BraceFace: S1, E15 “The Election”

Election 2016. Trump vs. Clinton. While we’re four months away from finding out which one of them will become president, here’s an episode that’s all about an election. A school election, that is.

Miss the winter weather episodes we’ve been having lately? Well, you’re in luck because it’s snowing (again) in Elkford!

Wintertime in Elkford

Are there any Shalden (Idk if that’s really their ship name. I just assumed this would be it since ships are usually an amalgamation of the characters’ names.) fans in the house? We haven’t gotten any interactions between this adorable couple in 3-4 episodes and here they are:

The cute couple once again

I tried to get a full screenshot of them holding hands, but it’s damn near impossible.

And here comes Brock the cock blocker (Betcha can’t say that 3x fast) ruining such a cute moment:

Brock the cock blocker

They’re on their way to a student assembly and ponder what it’s about. At the assembly, Nina (the school president) is forced to step down because she used the money for the Fall Dance to purchase a shit ton of make-up. Nina’s already on the right path to becoming a corrupt politician. The students cheer upon hearing the news that their corrupt leader has been taken down. Sharon jokes that she would make a better president than Nina and Maria agrees, but Maria is serious about it. After school, they get to Sharon’s place and Maria convinces Sharon to run for school president. Sharon decides to run with Maria being her campaign manager. Later, Sharon tells Alden on the phone that she’s running for school president and he thinks it’s a great idea and that she would make a great president. Can I just say (again) how adorable they look?


During lunch, Sharon is coming up with ideas to change the school. Alternatives for school lunch and recycling bins. Sounds like Sharon would be a perfect candidate for the Green Party. Nina walks by and taunts Sharon and Sharon learns that Brock will be running against her. Sharon walks over to where Brock and Alden are sitting and pulls Alden away and goes off on him. Alden explains to Sharon why Brock is running for president (he wants to turn the old computer lab into a recording studio) and tells Sharon that he’s his campaign manager. Now, Sharon is really pissed:

Alden getting yelled at

I originally wasn’t going to use this as a screenshot, but this one is just too damn funny.

How pissed is she? Look at her in gym class.

Sharon and Brock have a little friendly competition and you get one of those tropes where the opponent is upstaging the protagonist with gimmicky marketing tactics.

Reject Apple Logo

Bootleg Apple Logo?

After seeing Brock win over the student body, it’s time for the Spitz campaign to step up their game. Maria and Connor (I’m surprised he’s even being included in this) are at Sharon’s house putting together fortune cookies. Sharon’s cell phone rings and she answers it and she hears someone say “You’ll be sorry if you stay in the race” and the mystery person hangs up. Sharon thinks that it might have been Alden. It clearly wasn’t him. It was obviously someone (a girl’s voice) putting on a male voice. Maria suggests that she *69 the number (Wow. Haven’t heard someone say that in ages), but no avail since it’s a recorded message. The next day our three protagonists (one of which gets left out all of the time) are handing out the fortune cookies they made yesterday. Two students who received the cookies read the message inside and walk away laughing. They’re confused by the laughter, but proceed to hand them out to other students, who reacted like the students from before. They decide to open up the cookies and find messages such as “Keep BraceFace Out of the Race” and “Brock Rocks”. I don’t get the humor about these messages. Sharon notices that it’s Alden’s handwriting and believes that he’s running a smear campaign against her.

During French class, Maria pulls Sharon out of class (aren’t they in the same class) for an emergency. Someone has taken pictures of Sharon eating hotdogs and put them all over her campaign posters. Who has the time for that?

Sharon is not a vegetarian

Sharon’s hair is interesting here, but I have to point out that she looks tanned here.

Sharon blows up while taking all of the posters down and finds Alden at his locker. She confronts him about it and he denies doing it while complimenting how cute she looked in picture. Sharon gets even more upset with him. I guess nobody told Alden to never compliment a girl when she’s pissed at you. Alden, unaware of what’s going on, thinks Sharon is being sensitive about the pictures. She tells Alden she’ll be president and there’s nothing that he can do to stop it. She storms off leaving poor Alden confused.

