Braceface: S1, E4 “The Doctor is In”

I have decided to post my reviews on Friday nights since this is what I’ve been doing for these past few reviews. So you don’t have to camp on my blog waiting for a review and speaking of camping outside of places, that is what we’ll be dealing with in this episode. So let’s get started.

Nina does some annoying cheers to impress the football team as Sharon and Connor watch. Why does the mean girl always have to be a cheerleader in these types of shows? At least Alden isn’t a football player. Sharon is disgusted by this and shares my sentiments on Nina being an attention whore. Maria comes over on her scooter and tells Sharon that their favorite band, Vice Grip is coming to their city. *inserts annoying fan girl squeals*Sharon has a fantasy of her and Maria being in the front row and having the lead singer’s sweat drip off of him , she catches it, and kisses it. Ew. Or better yet, what if they get invited to meet the band backstage and go to the club afterwards? I guess they don’t realize that they’re too young to go to the club. Sharon can’t wait and thinks that this is the beginning of one of the best things about being a teenager. Oh, this takes me back to my pre-teen years. I was counting down the day I would turn 13. Everything that was portrayed in teen pop culture, I thought it would happen to me. I couldn’t wait to start going to the movies, mall, concerts, etc. with my friends and without my parents. I couldn’t wait to drive. Dating and having my first kiss was the one of the most anticipated moments of my teen years. Oh, how wrong was I. I didn’t experience half of these until my late teens. Hell, some of these I have yet to experience.

Sharon attempts to tell her mom at dinner about the concert, but her mom is too busy eating and writing. Her mom then realizes that she needs to take Josh to his piano lessons and Adam off at wrestling practice. Sharon’s mom agrees to talk about it with Sharon later. Later, Sharon starts kissing up to her mom (Seriously, she kisses her mom on the cheek). Sharon starts talking about the concert, but her mom doesn’t seem to remember her talking about it at dinner. Sharon tries to convince her mom to let her go to the concert, but she screws up when she mentions her and Maria camping outside the ticket booth to get front row seats. Her mom explains to her that she’s too young, but Sharon folds her arms and stomps her foot saying that she’s not a baby. You do realize that you’re proving her mom right? You don’t whine like a little brat when you don’t get your way. Her mom agrees that she isn’t a baby, but she’s just not ready and tells Sharon that she can’t go to the concert.

At school, Sharon complains to Maria how her mom is being unfair and Maria agrees that she’s being overprotective. Nina comes along to annoy Sharon and walks off. In History class, Nina interrupts the teacher and tells him she’s not feeling well. He ignores her and continues his lecture. What a prick. I’ve had teachers in the past who didn’t give a rat’s ass if you were sick. How difficult is it for you to stop what you’re doing and send the kid to the school nurse? Nina raises her hand again and she’s broken out in hives and everyone and their mother freaks out thinking it’s the plaque (That’s what the douchebag teacher’s lecture was about if you were paying attention). The teacher tries to calm the class down, but to no avail and everyone (except our three main characters) runs out of the room. Connor has caught whatever illness Nina has and faints.

Alden is at his locker and hears everyone being overdramatic about “the plaque”. Nina quietly calls Alden over to her and tries to get attention from him, but he’s just confused. And poor Alden gets Nina’s illness as well. The school holds an assembly about the outbreak of this illness. The principal informs the student body that this rash isn’t life threatening and asked a psychologist who specializes in trauma counseling. Seriously? Why not ask a nurse to educate the students about the rash? When there’s some type of outbreak at school wouldn’t you just sent the infected kids home and inform all of the parents? I’m just seriously confused here. Anyways, you’ll never guess who the psychologist they sent. It’s pretty hard so don’t use up too much of your brain power. Give up? It’s Sharon’s mom! Whew! That was a hard one. I would have never guessed it. Anyways, Sharon’s mom introduces herself and says that most of them know her as Sharon’s mom. She even waves and says “Hi, Sharon” to the audience. *cues laughter and smiles from the student body* *cues Sharon sinking in her seat*Oh, the second-hand embarrassment. After the assembly, Sharon complains why did her mom get picked to speak to the student body. Maria tells her that her mom seemed to know what she was talking about. Sharon’s mom comes over and asks Sharon if she wants to walk home together. Ummm….don’t you have a car? It would make a lot more since if she asked if Sharon wanted a ride home. Plus, I’m pretty sure that’s how you were able to get to the school as well. Nina comes over and Sharon tells her mom to hide in a nearby classroom. Excuse me while I laugh for three minutes straight…….Okay, I’m done. Nina asks Sharon’s mom if she can talk to her privately and shoos Sharon away. Nina will be having private sessions with Sharon’s mom and of course Sharon isn’t here for it.

