BraceFace: S1, E18: “Dissection Connection”

Sorry for the late upload of this review. Like I mentioned last week, I just started a new job. It’s my first full-time job so I have to get adjust to working 40 hours a week and adjust to getting up and going to bed earlier. Friday, I came home from work exhausted so that’s why there was no review. The plan was to have it uploaded yesterday, but something came up at the last minute. But enough about me, let’s get into this review because this is what you came here for.

Looks like Fall and Winter are over since the gang is back into their old outfits except for Sharon whose wearing a new outfit, but old shoes.

Sharon's new outfit

Sharon is asking Connor and Maria to tell her the “big news”. I just love it when we’re dropped off right into the plot. Connor and Tally have broken up for the fourth time. You know this doesn’t surprise me. I recall some episodes back that Connor said that he wasn’t seeing much of her. What bothers me is that we didn’t get more of Connor and Tally. We only got to see snippets of their relationship and that wasn’t enough. It would have been perfect character development for Connor. Since Maria mentioned that this was their fourth time breaking up, it was obvious that they were having problems in their relationship. I would have loved to see that play out. Connor explains that Tally broke up with her on the phone. Oh, yeah I remember when it was a big no-no to break up with someone on the phone. Now, you can break up with someone via text message or whatever social media site you’re using. Maria and Sharon remind Connor about all of the bad things that Tally has done. I guess this is the writers’ way of trying to give us a little insight about Tally. But the worst of it all is Tally spreading a rumor that Connor cheated on her with Maria, which caused them to break up. Ooh, they could have made an entire episode out of this! I’m a sucker for teen relationship drama. The gang has to go to Biology class and vows to pay Tally no mind while they’re in class. That’s right! They’re all in the same class. I remember this from episode 2.

Wait what’s this? Another teacher? Sorry Mr. Hopoff, you’re not the only teacher at Mary Pickford Junior High anymore:

A new teacher has been spotted

Tally is sitting right behind Sharon and Maria chewing and popping gum really loud. Sharon and Maria have every right to complain about it. People chewing loud is a huge pet peeve of mind. They see Tally passing a note during class and assume that Tally is starting another rumor and proceeds to shit talk her some more. The teacher tells the class to prepare for their frog dissections next week. Sharon yells out “Frog Dissection?!” and everyone’s facial expressions are priceless:

These expressions are priceless

“Girl, what is wrong with you?”

Sharon asks if the frogs are going to be alive and the teacher explains that they won’t be alive because they’ll already be dead. And of course, this concerns Sharon being the animal rights activist that she is. Sharon hates that she’s always alone when it comes to her beliefs. It’s understandable for her to feel this way. People think she’s some kind of freak for not wanting to eat meat or being so passionate about animals. Tally walks up to Sharon’s locker and tells her that she agrees with her and tells her about alternatives for dissections. Just then, Maria walks by and tells Sharon that they have to be somewhere and Sharon just walks away from Tally. That was pretty rude of Sharon to do that.  Sharon tries to convince Mrs. Marsh to let the students use a computer software, which Tally mentioned as an alternative, but Mrs. Marsh tells her that it’s too expensive and Sharon could fail the class if she refuses to do it. Now, Sharon’s going to have to come up with a legit reason to not dissect frogs. Sharon gets Connor and Maria to dress up as frogs.

Atrocious frog costumes

She tries to get them to take it seriously, but they end up playing around and play Leap Frog.


Sharon goes around the school trying to film students giving their thoughts about dissection, but they all fail miserably. Sharon’s next step is to get on the PA system and let her voice be heard, but the principal stops her and gives her a week of detention. Next, Sharon hands out flyers to everyone but everyone is tired of Sharon and her “Cut it Out” campaign.

Poor Sharon

Poor Sharon

Tally runs into Sharon and tells her that she’s going to start a petition and get the people in her neighborhood to sign it, but once again Maria and Connor walk by and Sharon walks away from Tally. Look I get why they think that Sharon hanging around Tally would make her turn against them, but Tally is the only person who seems to want to help Sharon out. Sharon walks by the science room and she learns that the frogs that were sent are alive instead of dead. At Life Cycles (We haven’t seen that place in a while), Tally and Sharon meet up and Tally was only able to get six signatures for the petition. They start going on about how no one cares and Sharon mentions how friends are supposed to help and speak of the devil guess who just so happens to show up:

Speak of the devil

This would have been perfect if Connor wasn’t sneezing.

Maria and Tally start a catfight and I am here for it! Sharon stops them and asks Maria and Connor to talk to them outside. Sharon swears that she’s only hanging around Tally because she shares Sharon’s feelings about the frogs, but Connor and Maria don’t believe her. Sharon explains that Tally is the only one who’s helping her, but Connor tells Sharon that they tried to help but they hated those frog costumes. Maria assumes that Sharon is trying to say that Tally is a better friend than them and she leaves with Connor.

