BraceFace: S1, E19 “Whose Life is it, Anyway?”

Friday reviews are back on. Why do you ask? After a week at my job, I was let go because I wasn’t a “good fit”. I’m pretty bummed about it considering I liked the job and I was good at it. It’s back to job hunting again, which I hate I have to go through again because it’s so goddamn frustrating. Hopefully another job opportunity comes my way soon because I’m just exhausted from all of this. I’ve been unemployed for too fucking long and I just can’t seem to get my foot in the door no matter what I do. Okay let me stop right here with my rant because I know I will go on and on about it. I’ll reserve my rant for Tumblr, where I give my thoughts and rant about things going on in my life. Anywho, let’s start the review.

Sharon’s at the grocery store buying food for Connor’s birthday party. It’s been confirmed that Tally and Connor decided to remain broken up after the events from the last episode. I do like that they’re picking up from last episode. Connor finally gets a backbone and tells Sharon that she doesn’t spend enough time with him, which is something I’ve been mentioning for God knows how long. Sharon thinks Connor is just “weirding out” and that it’s “in his mind”. Bullshit. You hardly hang out with him and you’re always with Maria or Alden. He’s not being “weird”; he just wants you to be the friend you’re supposed to be. Helen is also shopping with her and has ideas to do a Hawaiian-themed party.

Helen hawaii theme

Sharon tells her that no one does theme parties past the age of six. Bullshit. I know plenty of people in my age group who has through theme parties. Hell, my aunt had a Hawaiian-themed party for her birthday back in 2004. And David is also on board with the idea. It’s nice to see David again even though he’s not my favorite.

David is back

Sharon reminds Helen to get the ingredients for the Tofu Cheese Cake, but Helen already ordered it. Sharon tells her that she wanted to make it herself, but Helen tells her that it’s just cheaper to order it and David agrees. Sharon throws a temper tantrum and storms out of the store leaving Helen and David looking embarrassed.

After paying for everything, David and Helen leave the store and Helen looks for Sharon. Helen apologizes to Sharon that promises that she’s going to let Sharon make her own decisions. She gives Sharon the money to buy the ingredients for the cake. Sharon goes into the store and she stops when she hears a girl meditating and notices the tattoo on her stomach. She walks over to the girl and the girl explains to yoga to Sharon. Sharon decides to sign herself and Connor for it. She was going to get Connor the art tree lessons he wanted, but yoga seemed so much more “interesting” to her. (sighs) If I were Connor, I would have dumped Sharon as a friend a long time ago. She’s really selfish. At Connor’s party (held at Sharon’s house), Connor and Maria are dancing.

Connor and Maria dancing

I guess the rumors from last week’s episode were true. Connor really was cheating on Tally with Maria.

And we have everyone’s favorite couple sharing a dance:

Our favorite couple

David comes in crashing the party with his speakers to “liven up the party”. Alden and Brock stop what they’re doing and help David get things set up. Alden notices Sharon’s tattoo on her leg and Helen freaks out.

Sharon's henna tattoo

I kinda like it.

Sharon tells her that it’s a henna tattoo and it’ll wash off. Helen swears she’s okay with it, but you can clearly see she’s not.

Helen playing it cool

David tries to kill the awkwardness by turning the music back on, but Sharon turns it off because it’s time for Connor to open his presents. Sharon gives Connor her present for him and he’s disappointed since he’s been hinting at the art tree lessons for ages. He tries to play it off, but he’s bad at hiding his emotions like Helen. Sharon overhears Helen and David upstairs talking about her henna tattoo. She goes upstairs to listen closely. Helen is sure that Sharon is going to go out and get a real tattoo because “she doesn’t know what she wants”. This has Sharon pissed! Sharon heads back downstairs to where the party is and Maria is giving Connor his gift. She made him a card that says “Freedom” in Chinese.

how did connor get so tan

Connor is white. Why are his arms so tan?

