Braceface: S1, E7 “Mixed Messages”

I was intending on posting this review a bit earlier in the day, but this has been a busy week for me. I’ve had a lot of interviews (fingers crossed that I get hired) and the other day I had a horrible migraine, which carried over into yesterday (If you suffer from migraines, you know the struggle). Anyways, I’m excited to review this episode because this is one of my favorite episodes of BraceFace and you’ll see why.

The Spinning Disk is newest teen hangout, cell phones are all the rage and everybody and their mother is hooking up. Nothing out of the ordinary for teenagers. Although, I must question what type of parents allow 13-year olds to date. When I was their age, I couldn’t date until I was 16. Since Nina is occupied with flirting with a foreign exchange student (who has facial hair b/c guys with facial hair are sooooo hot and they’re more “mature” than guys who don’t), Sharon finally has a chance to get with Alden. Sharon walks over to Alden while he listens to music and starts a conversation with him. I’m glad Sharon’s conversations with Alden are getting better. We can erase that awkward conversation from “Crushed” out of our memories.  Alden’s listening to “The Who” and asks Sharon to listen with him. Sharon pretends that she’s a fan of them to impress Alden.

Too Cute for words

The hopeless romantic in me is gushing at how cute they look.

Everyone in the Spinning Disk is passing their cell phones around so everyone can have each other’s numbers in case of an emergency. Alden pulls out the biggest cell phone in history.

Giant Phone

Looks more like a house phone to me.

So everyone’s passing their phones around and one hits Sharon. Alden bends down to grab it and sees that Sharon has something in her shoes and it’s money. Alden also keeps money in his shoes. They have a nice laugh over this. I’m lowkey starting to ship them. Brock tells them to keep the phone line moving and Sharon makes sure she gets Alden’s number. I didn’t mention this in previous episodes that Brock has appeared in, but Brock is voiced by Daniel DeSanto. He was in “Are you Afraid of the Dark?” Mean Girls and voiced Carlos from The Magic School Bus and Ray from Beyblade(The show that I associate with him the most because childhood). Brock and Alden are at Alden’s house listening to music debating about The Who. Alden swears up and down that The Who are so awesome, but Brock believes that they suck and no one would go to their concert if they performed a cover of one of their songs. Alden rebuttals by saying that Sharon would go and Brock calls her “Braceface”. Alden then ask Brock if he thinks she’s cute. N’awww.

Do you think she's cute

He’s so shy when asks him. It’s adorable.

Brock responds “Yeah, if you like the taste of metal”. What a dick. He then asks Alden if he’s still into Sharon. I like that they have had conversations in the past about his crush on Sharon; it would have been nice to see them talk about in earlier episodes. Alden lies saying he’s not into her. Brock pulls out a list of “Hot Girls” and a teacher is on the list and even Maria is on the list. Meanwhile, Sharon and Maria are at Sharon’s house for a sleepover. Sharon is gushing to Maria about her and Alden at the Spinning Disk, but Maria is sick of hearing about Alden like the rest of us. Maria tells Sharon that she should tell Alden how she feels. Sharon has thought about it, but is afraid she’ll mess up. I love how realistic that line is. Sharon feels like she’s missing out because everyone is hooking up these days. Sharon asks Maria who she likes and Maria says no one and she’s got better things to do than gushing over a guy. Maria just stated my dating (or lack thereof) life motto right now.

At school and after seeing everyone “coupled up”, Sharon realizes that she can’t continue to wait for Alden to make the first move and she has to do it. I applaud this show for showing the girl making the first move instead of the other way around. Sharon calls Alden’s cell phone and is hoping he doesn’t pick up. Sharon is me when I have to make calls. I hate doing it.

Please don't pick up

“Please, don’t pick up”.

Luckily for Sharon, it goes straight to voicemail so she leaves an awkward voice message. I take back what I said. I think I hate leaving voice messages more than talking to an actual person. After leaving the message, Sharon tells Connor (Hey! Connor, long time no see even though he’s been in the background for most of this episode so far) that she left Alden a voice message telling him that they’re soul mates. Connor tells Sharon that this is bad and guys don’t like it when girls through themselves at them. This type of mentality is why girls are afraid to make the first move. Why do we have to be seen as desperate when we make the first move? Connor tells Sharon that she can erase it by getting into his voicemail system. I didn’t even know that was a thing. Connor continues by saying that most people use their pet names or birthdays as their password. Sharon knows Alden’s birthday (No surprise there) and is able to get into his voicemail system. Just as she’s about to delete it, Nina comes by and bumps Sharon (on purpose obviously), her braces hitting her phone and knocking it on the floor.