Poor Alden has no clue

After school, Sharon goes home and her mom sees her upset. Helen asks Sharon what’s wrong and Sharon responds “I’m 13 and I’m already sick of politics”. Ha. I just had to mention this line because I found it funny. Sharon tells Helen what’s going on and Helen gives her the ‘ol “Nobody said being a leader was easy. You have to believe in yourself” blah blah blah. At school, Sharon has to give a speech on why she should be elected school president and Maria is helping her get ready in the bathroom. Connor comes in (Oh no, a guy in the girls’ bathroom) and informs the girls that Nina, despite being suspended, is given the opportunity to sit front row and listen to the speeches. She doesn’t deserve a front row seat much less be there. In the auditorium, Nina and Allyson start purposely talking out loud about how Sharon doesn’t have a chance and Alden’s smear campaign against her which of course has people talking.

Nina plotting and scheming

What does Nina have planned?

Brock comes out to give his speech and it’s pretty much all about music. He promises to turn the old computer lab into a recording studio, like Alden mentioned earlier and live bands every Friday. While Sharon is giving her speech Nina pulls the sheet off of the chair next to her, which reveals a tape recorder and presses play. During Sharon’s speech, the tape recorder plays people chanting “Down with BraceFace”. Sharon tries to speak up and the chanting gets louder. She tries speaking up and here goes her braces acting up again. Her braces give off its electrical powers through the microphone, the outlet where the microphone is plugged, through the outlet where the tape recorder is plugged in, and the tape recorder. The tape recorder rewinds and reveals Nina and Allyson were behind the smear campaign against Sharon.  For once, Sharon’s braces were in her favor. I guess you can debunk my theory about Nina controlling Sharon’s braces. Nina tries to press stop, but it’s no use. You can hear Nina telling Allyson to make her voice sound like Alden and mimic his handwriting. Nina smashes her tape recorder, but it’s too late because the student body isn’t here for it.

I must add that I love this shot here. Remember in “The Worst First Date Ever….Period” when Sharon was having nightmares because she’s always letting Nina ruin her life? Well, here’s one of those moments when she doesn’t let her win.

Sharon's in charge

Sharon continues her speech with the “I’m someone who cares about making a difference” cliché. Everyone cheers while Nina and Allyson get called out by the principal. After the assembly, Brock meets up with Sharon and compliments her on her speech. They have a friendly conversation and wish luck to both of each other. Moments like this make Brock likeable. Such a pity he isn’t like this 24/7. Later, the results of the election are announced over the PA and Sharon is the new president of Mary Pickford Junior High. Sharon is overcome with joy and thanks her friends for helping her out. The school bell rings and everyone leaves the classroom except for Sharon and Alden.

They're all alone, it's not what you think

They awkwardly say “Hi” to each other (I love it when they do that) and Alden congratulates her. As they’re walking in the hallway, Alden is about to ask Sharon a question but he doesn’t finish. I assume he’s asking if they’re still dating or not. Sharon tells Alden that she didn’t like how he decided to run Brock’s campaign and significant others are supposed to be supportive of one another. Alden assures her that it wasn’t personal and that it was just politics. He also adds that he thought dating was all about doing homework, seeing movies, and whatever else they do. It’s clear that Alden knows nothing about relationships. You’ll see this in future episodes. Alden reveals to Sharon that he voted for her. While they’re walking down the hall holding hands (they’re so damn cute), he tells her that even though it liked Brock’s idea, he knew that Sharon would get things done.


I really enjoyed this episode. I didn’t realize that I liked it until I wrote this review. I enjoy seeing Sharon and Alden together. I wouldn’t call myself a Shalden shipper, but I do find them pretty damn adorable. They almost want me to want love again. Almost. Even though he didn’t show up much in the episode, it was nice to see Connor included in the gang. Brock was pretty likeable in this episode. Pity he’s not like this overall. I understand where Sharon and Alden were both coming from. Significant others are supposed to be supportive of one another so it’s understandable that Sharon was upset. I would be upset too if my boyfriend/husband wasn’t supportive of me. However, friends are also supposed to be supportive of each other as well. I would also want my friends to support me. It’s all about who’s higher on your priority list. From personal experience, my friends come before any guy. I think I spoke about this in a review before, but I almost lost a good friend over a guy who was mentally and emotionally abusive to me. Something that bothered me in this episode is that Sharon never apologized to Alden for accusing him of mudslinging. I’m pretty sure it might have happened off-screen, but the audience should have seen it. I really felt bad for him because he had no idea why Sharon was so pissed at him. Another thing that irked me is the predictability of Sharon winning. I get the message is sticking to the issues when it comes to politics instead of whoring yourself out for votes, but it’s not reality.


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