Braceface: S1, E10: “Driving Miss Sharon”

We are now back to our regularly schedule Friday reviews. I enjoyed my birthday last Friday. Although I can’t wait to move out of this house so I can really enjoy it. I’m just bored with spending it with my parents every year. Is it warm where you live? If so, let’s hope this review cools you down.

It’s winter in Elkford! While Adam is driving in the snow, Sharon dreads about participating in winter sports and we all know how Sharon is when it comes to sports.  Adam starts teasing Sharon about her being nervous to participate in winter sports and Sharon teases him back about his driving. Helen tells Sharon to be nice to Adam since he’s going to try and get his driver’s license for the third time. I don’t know why he’s practicing in the snow. Wouldn’t be easier to have someone practice driving in clear weather instead of hazardous conditions like this? Eh, what do I know? I live in the South. We shut down school at the first drop of snow. Adam drops Sharon off at school and they tease each other again and Adam drives off getting snow on Sharon.

Do you want to build a snowman

What a dick.

The first winter sport is hockey and Connor is recording this on his camcorder (I haven’t seen this word in ages). Sharon has the puck and everyone is yelling at her to shoot it into the goal. That couldn’t be me. I already have anxiety issues and people yelling at me to do something I’m not good at would just send me over the edge. Sharon, afraid to mess up, shoots the puck out to let someone else hit it. Alden and Maria scramble to get the puck, but Brock gets to it and wins for his team.

Sharon 0 Nina 1

The second sport is skiing. Maria puts the pressure on Sharon, telling her that their team really needs these points. How encouraging, Maria. Alden attempts to encourage Sharon that she can do this. That’s a little bit better. Take notes, Maria. The whistle blows and Nina is able to perfectly ski through all of the flags. The whistle blows again and now it’s Sharon’s turn and poor girl runs into every flag and falls down. Here’s something I don’t get. Everyone knows Sharon is athletically challenged so why is she the one doing this? Wouldn’t it be better to have someone else on the team who’s better at this like Maria? I get that they want everyone on the team to participate, but this is just ridiculous. Better yet, why does a Winter Olympics typed event even exist at a junior high? And why does Sharon have to participate? Is it mandatory or something? I’m glad we didn’t have to do stupid things like this when I was in junior high. I really feel bad for Sharon.

The third and final event is the relay….on ice. You know the event where they run and have to pass the baton to the next person? Yeah that one. Sorry, I’m not a sports person. Maria passes the baton to Sharon and rushes her to go, but Nina flies right pass Sharon. Sharon tries to catch up, but she drops the baton, trips over it, and falls flat on her face. Nina taunts Sharon for pretty much helping her team win. Sharon blames herself for making her team lose saying that she’s too afraid to take risks. Could this get any worse? As a result from falling on the ice, one of the wires in Sharon’s braces gets loose.

Poor Sharon 2.0

After school, Sharon complains to Maria that she’s going to have to see Dr. Hertz to get her braces fixed. Maria takes a look at the loose wire claiming that she can fix despite not having any dental experience or knowledge. They reach Sharon’s house and Adam brags that he got his license and drives off. Maria and Sharon are in the garage and Maria attempts to fix the wire with pliers.

Don't try this at home, kids

Don’t try this at home, kids.

Before Maria starts, Adam pulls into the garage and starts acting like a pompous asshole and teases Sharon. Adam, please stop acting like that you all of a sudden a driving expert. It took you three attempts to get your license. You have no room to talk shit about Sharon. Maria starts again with the pliers and once they hit Sharon’s braces, the garage door closes. The girls have no idea how that happened. Sharon taps her braces with the pliers and the car starts. I have to admit that’s actually kinda cool. Sharon thinks that it’s her braces and she gives us a quick recap of episodes where her braces acted up (“Brace Yourself”, “5 Things that Really Bug Me about You”, and an episode that hasn’t aired yet. I assume it’s a production error or something). She touches her braces again and the car beeps. That is really cool. Moments like this make you wish you had braces that did cool things like this. Tired of being scared, Sharon decides to take a joyride in the car. If you’ve seen enough 80s-90s sitcoms, you already know how this episode is going to turn out.

Sharon plans on driving by Life Cycles and coming right back home. I guess Sharon feels the need to redeem herself of the embarrassing events that happened at school.  What better place to do it than drive by the local teen hangout?  Connor sees Sharon driving and she invites him to hop in. I’m surprised Connor agreed to this given his personality. Sharon wants Connor to film this for the video yearbook. I guess it never occurred to Sharon that her mom might end up seeing the video yearbook and see her 13-year-old daughter driving a car without an adult. I have to say despite her abrupt stopping, Sharon’s not a bad driver. I wish I was that good when I was her age. They drive by Life Cycles and Maria taunts Nina. Everyone is shocked to see Sharon driving because in middle school, you’re cool if you’re driving.

Sharon decides to take the long way home since she doesn’t like to turn left. That’s really odd to me. She misses the next turn saying she doesn’t like that turn either. And here is where Sharon fucks up. They get to a red light and Sharon hits the gas instead of the brake and almost got hit by a bus. Sharon loses control of the car and the car falls backwards, spins around on ice, and hits a tree.