Sharon tries to pick up her phone off of the floor, but her phone ends up sending the voice message to Brock instead. Brock listens to the message and is under the impression that Sharon likes him. Brock brags to Alden, while he’s in study hall, about the message. Brock is all of a sudden interested in Sharon and Alden calls Brock out on his bullshit when he tells him he was just calling her “Braceface”. Brock rebuttals by saying not to quote him on things he said yesterday. I guess I should use that excuse when people bring up dumb shit I’ve said in the past. Brock asks Alden, “You know what this means right?”. Alden replies, “What?” And Brock makes this face wiggling his eyebrows.

Bow chicka wow wow

Bow Chicka Wow Wow, anyone?

Brock proudly struts out of the library and Alden makes the saddest, adorable face ever.

Poor Alden

Poor baby 😦

At lunch, Sharon goes on about how cool The Who is and she and Alden are the only people who get it. Ummm….Sharon if I recall from earlier in the episode, you said you knew nothing about their music. But I guess, Brock’s “Don’t quote me on what I said yesterday” logic would apply here. Brock grabs a seat at Sharon and Co.’s (and Tally) table. Brock tries to flirt with Sharon, but she seems rather annoyed with him. Brock shows off his tattoo of a B, which looks more like a 13 to impress Sharon. Nina overhears the conversation and mocks Brock for trying to give himself a tattoo. Normally, I would get annoyed with Nina for mocking people, but considering that it’s Brock (whom I find even more annoying; you’ll see why I don’t like him in future episodes) I don’t really care. Alden walks by and sees Brock and Sharon together and he makes those sad puppy dog eyes again.

Poor Alden 2

Sorry for posting Alden’s sad face again, but it’s just so adorable!

In French class, Alden tells Brock that he just doesn’t see it for Brock and Sharon as a couple. Brock believes otherwise since he believes that she was into his tattoo. The teacher pairs everyone up and has them pretend that they’re at a French restaurant. One of them would be the server; the other would be the customer. Sharon is thinking about trying to tell Alden how she feels, but Brock interrupts her thoughts by putting on a terrible French accent. Alden and Maria pair up and Sharon gets jealous at them together.

Maria and Alden

As she continues to watch them in class, Sharon thinks that Alden isn’t interested in her. At home, Sharon contemplates whether or not she should be with Brock. The door bell rings and Brock left a teddy bear for Sharon with this message “Wanted to give you a bear hug, but here’s a bear instead”. D’awww. As much as I don’t like Brock, I have to admit that this was a cute gesture.

Teddy Bear

Josh teases Sharon and Sharon decides to give Brock a chance since he’s trying. I’m not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, there’s nothing wrong with giving people a chance, but you shouldn’t force yourself to like someone just because they like you and the person you like doesn’t like you. I get trying to move on if the person you like doesn’t like you, but don’t hook up with someone just because they like you. I’ve done that before and I had to cut things off with the guy because I felt like (and I was) using him.

At Life Cycles, Maria confesses to Connor and Tally that she’s starting to like Alden.  Although she’s not sure whether or not she likes him or the attention that he gave her in French class. At the big hockey game, which Alden and Brock are a part of the school’s hockey team, Sharon brings the bear that Brock gave her and Nina and Allyson tease her. Aww, Nina are you mad that Henrik didn’t get you a teddy bear? You poor, poor thing. I guess Allyson is bitter that she doesn’t have anyone. Maria asks Sharon if bringing the bear means that she and Brock are a thing now. Sharon isn’t sure, but she brought the bear to show Brock that she likes it. Maria then asks Sharon if she’s completely over Alden. Obviously Sharon isn’t sure, but lies to Maria and swears that she’s over him. During the game, Brock brags about scoring on the ice and with Sharon and Alden is pissed!

Alden pissed

It’s about to go down!