And Sharon decides she wants it for her first, real tattoo. Everyone at the party is in awe, but Maria says there’s no way her mom will let her get a real tattoo. Sharon reassures that she knows how to handle her mom. The next day, Sharon starts kissing up to her mom with the ol’ “Breakfast in Bed” tactic.

Breakfast n bed

Sharon eases her way into asking Helen about getting a tattoo and she freaks out. Helen refuses to give Sharon permission to get a tattoo (if you’re under 18, you need a parent/guardian’s permission). Sharon argues that it’s her body, but Helen fires back and says that Sharon’s her daughter and she’s trying to stop her from making a huge mistake. Sharon is livid and calls her mom a hypocrite because she’s only letting Sharon make decisions that she likes. I have this issue with my mom as well. My mom always tells me and my brother that we’re grown and we need to act like it, but when we do she starts treating us like children.

Sharon goes downstairs to eat breakfast and Adam teases her for the “Bed in Breakfast” trick not working. Adam gives Sharon some tips on how to kiss up to their mom when they want something like cleaning out Helen’s car. At yoga class, Sharon complains to Connor about her mom while they’re doing their exercises. Connor tries to tell that yoga isn’t for him, but she insists that he can do it. No, Sharon you need to take the “L” (as the kids say) on this one. Sharon gets home from yoga class and decides to clean Helen’s car. And her car is so messy!

Messy car

Just then, Helen comes outside and tells Sharon to come in so she can talk to her. Helen tells Sharon that she has decided to let Sharon get the tattoo just as long as she gets to accompany her to the tattoo parlor for safety reasons. Sharon is ecstatic and now Helen is the best mom ever. While Helen is waiting for Sharon to leave yoga class, she’s on the phone with David saying “I know what I’m doing”. Uh-Oh. What does this psychologist have up her sleeve? She makes a stop at the doctor and it’s revealed that Helen herself has a tattoo of a disco ball on her butt.

A disco ball on her ass

She getting the tattoo removed and is making Sharon watch. Ah, I see what’s doing. You’re not fooling anyone. At school, Sharon explains to her friends that Helen got the tattoo after a sorority party and has decided that Sharon won’t be getting a tattoo.

Since when did Connor have melanin

Connor, how did you get so tan?

Nina overhears all of this and mocks Sharon for wanting a tattoo. I find this odd considering most teens think getting a tattoo is cool or maybe she’s just saying that because it’s Sharon. She tries to get Alden to be repulsed by the idea of it, but he think it’s cool. Whomp. Whomp. Brock asks Sharon when she’s getting the tattoo and Sharon tells him that her mom won’t let her. Nina says that if Sharon was really serious about getting a tattoo she’d get one despite her mother’s wishes. But not to worry, Sharon plans to anyway. The next day, Helen will be gone all day for the teen workshop that was mentioned earlier in the show. Helen asks Sharon if she knows where her keys are and Sharon throws Helen a bit of sass. I never had the balls to talk to my mom like that at 13. Hell, I still don’t have the balls to talk to my mom like that and I’m a grown woman. Helen tries to explain to Sharon that she’s only trying to get her to understand why she said no to the tattoo. As soon as Helen leaves, Sharon takes off her robe that has her regular clothes underneath and it’s time for Operation: Tattoo.

Operation tattoo

Sharon meets up with Maria at some rundown, dirty tattoo parlor. Maria is skeptical about the place, but Sharon has no problem with it since they didn’t ask for her age. I already know where this is going. I’ve seen this storyline a million times. They go inside and the place is disgusting. Sharon asks if she can watch the tattoo artist while he gives someone a tattoo. Meanwhile, Helen is at her workshop and she explains Sharon’s tattoo situation with the audience. After he’s finished with the guy, he asks Sharon what she wants. But before Sharon can answer, her braces start picking up signals from the radio in the parlor and sends electric waves to the tattoo needle and it comes to life.

It's alive

It’s alive!!!

