Braceface: S1, E11: “Twenty Four Hours”

Sharon is at Dr. Hertz office for another routine check-up. Dr. Hertz discovers that the adhesive in Sharon’s braces is breaking down and they need to be replaced. Until then, her braces will have to be removed. Sharon is excited, but she can’t get too excited since it’s only for 24 hours.

Brace-free Sharon

Brace-free Sharon

At lunch, Sharon takes advantage of all of the foods she can’t eat because of her braces. Gum, Corn-on-the-cob, and pretty much anything chewy. See this is why I could never have braces. I love popcorn, gum, corn-on-the-cob, chewy snacks, etc. I couldn’t imagine not being able to eat these. Below is another look-a-like Alden, but watch as he disappears in the next shot.

What else is Sharon going to do to take advantage of her sans braces day? Kiss Alden. After school, Sharon starts coming up with a plan to get Alden alone. In order for it to not be too obvious, Maria suggests that she and Connor comes over. Sharon doesn’t think it’s a good idea since he and Alden don’t really hang out. Hell, I don’t think they’ve ever interacted on the show. So, Sharon suggests Brock since he and Alden are friends but Maria doesn’t want to get stuck with him since he’s a little “too friendly”. Sharon begs Maria and she eventually agrees. Now they just have to get rid of Helen.

Sharon overhears her mom talking about not being able to speak at a seminar because of Josh’s piano recital. Sharon agrees to babysit Josh, but Helen is skeptical since this is a pre-recital night and Josh is sensitive and he has so many outrageous demands/tasks to help him prepare. Josh enters and Helen tells him about the pre recital ritual she has planned for him tonight. Sharon says she can do all of that, but Josh doesn’t want Sharon fucking shit up for him. I get that Josh’s piano recital is a big deal, but is all of this really necessary? I get everyone does something to help them prepare or get in tune before a big game or something like that, but that’s just way too much. It sounds like he’s being spoiled. Josh would rather have Adam, but Adam has an overnight wrestling game. Helen agrees to let Sharon babysit Josh and help him prep for his recital. Sharon is overjoyed, but Josh doesn’t seem too pleased.

Josh isn't too pleased

Sharon waves off to her mom as she leaves and Connor (who lives across the street from her) asks if she wants to come over and practice French vocab. *raises hand* I would! I took French in college and I’ve been studying and practicing it recently. I hope to be fluent in the language and visit France (or any French-speaking country) one day. Sharon tells Connor that she’s baby-sitting Josh. Connor says he’ll come over there, but Sharon lies and says that her mom doesn’t want her to have people over. Sharon suggests Connor invite Tally over, but Connor says he’s not seeing much of her theses days. He’s right. We haven’t seen her since “Mixed Messages” and that seemed like forever ago. Sharon does feel bad about leaving Connor out since he’ll be a fifth wheel. I’ve noticed it. Connor doesn’t appear in a lot of episodes. And when he does appear, it’s only for a few seconds. This is something I’ll go more into depth in a future review and if I’m not mistaken, the issue is addressed in a future episode.

Sharon tidies up the basement (?) to give a romantic setting. She walks Alden, Brock and Maria here saying that this is a more “relaxed” environment to “study”. Haha.

Sharon could not be more obvious

Sharon could not be more obvious

Alden and Brock see a foosball table and decide to play a game. Sharon hears the oven timer go off and tells Maria to keep an eye on them. Sharon takes the food out of the oven, bumps into Josh, and the food falls on the floor. Josh grabs a bag of potato chips, but Sharon snatches them out of his hand saying that they’re for the guests. Josh asks if he can hang out with them until the documentary comes on, but Sharon tells him that he can’t because they’re studying and need their “privacy”. *snickers* Josh tells Sharon that he’s starting to feel nervous and is getting all of the notes mixed up. Sharon suggests that he practice since that’s what that “Swedish guy” would probably do, but looking at Josh’s facial expression, he doesn’t want to do that.