Look at the damage

Sharon finally found the brakes and she rushes to get home not worried about seeing the big dent in the bumper. Once they get home, they look at the dent and it’s really fucked up. Maria tries to make Sharon feel better with the ‘ol “Your mom will probably never notice it” shtick. Helen obviously finds out and blames Adam. Poor Adam doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about and has no idea how the dent got there, but Helen is under the impression that he’s lying. Adam gets his car privileges taken away from him and he’s going to have to pay off getting the dent fixed by doing a shit ton of chores. Sharon is listening to all of this and feels bad for Adam having to take the fall. Yeah, it sucks getting punished for something that you didn’t do (I’ve been there), but it’s hard for me to feel bad for him considering how much of a dick he was being a few minutes ago.

Sharon feels bad for Adam

At school, Sharon tells Maria that her mom thinks Adam did it and Sharon is afraid to tell who actually did it. All of a sudden, some kids in the hallway see Sharon and start whispering. Ugh I hate it when people do that. If you ain’t got the balls to say it out loud or to my face, then shut up. One of the kids walks up to Sharon and wants her autograph because she’s so cool for driving her mom’s car past Life Cycles yesterday. Now everyone wants Sharon’s autograph and she’s the cool kid, but Maria isn’t here for Sharon letting all of this go to her head.

Even Nina is kissing up to Sharon, but Sharon pays her dust and I’m here for it.

Apply cold water to burned area

Apply cold water to burned area.

At Life Cycles, Maria and Connor are talking about how Sharon is letting her newfound popularity go to her head. Sharon comes into Life Cycles and everyone is cheering for her. Okay, these kids are taking it too far. I get that they think that Sharon is hot stuff because she did something rebellious, but wanting autographs and cheering her on is a bit much. She walks over to Maria and Connor and tells them that she’s ordering an espresso. Sharon tells her friends that she’s been invited to a house party. Her friends try to tell her that they think she should tell her mom the truth, but she laughs it off until she realizes that they’re serious.

Priceless Expressions

These expressions are priceless.

Sharon swears she’s been thinking about it, but it’s obvious she’s bullshitting. Then, she ditches her friends to go sit with the kids who invited her to the party she mentioned earlier. At home, Sharon is watching TV and asks Adam if he wants to sit and watch TV with her. Adam has no time since he’s knee-deep in doing chores. Sharon asks him if he wants any help, but Adam tells her it’s useless since his car privileges have been taken away from him. Sharon tells Adam that it’s not fair for him to take the blame. He agrees saying that he’s going to find out what really happened. Sharon attempts to tell Adam that she did it, but he doesn’t want to hear it believing that it’s just one of her typical, teen girl dilemma.

At home, Adam is trying to figure out who caused the dent in Helen’s car. He starts thinking of possible suspects and he even thinks poor Josh might have done it.

Don't hurt him

Don’t hurt the poor kid.

At Maria’s place, Maria and Connor try to get Sharon to do better at risk taking activities by showing clips of her during the winter games. Sharon doesn’t relive anyone of it (rightfully so) and she discovers that Connor filmed Sharon denting her mom’s car. She tries to grab the tape, but her friends pull her back. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like this whole scene with the exception of the ending should have been earlier in the episode. It just didn’t fit to me. It would make more sense if it was Maria and Connor trying to guilt trip Sharon into confessing. Back at home, Josh and Adam explain their theory for the cause of the dent to Helen but she’s not buying it.

I'm not buying it

Finger wagging and all.

Sharon leaves Maria’s place with the tape and tosses it in the trash. She then feels guilty and takes it from the trash can knowing that she needs to do the right thing. Sharon gets home and shows Adam the video. He’s pissed (rightfully so) at Sharon for doing this. Sharon apologizes to Adam saying that she thought he would do the same thing to her and she would get in more trouble than him. I don’t buy it. I don’t believe that’s why Sharon let Adam take the fall. While she’s sitting on top of the roof at night, Sharon reveals she’s grounded and decides to follow her friends’ confidence building system and tackle winter sports slowly.

After dealing with a terrible episode, we get a good one. I wouldn’t consider this as one of my favorites, but this was a pretty good one. I definitely felt bad for Sharon when she had to do the winter sports. She didn’t deserve that type of embarrassment. I know what it’s like to participate in things you aren’t very good at and having to deal with everyone seeing you fuck up. It was interesting to see how Sharon driving gave her confidence. I do wish the writers would have focused on that a little more especially with the group of people Sharon was hanging around in the episode. It would have been nice to see her attempt to do things that we’re out of her comfort zone. I know we’re supposed to feel bad for Adam for getting blamed for something he didn’t do, but it was hard for me to. He acted such an asshole towards Sharon. Yeah, it’s typical of siblings to tease each other but Adam was taking it too far. It was nice to see him be knocked off of his high horse. I guess it’s because I relate to Sharon more. How Sharon handled her newfound confidence was relatable. I’m not a very confident person and when I do something cool or I excel at something, I do gain a bit of confidence but I’m still hesitant. I’m scared to pretty much be what Sharon was when she gained confidence.



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