Maria walks off with Connor

The next day at school Sharon sneaks into the science room and gives the frogs something to eat. Someone shows up at the door. Uh-oh looks like Sharon’s about to get busted! Oh, no wait it’s Tally. Sorry folks, nothing to see here.

Oh wait it's Tally

Sharon and Tally have a nice, little conversation and Sharon jokes about going on a frog rescue mission. They contemplate if they should go through with it because they don’t want to get in trouble and Sharon mentions that her mom has been pissed at her a lot this year. I have to say that I like the callback from the previous episodes. Sharon thinks that they should go along with it, but they have to make sure they don’t get caught. Sharon gets the idea to use the gum Tally’s been chewing on so the door won’t lock.

Eww she touched her gum

Eww she’s touching her gum.

Connor walks up to Sharon at her locker and asks if she wants to hang out with him at Life Cycles. I like that Connor hasn’t completely blown off Sharon. Before she answers, her phone rings and it’s Tally telling her that the science room is free. Sharon lies to Connor and tells her she can’t go because she has to do something for her mom. (sighs) Poor Connor. Tally and Sharon go into the science lab and get the frogs now they have to worry about getting out of the school in one piece. They walk past the teacher’s lounge where Ms. Marsh is and one of the frogs make a noise. Ms. Marsh comes out of the room looking around and the girls are praying to God that the frogs don’t make another noise.

Don't make a peep

Ms. Marsh doesn’t hear anything and decides to go back in the room. Now, they’ve gotta get to the door where the cleaning guy is cleaning the floor. He eventually lives and now is their chance to leave. With our knowledge of Sharon being a klutz and the floors have just been cleaned. I think it’s pretty clear what’s going to happen:

Slip n slide

But luckily for Sharon she got out of there okay. The girls get to a pond and set the frogs free. Now that their mission is accomplished, Sharon asks Tally why she started those rumors about Maria and Connor. Tally denies spreading the rumors and claims that she heard the rumors. Tally believed the rumors because Maria and Connor always together and that’s why she broke up with him. Sharon tells her that all three of them hang together because they’re best friends and Tally realizes that she was wrong. Sharon and Tally decide to go back to school to return the containers that the frogs were being held. Let’s see if they can get in and out in one piece like before. They get to the classroom and put the containers back, but Sharon’s braces pick up the electricity from the plasma orb on the desk and Sharon’s braces get stuck on one of the containers.


Tally and Sharon try to get the container off, but they fall on the ground hard and it causes Ms. Marsh to come in and figure out what all of that noise was. Busted! The girls are suspended as their punishment, but they think it was worth because they saved the frogs. Sharon gets home and her mom is furious that she broke the law, but that’s not what Helen is pissed about. She’s really pissed off at the fact that school rejected Sharon’s alternative dissecting ideas. Helen decides to call the principal to give her a piece of her mind. The next day Helen tells Sharon that the school isn’t going to get rid of dissecting all together, but they will borrow computer programs this year and use Sharon’s other alternatives for next year. Sharon hears something outside and goes out to her window and sees Maria dribbling a basketball. I see an error. Sharon is wearing a blue shirt in this shot:

Sharon is wearing a blue shirt

Sharon asks Maria why she wasn’t in school and Maria said they were let out early for the Teacher’s conference. That’s right, Principal Ludwig did mention that earlier in the episode. Maria has been informed that Tally never spread the rumor and she assumes that Tally and Sharon are now friends. Sharon tells Maria that she hasn’t spoken to Tally and that Tally is only a friend for the animal rights’ activist stuff while Maria is for everything else.

This was a pretty good episode. Like I mentioned earlier, it would have been great to see Connor and Tally’s relationship throughout the show. I could see where both sides were coming from. Sharon had no one helping her with the frogs and Tally was the only one. Her friends know that she deeply cares about animals and they did a piss poor job of helping her. I understand that they’re don’t really care about animals like Sharon does, but they could have tried harder. However, I understand why Maria and Connor (moreso Maria) was upset with Sharon hanging out with Tally. Tally was spreading rumors about them and it’s betrayal for a friend to hang out with someone who did that to a friend. However, all of this could have been avoided if Connor and Tally spoke to each other. Now, that the rumors are fake what is to come of Connor and Tally? Are they going to remain broken up or are they going to get back together? Considering that this was their fourth time breaking up, it’s best that they stay broken up. Being on and off with someone is exhausting and it’s an unhealthy relationship. I do like that this episode had more of Connor in it. It’s always nice to get Connor-related episodes. I also liked Helen in this episode despite her only being there for 2 minutes. Sure she was upset that Sharon got suspended, but she was mostly upset that the school wasn’t listening to her suggestions. I hate that society never takes children/teens seriously. They just get told to “stay in a child’s place” or just dismiss everything as a fad.



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