Poor Josh

Sharon goes down stairs and sees Alden and Brock watching one of their hockey games. Sharon dims the lights and turns off the TV. She offers the guys chips and Alden asks if they could watch the game some more. Sharon agrees and takes the remote when they’re not looking (haha). Sharon complains to Maria that this is a disaster since things aren’t going her way and Alden hasn’t noticed her braces are off. Maria suggests that he needs some help noticing by putting on some music. Brock finally realizes that the girls are trying to “put the moves” on them. Really? You didn’t notice it the moment you walked in or were you distracted by the foosball table? Alden didn’t realize it either and thought they were just being “girls”. Oh, Alden you poor, naïve soul. You have so much to learn. Brock even points out to Alden that Sharon’s braces are off.

While Maria tries to put up with Brock’s annoying ass for Sharon’s sake, Sharon attempts to be alone with Alden. She tries to strike up a conversation about dented pillows. And here goes Sharon and Alden being awkward and adorable again.

They're so fucking cute

They’re so cute, I can’t stand it.

Alden and Sharon get closer to one another and Sharon forgets that she’s still holding the pillow. She throws the pillow and they start to dance. They look longingly into each other’s eyes and just when they’re about to kiss, Josh starts playing the piano incredibly loud. Remember when I stated in a previous review that I suffer from migraines? Yeah this scene just gave me one. Josh was following a pre recital ritual from the composer mentioned earlier (I can’t make out his name. Idk if they’re saying Mach, Match, or Matts). Josh threatens to tell their mom that Sharon spent the whole night downstairs. Sharon doesn’t care saying that the composer probably wasn’t such a big baby and you can see the hurt on Josh’s face.

Poor Josh Part 2

Sharon agrees to do one thing for Josh so he can leave her alone. Josh wants her to fill 25 ice cube trays with pure spring water and he’ll take care of the rest. Sharon agrees, but Josh is going to have to settle for 2 ice cube trays filled with tap water. Afterwards, Sharon goes downstairs and attempts to get a kiss from Alden by playing “Spin the Bottle”. Oh, a classic. Brock starts off and the bottle lands on Maria. Brock tries to kiss Maria, but it’s not happening. She throws the bottle at Alden and now it’s his turn. He spins it and it lands on no one. He tries again and it lands in the same position as before. Sharon moves so the bottle can land on her, but it ends up landing on Brock. Ha.


Sharon moves the bottle in her direction so it lands on her. This whole scene is funny. I can’t stop laughing. Sharon and Alden are about to kiss and here comes Josh being a cockblocker. Sharon snatches up Josh and reprimands him for interrupting their “studying”. Oh, Sharon. You could have came up with a better excuse than that. You could have said you’re rehearsing a scene for a play. You and Alden are both in Drama class (see episode 3) so the excuse is perfect. Josh isn’t stupid, he knows what’s really going on and teases Sharon about it and I’m laughing like hyena.

Josh being funny

Ooh baby

“Oooh Baby” – Josh

Sharon locks Josh in his room and she’ll be back when they’re finished “studying”. Sharon, the studying excuse is tired. Just call it what it really is. Sharon finds the gang in the kitchen getting some drinks. The phone rings and Helen is on the line checking in on Sharon and Josh. Helen wants to speak to Josh so Sharon goes to Josh’s room and he’s nowhere to be found. The window is opened and Sharon peeps outside to see a track of footprints. Sharon lies to her mom and tells her Josh is sleeping. When she gets off of the phone, she informs everyone that Josh is missing.

So everyone goes outside and starts calling Josh’s name. Alden thinks this should be simple since all they have to do is follow his tracks. Everyone including the dogs Pigger and Sampson follow the footsteps in the snow. They search and search, but they realize that they’ve gone in a circle. Maria suggests that Sharon tells her mom the truth. Sharon protests to this idea and says that she was trying to help him prep for his recital. Right, Sharon was helping Josh and I can sing like Whitney Houston. Bullshit. Sharon also says that she couldn’t let him do everything that the Swedish composer did (which I agree). Brock is confused about where the Swedish guy comes into all of this and Connor, who overheard everything gives us a little history lesson about Matts (I think that’s it?). Connor couldn’t help but overhear their little shindig, which he wasn’t invited to. Poor Connor. They start putting two and two together and believe that Josh went out in the cold to take an ice bath since Sharon didn’t give him the ice cubes. Sampson shows up with Josh’s sweater in his mouth and Sharon assumes the worst.

