Braceface: S1, E3 “5 Things that Really Bug Me about You”

Sharon and Maria are at Maria’s place studying. Sharon notices how messy Maria’s room is and starts complaining. She gets up and starts cleaning up the place. Although I do understand why Sharon is annoyed with the mess in Maria’s room, it doesn’t give her the right to go around and organizing people’s belongings without their permission. While she organizes the book shelf, Sharon discovers Maria’s diary. Maria explains that she started writing it in when she injured her knee rock-climbing, but she mostly used it for making lists instead of writing out thoughts. Sharon asks if she can read it. Does Sharon not understand the purpose of a diary? Maria tells her no and that it’s private. Maria’s mom calls her to come get laundry, which is a perfect set-up for the predictable plot. Sharon’s braces (which I believe are controlled by Nina) unlocks Maria’s diary and Sharon can’t help herself but to see what Maria wrote. She just so happens to open up to a list called “5 Things that Really Bug me about her”. And here is what the list consists of:

  1. Thinks her way is the right way
  2. Selfish
  3. Know-it-all esp. in Drama
  4. Boy Crazy
  5. Complete sports wimp

And of course, Sharon believes that this is what Maria thinks about her. From looking at this list, I think that Sharon does fit some of these traits. As we will see in future episodes, she does act like her way is the right way. Throughout this show, Sharon does act pretty selfish. Two episodes into the show already tells you that Sharon is boy crazy over Alden. Finally, as we saw in the previous episode Sharon sucks at sports. So this list could possibly be about her.

Sharon is disbelief that Maria would say these things about her. Sharon hears Maria coming in and puts the journal back on the shelf. I can’t believe Maria didn’t see Sharon holding her journal, putting it back on the shelf, and standing their all innocent. Sharon tells Maria that she’s going home and she lies about having to make sure the plants are getting enough sunlight…in the rain. C’mon, Sharon you could have thought of a better excuse than that.

At home, Adam is at home training for the triathlon and he’s annoying poor Josh, who’s just trying to play piano. Sharon comes home and Adam bumps into her while he’s running up and down the stairs listening to music on a CD player. Sharon notices that he using hers and demands that he forks it over. He says that his is broken and asks if he can borrow hers for his workout. Sharon tells him no since he can’t even take care of his own. He calls Sharon selfish and she starts thinking about Maria’s list. I know I stated earlier that Sharon can be selfish, but I’m siding with her on this one. Adam was using Sharon’s CD player without her permission. You ask permission before you borrow someone else’s belongings. In addition, you were careless with your own CD player so why would I loan you mine when you might be careless with it. I’ve been in this situation before (I’m looking at you, Mom) and I was called selfish. Okay rant over, back to the review.

During drama class, Sharon and Maria are going over ideas for a scene in “Alice in Wonderland”. Maria wants to do a hip-hop interpretation of Alice falling down the rabbit hole, while Sharon wants to do a mime interpretation of Alice taking the pill and shrinking. Both of them think that the other’s idea is stupid and mocks them. Sharon shows Maria how a mime interpretation of Alice falling down the hole is better by spinning around like an idiot and having the class laugh at her. Sorry, Sharon I can’t side with you on this one. You played yourself. After class, Sharon asks Connor if she bugs him and he tells her only when she’s boy crazy. Number four on Maria’s list. Duh. Duh. Duh. Sharon tells Connor that she read Maria’s journal and that she didn’t mean to and she had nowhere else to look. Liar, liar, pants on fire. If you go back and watch the scene, Sharon clearly opened the book and peaked inside. Connor tells Sharon she needs to talk to Maria about this and he promises not to tell her about it.

During gym class (Man, I never had gym outside when I was in school), the girls are playing field hockey and Sharon costs her team the game because the ball hit her knee. Maria gets pissed at Sharon for making them lose. I think Maria is taking it too seriously. Yeah, I know people who take sports seriously but you can’t be mad at someone who you sucks at sports. Once again, I find myself taking Sharon’s side. After gym, Maria bitches to Connor about Sharon not trying to win the game. Poor Connor is trying to keep his promise to Sharon, but he blurts it out. Maria finds Sharon in the restroom and goes off on Sharon telling her that she’s “committed the most immoral of immoral acts”. Look, I get you’re upset but reading someone’s journal isn’t the same as rape or murder. They argue and decide to no longer be friends. The “we’re no longer friends” fight isn’t complete without a “Fine!” shouting match.