The plug comes out of the socket and the tattoo artist tries to step on it, but fails. Maria uses the calligraphy kit she’s holding to stop the needle and ends up hitting Sharon in the process. Back at the workshop, someone interrupts Helen to inform her that Sharon is unconscious at the tattoo parlor. Later, Sharon’s on the phone with Alden telling him she’d have her tattoo if it wasn’t for Maria. Sharon hangs up the phone and Helen comes in giving her a cloth for her head and tells Sharon that the bump saved her from making a huge mistake and leaves. (sighs) I’ll wait until the end to give my thoughts. Sharon overhears Helen on the phone with David saying that she really needs to talk. Sharon mocks her mom and heads over to Connor’s house, who’s on the phone with Maria. Before he hangs up, Maria tells Connor that he needs to talk to Sharon about the yoga lessons. Right away, Sharon starts complaining to Connor about her mom, but Connor tries to talk to Sharon about the yoga lessons. He tells her that someone is making him do something that he doesn’t want to do. Sharon tells him that he shouldn’t let anyone run his life and she says the same for herself. Sharon goes back home and tells her mom that she’s getting a tattoo whether her mom likes it or not. Fed up, Helen agrees to let Sharon get a tattoo.

Helen takes Sharon to the tattoo parlor with Connor accompanying her. Sharon’s filling out the paperwork and asks her mom to sign it. She takes one look at Sharon and is afraid one, little tattoo will turn Sharon into this:

Goth Sharon

Sharon gives the paperwork to the front desk and asks Connor to join her in yoga to calm her nerves. Connor tells Sharon he doesn’t want to, but doesn’t listen. Connor finally grows a backbone and tells Sharon off. Yes! It’s about freaking time he did this! Can’t believe it took 19 episodes, but it finally happened! It would have been perfect if Connor realized how much of a shitty friend Sharon has been and let her go, but that’s wishful thinking. The tattoo artists calls Sharon and she goes in the back to get her tattoo. The tattoo artist looks over the paperwork and notices that the card that Maria wrote says Grapefruit instead of Freedom, but she’ll fix it. All of a sudden, Sharon doesn’t seem so sure about the tattoo anymore.

Look where Helen parked

Forgot to mention this earlier, but look where Helen parked. She should not have been behind the wheel.

Connor and Helen are waiting and Helen is a nervous wreck.

Helen is freaking out

Just then, Sharon comes out and she’s decided to get her ears pierced instead.

Sharon got her ears pierced

A heavy lift has been lifted off of Helen’s shoulders and Sharon apologizes to Helen, but Helen and Connor both forgive her.

This episode was a joy to review. I liked that we got more of Connor. It’s like the writers heard my complaints about the lack of Connor. I also liked that it was kind of a follow-up from last week’s episode. I really liked Connor in this episode. I’ve been rooting for him to finally stand up for himself to Sharon. Sharon is always bossing him around and she hardly ever hangs out with him. She’s selfish and I wish he would dump her as a friend. When Helen picked Sharon up from yoga class, she left Connor there all by himself. Yeah, I know that was for comic relief but it just shows how terrible she is. Their friendship kinda reminds me of Ginger and Dodie from “As Told by Ginger” (It’s a strong possibility I’ll be reviewing this show in the future, but not after this one). I say this because Ginger and Connor need to realize that Dodie and Sharon are horrible friends and they need to dump them. Now on to the tattoo situation, since that’s what this episode was mostly about. While I understand that Helen didn’t want Sharon to make the same mistake that she did, their situations are not the same. Sharon’s tattoo actually had a meaning, while Helen’s tattoo was random and it was after a sorority party (where she was probably drunk). I also didn’t like how Helen agreed to the tattoo, showed Sharon her dumb mistake, and then forbade her from getting one. It was just silly to me. I also hate that Sharon didn’t go through with the tattoo and said that she’s allowed to change her mind and she didn’t chicken out. Yeah, she’s allowed to change her mind but you went through all of this just to change your mind at the end. You chickened out, Sharon. Admit it.



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