They go back inside the house and decide what to do next. While Connor comes up with suggestions of where Josh might have went, Maria suggests that they call the cops. Brock wants to call in a pizza because he’s starving and Sharon curses him out for not taking this seriously. That moment right there is one of the reasons why I hate Brock, but that’s just scratching the surface. Maria takes up for Brock and Sharon gets even more pissed off. Maria rightfully tells Sharon that this pretty much her fault since she was so desperate to kiss Alden because her braces are off. This argument unfolds right in front of Brock and Alden and Sharon’s face is priceless.


There’s a little bit of an awkward silence and they all split up to go look for Josh. Maria and Brock are in the park looking for Josh. Brock thanks Maria for sticking up for him, but she informs him not to get too excited about it. Brock starts throwing pick-up lines cheesier than the cheese pizza I had earlier today, at Maria but she’s annoyed. She decides to play along and wants Brock to kiss her, but poor Brock can talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk.

Connor is checks the surrounding area and it looks like he knew where Josh was all along (At least, that’s how I see it). Josh built himself a snow fort and is ready to go inside, but he doesn’t feel like he’s wanted there. Connor reassures him that everyone is looking for him and does care. Sharon and Alden are looking for Josh at the creek and Sharon starts freaking out. Alden tries to comfort her, but Sharon pushes him away thinking that he was trying to make out with her. He denies this, but she won’t listen and runs away crying.

Sharon didn’t have to do Alden like that. He was just trying to comfort her and she took as him wanting to make out. I get that that sometimes happens in the movies, but c’mon. Stupid, stupid girl. Sharon runs home crying and someone throws a snowball at her. It’s Josh and Sharon has never been more excited to see her little brother. Josh reveals that he was in the backyard (should’ve looked there first) the whole time. Sharon asks if he heard them calling him, but Josh says he didn’t think they cared. I call bullshit. He had to have heard them. I think he just wanted Sharon to suffer. Sharon gives Josh a kiss on the cheek.

Sharon kisses Josh on the cheek

The next day is Josh’s recital and as he’s playing, Sharon thanks Connor for the umpteenth time for finding him and apologizes for the umpteenth time for leaving him out. After Josh is finished, everyone cheers for him and Alden is in the back giving him a standing ovation and cheering for him. And the episode ends with Sharon’s braces magically coming back. Is Dr. Hertz a part-time magician or something? Orthodontist by day, magician by night?

Braces come back by magic

Like the previous episode, I enjoyed this one. I wouldn’t list as one of my top favorites, but it was still a good one. I couldn’t help, but laugh at Sharon lying saying that she was studying and how obvious she was with the whole kissing thing. Of course, I always enjoy the cute and shy moments between Sharon and Alden. They’re just so adorable! As much as I hate Brock, I did enjoy the chemistry between him and Maria and they’ll be more of it in future episodes. I do like that the writers touched a little bit on the fact that Connor is always being left out and like I stated earlier, I believe there’s an episode that touches on it so I can’t wait to discuss it. Aside from Sharon’s funny/awkward moments in this episode, she was being very selfish. She used her brother to get her mom out of the house so she could kiss Alden. She also swore that she would help Josh prep for his recital and she didn’t do it. She just yelled at him. You could tell Josh needed some company and he didn’t like being himself, which is why he wanted to hang out with Sharon and her friends. Though I liked that Maria called Sharon out on her bullshit (which is why she’s easily one of my favorite characters), I don’t like that she took up for Brock. Brock was being insensitive when he was talking about pizza when Josh was missing. Like I mentioned earlier, I do believe that Connor knew where Josh was the whole time. I don’t know it’s just how Connor didn’t seem so happy to find Josh. I’ve watched the scene a million times and it gave me the impression that Connor already knew where he was. I think they were planning this since they were both mad at Sharon.


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