At home, Sharon convinces herself that she doesn’t need Maria and that she can find someone else to have fun with. She tries spending time with her mom and brothers, but that doesn’t work out. Sharon is so desperate to find someone to take Maria’s place that she resorts to going to Nina’s best friend, Allyson. You gotta be pretty damn desperate if you’re trying to be friends with rival’s friend. I’m surprised Allyson is okay with hanging out with Sharon.  Back at home, Maria calls and Sharon is happy that Maria is crawling back to her….but she’s calling for Adam. Adam is leaving to go meet Maria so they can train for the triathlon and Sharon wants to tag along. Oh, Sharon stop make a fool of yourself. Just admit you miss Maria already. So, Sharon decides in order to get Maria back as a friend she’s going to have to stop doing the things that bug her.

In drama class, the teacher asks if anyone wants to demonstrate improvisation. Sharon raises her hand, but quickly realizes that she’d be acting like number 3 on Maria’s list so she changes her mind. Then, Nina raises her hand and decides to go and annoy us all. After class, Alden walks up to Sharon and asks her if he could borrow her history notes. See? This is how you borrow someone else’s things. You ask first. Take notes, Adam. Sharon agrees, but then remembers Maria’s list and changes her mind. Maria and Connor are shocked that Sharon would turn down Alden like that. Alden then suggests that maybe they could look over them after school together and gives her this “I wanna fuck you” look. Sharon rejects him saying she has other plans. And poor Alden walks away looking a little annoyed. I can’t believe Sharon turned down the poor guy like that. Who could turn him down with the look he was giving her? Sharon realizes that nothing that she’s doing is working so she thinks she has to do something drastic to stop annoying Maria. So, Sharon decides to enter the triathlon and attempts to mimic Adam’s workout routine that we saw earlier in the episode.

At the triathlon, Sharon walks up to Maria and Adam. She says hi to Maria, but Maria ignores her. Sharon tries again to make conversation with Maria, but Maria makes a snarky remark. The triathlon begins with swimming and of course Sharon is far behind. Did Sharon think she was going to do well with only a little training? I don’t know the time frame between her training and the day of the event, but I highly doubt it was enough time for her to train.  The second lap is bicycling and Maria is in the lead. The third event is running and Maria is still in the lead with Adam not too far behind. You know this could have been more interesting if someone else in the race was giving Maria and Adam a run for their money (No pun intended). Times like this make me wish I could screenshot without the annoying play button in the center because one of the runners looks like Alden (If anyone reading this knows how to do that, I would be eternally grateful).

Meanwhile, Sharon is still on the second lap of the race and she doesn’t know how to use the brakes on her bike. She runs into Maria, injuring her and crashes into the bushes. Hmmm…I wonder if the writers intended on having Maria’s knee injured because remember earlier in the episode Sharon got hit in the knee playing field hockey. Foreshadowing Maria’s injury, perhaps?  Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but that’s the writer in me. Maria thinks it’s over for her, but Sharon convinces her that she’s trained too hard for her to just quit so they finish the race together. So predictable. As they walk, Sharon apologizes to Maria for reading her journal and Maria tells her that the list was about Nina (Shocker, right?). Maria reassures Sharon that the only thing that bugs her about her is that she read her journal after she told her not to. The episode ends with them finishing the race and Sharon narrating about how relationships are complicated and you have to work at it and you can’t just stop being friends over petty things.

Despite Sharon annoying me in this episode, I don’t think this episode was bad. I know I gave her a hard time in this review, but I could relate to her about her wanting to know what Maria thinks about her. There have been plenty of times where I wanted to know what my friends have thought about me. I don’t think there is anything wrong with your friend annoying you sometimes. We all have something about our loved ones that annoys us, but we still love them regardless. This was a nice first episode focusing on Sharon and Maria’s friendship and we will be seeing more of these in the future. I always like Sharon’s narrations/life lessons at the end of the episodes. She’s right. Relationships (friend, significant other, etc.) aren’t easy. You can’t just stop being friends with someone because they don’t agree with you or break up with your significant other over an argument. You have to work shit out, but that doesn’t mean you should allow them to mistreat you in any shape, form, or fashion.


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