if they ever get booked), but Sharon doesn’t care. The guys are watching the auditions and I must say they look pretty badass in those shades!

Looking pretty badass in those shades

Nina and Allyson come in for their audition and they annoy the hell out of me saying “ooh ooh ah ah” repeatedly.

Rap music video audition

Well this just turned into an audition for a rap music video.

Brock’s impressed, but Alden is over it. Nina comes over to Alden, takes off his shades, and fails at seducing him.

Nina flirting with Alden

But given his expression here, I might have to take that back.

I guess she turned him on

Alden, what are you doing?!

Nina and Allyson come out and taunt Sharon and Maria. Sharon and Maria are next for their audition and their singing is annoying, but not as bad as Nina and Allyson. They even changed their hair!

Power to the people

I love Maria with her hair down.

Brock compliments them and Alden tells them that they’re in. Nina is standing outside the door and is pissed. Brock gets off the phone with the people in charge of Jamfest and they’ll be auditioning next Tuesday at 11 am. Maria points out that they have class during that time and Brock says that they’ll just skip. Sharon says they’re going to have skip the entire day since it takes an hour to get there, but Brock doesn’t care. Sharon’s afraid to get caught, but Brock tells her that they’ll replace them with Nina and Allyson if they don’t and Sharon quickly agrees.

The day of the big audition is here and Sharon fakes being sick. Helen just so happens to have a conference that day and doesn’t want to leave Sharon at home by herself. She encourages her mom to go and she agrees. Everyone was able to sneak out and Carmen’s (the new guy) mom dropped him off. She didn’t fall for him being sick. He told her the truth and she was okay with it. If only all parents were like that. Maria isn’t taking any chances and puts on sunglasses and a hat to disguise herself.

Maria's not taking any chances

In class, Mr. Hopoff (he’s back) points out that the band is missing and Nina tries to drum up some suspicion, but Connor comes in to save their asses by saying he heard they all came down with something. Nina doesn’t buy the bullshit, but Mr. Hopoff tells her to stop being a Negative Nancy. Mangled Metal is on the bus annoying everyone with their loud music. The bus driver tells them to keep it down. Brock doesn’t take the guy seriously, but the bus driver gets serious real quick and Brock turns off the music. Why did Brock do something stupid like that? The bus driver could have kicked them off the bus and they would be all fucked. Sharon’s cell phone rings and Maria tells her not to answer it, but she does anyway. Ah, the early 2000s. The days before we had caller id on our cell phones. It’s Connor and he plays along with Sharon being sick. Nina and Allyson come up from behind him. Nina snatches the phone from him and threatens to expose Sharon. Sharon gets worried, but Brock reassures her that they’ll be back before school ends. He’s says that Nina’s bad but she’s not evil. Oh, Brock if only you knew.

The band gets to the audition and Sharon has changed clothes. Where were they? Was Maria carrying them in the bag she had earlier? And speaking of which, where is the bag? (sighs) Either way, I kinda like this outfit on Sharon.

Sharon's outfit

Maria complains that they’ve been waiting for over an hour, but Brock tells her that most of the bands that end up performing at JamFest already have record deals. If they already have record deals, then why should they have to audition? I’m not 100% sure how the music industry works, but I’m positive that a recording artist shouldn’t have to audition to perform at a festival. I believe their manager is supposed to get them a gig. Brock looks up and is star struck by a band called “Full Form” walking in. They look like they’re wearing bras.

Men in bras

Men in Black? More like Men in Bras.

The band’s name is called and it’s show time! I didn’t know they even had a song. All of the times we’ve seen them rehearse, they never sang. The judges are impressed and they’ve decided to let them perform at JamFest. The band is ecstatic, but Alden realizes that they need to hurry up and get back home in time. Nina and Allyson skip lunch to go to Sharon’s house to prove that she’s skipping school and she’s got her camcorder to prove it. They look for a way to get in the house and find an open window that Nina tries to climb into. Meanwhile, the band catches a bus and the bus driver’s cynical “Enjoy the ride, children” has them all looking worried.

Something's not right

Nina gets to Sharon’s window and tries to record her empty room, but Pigger and Sampson (the dogs), cause her to fall in the bushes. Unfortunately for Nina, the camcorder has mud all over it.