Alden is so pissed that he hits Brock.


Because of this, Alden gives his team and penalty and Sharon is confused as to why he did that. Nina, who has nothing better to do since Henrik isn’t doing something right, starts a rumor that Brock is going to first base with Sharon tonight. As a kid, I never understood what first base, second, etc. meant. Of course, now that I’m older I know exactly what it means. Brock plans on kissing Sharon. Sharon is shocked and is confused as to what that means. I do like how she has no idea what it means.

Sharon confused

The game is over and the Pickford Pucks have won. The celebration party is held at the French teacher’s house, who said he would be holding a party earlier in the episode. I don’t know what teacher has middle schoolers at his house. College professors are okay since I’ve had a professor invite the class to a Super Bowl party at his house, but I would find it a bit strange for a teacher who teaches underage students. Idk I might be looking into this too much.

Look a like Adam

First we had look-a-like Aldens and now we’ve got a look-a-like Adam.

Sharon is standing in a corner by herself while she watches girls flock over to Brock, who’s showing off his tattoo. Sharon looks around and sees Maria and Alden talking and she gets jealous.

Maria and Alden...with Adam again

It’s Adam again, but he looks more like the real thing.

Brock blocks her view. He tells Sharon that every time he scored, he thought about her. Then, he tries to kiss her.

Nightmare Fuel

Nightmare Fuel.

Sharon panics and runs away, grabs Maria, and goes into the bathroom. Sharon tells Maria that Brock tried to put his tongue in her mouth and they’re both disgusted at the thought of it. Ha! Maria suggests that Brock might have been inspired from their French class. Sharon feels that Brock was trying to cross over into second base and she’s not going to go there with him. So I guess, second base is like making out. Maria knows that Sharon still likes Alden, but she denies it and Maria calls her out on her bullshit. Connor needs to get in the bathroom because Tally spilled a drink on Connor again. Sharon suggests that they all leave the party.

Brock finds Alden and confronts him about him attacking him during the game. Alden asks if he’s going out with Sharon to mess around with her. Yeah, I think we know what he’s trying to say. Too bad this show isn’t TV-14. Brock denies it and swears that Sharon is into him and lets Alden hear the message that was sent to Brock by accident. Once Alden hears Sharon mention the money in the shoes, he knows that the message was meant for him because he’s the only guy at Mary Pickford Junior High who keeps money in his shoes.

Only guy in school who keeps money in his shoes

Alden asks Brock if he keeps money in his shoes. He says no and admits he had no idea what Sharon meant. On the way home, Sharon reflects on how confusing relationships are and Maria might be right on avoiding it all together. Maria is me, I swear. But Sharon also mentions it would be nice to have someone to look at the stars with. Alden decides to call Sharon, but Sharon drops her phone and it goes straight to voicemail. Alden listens to Sharon’s awkward, but adorable voice message and he smiles.

He likes her awkwardness

I like that he likes her awkwardness. Also Alden doesn’t have a house phone anymore.

Sharon receives a message and is eager to check it. Sharon is shocked to find out it’s Alden and he tells her he thinks she’s funny and nice and asks to hang out with him outside of school.

Sharon is over the moon

Sharon jumps for joy.

Like I stated before, this is one of my favorite episodes of BraceFace. Even though I’m in my 20s, I could relate to most of the events that took place in this episode. Sharon feeling like she’s missing out on dating, Sharon lying about being okay with Maria and Alden hanging out, and giving Brock a chance even though she really wasn’t into him. I’ve been in Sharon’s shoes before (some of the events were recent) and that’s why she didn’t annoy me in this episode. Brock annoyed me in this episode because he obviously couldn’t tell Sharon wasn’t into him. He just took the voice message and ran with it. I do like that this show has the girl making the first move instead of the guy doing it. Girls are conditioned to believe that if a guy likes her, he would tell her. But no one ever takes into consideration that the guy might be too shy to tell the girl. We also see that mindset that girls who through themselves at guys are desperate as mentioned by Connor. Like I stated before, this mentality is another reason why girls are afraid to make the first move. Ugh I hate society. Aside from that, I really enjoyed this episode and I can’t help but think how this situation could have been avoided if Sharon had said “Hi, Alden. This is Sharon”.




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