Sharon and Maria are jamming to Vice Grip in Sharon’s living room. Nina walks in and they start a little cat fight, but Sharon’s mom interrupts them as it’s time for Nina’s session. Nina knows just what to do to get under Sharon’s skin so she hugs her mom right in front of her. Sharon and Maria question why Nina needs to see Sharon’s mom and Maria suggests she’s probably trying to get tips to get with Alden. Sharon freaks out and has to eavesdrop on their session. I’m no expert in laws, but I’m pretty sure that’s a violation of HIPAA. As Sharon listens, her braces (no surprise) hits the door and she’s gotta come up with some quick excuse to cover her ass. She tells her mom she’ll be making dinner. Oh, Sharon this is what happens when you insert yourself into other people’s business (She’ll be doing a lot of that in future episodes). At dinner, Josh and Adam start grossing us all with making holes in people’s skulls and blood. Sharon once again tries to convince her mom to let her go to the concert, but she’s not budging. Sharon uses the typical “But Mom, everyone’s going!” line and her mom rebuttals by saying Nina isn’t going. Sharon throws a bitch fit about Nina and says pretty much what we all think about Nina (minus profanity).

Sharon goes over to Connor’s house (who still has the rash) and talks to him about her mom. She complains to Connor that her mom cares more about strangers’ problems than her own. Connor tells her that those people pay her and Sharon’s problems aren’t big enough.  Sharon starts acting weird for attention, but her mom thinks she’s doing something for theatre. Sharon realizes her plan wasn’t working and decides to camp outside to get Vice Grip tickets with Maria. The girls think that everything is all nice until it gets dark outside and they witness a robbery and some guy getting beat up and kicked out of the club. Maria’s alarm goes off and she decides to head back home before her curfew.  Sharon gets mad at Maria for not staying and decides to stay the whole night….until her mom finds her sleeping outside and calls Sharon by her full name. I never understood why parents call their kids by their full name whenever they’re in trouble. Sharon’s mom starts going off on her and Sharon starts getting smart with her mom. As a teen, I knew I couldn’t get away with mouthing off to my parents. Hell, I wouldn’t even try it now even though I’m an adult. Sharon and her mom start having one of those “mother and daughter” moments that happen on TV and would never happen in real life. Sharon’s mom is way too forgiving.

Sharon is grounded for two weeks. You know punishments that kids/teens get on TV that don’t happen in real life, at least from my experience. When her punishment is over, her mom surprises her with Vice Grip tickets and they go the concert together since Maria caught the rash. I finally figured out how to screenshot scenes, but I can’t get them to appear on WordPress. I’ll play around with this and hopefully next week’s review will consist of visual aids, which I believe will improve my reviews. I wanted to show you guys an error the animators made: Sharon, Maria, Connor, and Nina were at the concert, but Sharon and her mom were the only main characters there.

I didn’t like how Sharon got a slap on the wrist for disobeying her mother. I don’t know if it’s because of my strict upbringing, but that whole issue just annoyed me. She camped outside to get concert tickets even after her mom told her now and all she gets is being grounded for two weeks and she gets to go to the concert in the end. I’m sorry, but that’s just unrealistic. If I were to do something like that, I would never hear the end of it because my mom will continue to remind me of what I did every day. All forms of entertainment would have been taken away from me. I would have gotten a whooping as well. I just hate how shows portray kids/teens getting light punishments when it’s so far from reality. On a positive note, I love how the writers added in Sharon and Maria witnessing robbery, violence, and poverty while they’re camping outside. It really gives kids/teens a sense of why being outside at night by herself can be dangerous. If this was a TV-14 rated show, the writers could have touched on darker images like gun violence, drug dealing, and prostitution.


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