So much for Nina's plan

Meanwhile, Sharon and Maria are in the bathroom washing their hands in the same sink. Idk why they’re washing their hands together, it’s kinda weird. Maria has a bad feeling, but Sharon tells her to stop being paranoid. Ah, the tables have turned. Sharon’s always the one being paranoid. Sharon’s cell rings and she answers it and Nina’s on the line. Nina lies to Sharon about going through her house, but Sharon isn’t falling for it. She starts grossing Nina out by fake puking and I love it! Why can’t Sharon be more like this when it comes to Nina? We cut back to the band and they all have fallen asleep on the bus. First rule of playing hooky is never fall asleep on the bus. Pfft rookies. Sharon wakes up and notices that they’re nowhere near Elkford. She wakes up everyone else and asks the bus driver why they aren’t in Elkford yet. The dick bus driver tells her that he has to make 10 other stops and they’ll be in Elkford by 5:00. He also tells them that they’re on the wrong bus since they thought they were on the express bus. Okay, I just realized he’s the same bus driver from before. No wonder he was acting like such a condescending douchebag towards them.

The bus driver lets them off in the middle of nowhere and now the gang has to think about how they’re going to get home. Sharon tries calling someone on her cell phone, but she’s not getting a signal. Everyone else tries their phones and they have the same problem. Brock swears he’s going to help them get out of this. He gets the gang through cornfields, a river, and the trees and they end up at a country club. Oh and they’re covered in mud and shit.

They're all covered in shit

A guy there asks if they’re members. Brock tells him that they’re not and they steal one of the guy’s golf carts. The guy gets into his other cart and chases them. They stop and run inside the club, which leads them to the highway. And it starts to rain. And guess who just so happens to be driving on that same highway:

Nina and her mom

Duh! Duh! Duh!

Nina turns on the radio and we cut back to the band. Thunder strikes and Sharon’s braces picks up on the radio. Nina recognizes Sharon’s voice and sees the gang walking on the side of the highway. She tells her mom to pull over. Nina tells her mom she knows them and that they’re juvenile delinquents. You just had to ruin this “human moment” of yours, didn’t you? Nina’s mom also recognizes Sharon in the rain and gives them all a ride home. Nina’s mom asks what they were doing out here, but Nina interjects by snitching on them again. Nina’s mom tells her exactly what Mr. Hopoff told her earlier and tells everyone to excuse Nina because she just got finished with an intensive square dancing class. Sharon and Maria are pleased to hear this and Nina’s mom gives them brochures and invites them to come to the class. Haha.

Sharon gets back home and Adam tells her that their mom will be home late. He also covered for her, but she’s going to have to pay. Brock gets dropped off at home, but sadly for him he’s been busted. The next day, Brock tells everyone that he won’t be able to play at JamFest. They decide they won’t play at JamFest without Brock. Nina walks up to the gang and threatens to snitch to the principal that they were skipping, but Sharon blackmails her with her square dancing pictures.

Nina square dancing

Another great episode! As much as I can’t stand Brock, he was pretty likeable in this episode. I felt bad for him when he got busted. He didn’t deserve it especially since he’s the one who was so passionate about performing at JamFest. If anything, Sharon should have been the one to get busted. The only reason why she even joined Mangled Metal is because she was so insecure (this won’t be the last we see of her insecurity). But then again, Sharon hasn’t gotten into enough trouble this season. I do appreciate Connor having the gang’s back despite him not being included. It was nice to see the writers revisit the band and if you love them, don’t worry this won’t be their last appearance. I would have liked to see more of Carmen. He didn’t have many lines and it felt like he was a background character most of the time. Thankfully, he appears in future episodes (if I recall) so not all is lost. I really enjoyed these episodes when Sharon doesn’t let Nina get to her (aside from earlier in the episode). I wish she was like this all of the time, but then again it wouldn’t be very interesting. It was pretty ballsy of her to blackmail Nina. I didn’t like how much of a dick the bus driver was to them. I understand that he was annoyed (and rightfully so) with them playing loud music on the bus earlier, but that doesn’t make it right for him to be a straight up asshole. I don’t think Nina thought it through with going to Sharon’s house to prove she wasn’t at home. I didn’t mention it, but there was a scene where she was going to get in the house by using a key they place under the doormat (only in cartoons where people do things like that). If I were Sharon, I would have called her out for attempting to break in her house.



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