Braceface: S1, E2 “Crushed”

Sharon and Connor are hanging out at Life Cycles, which is the hangout spot for teens because all teen-related shows are required to have one. This asshole (whom I presume to be the owner) doesn’t want them sitting because they don’t have any laundry. They shut him down by telling him that they have something in the dryer (a towel) and they paid for smoothies. The asshole proceeds to walk over to Connor, takes and breaks the straw from his smoothie, and tells them to leave. Everybody starts laughing. Nope. Could not be me; I would have raised hell. Connor tells him that their towel is still drying and the guy tells him they have five minutes and walks away.

Before the asshole owner came over, we get a summary of what Sharon and Connor were talking about before the episode started. Typical Alden and Nina whining. Food being stuck in her braces and how it might turn a guy off. Blah. Blah. Blah. This prompts Sharon to ask Connor if there’s any papaya in her braces and of course it’s in there. Sharon starts acting paranoid afraid that Alden might be walking in and she asks Connor to look out for him. Connor gets distracted by some pretty girl walking in Life Cycles. Sharon asks if Alden walked in and Connor is going crazy over the girl. Just the site of her separating her white clothes from the dark clothes turns him on. Getting nervous, Connor decides to leave. While he’s standing outside and allergies acting up, Sharon is talking to the girl (Tally) and she gets all the 411 on her for him.

While running laps at gym class, Sharon and Maria ask Connor if he’s tried to talk to Tally. Tally is in their class and she throws something (IDK what it is) at Connor to get his attention, but he just runs away. Tally is shocked that he didn’t flirt back with her. Just seeing the expression on her face tells you that she likes him. Maria tells him he’s got one more lap around the track field to flirt back at her. Connor thinks Sharon and Maria bullshitting him because no one could possibly be attracted to him. They try to convince him that it’s not true and that he’s….adorable. *cues the “Why You Always Lyin’” meme* Look, I get trying to make someone feel good about themselves, but don’t lie to them. Thankfully, Connor has enough since to know that they’re lying to him.

Later on during class, Sharon makes an awkward attempt at talking to Alden and I get second-hand embarrassment watching it (There will be plenty of moments in future episodes where she gives me second-hand embarrassment so be on the lookout). Sharon wonders why when she’s around Connor she’s herself, but around Alden she’s a fucking mess. She was too caught up in her thoughts that she forgets that it’s her turn to jump over the hurdles on the track field and falls. There goes that second-hand embarrassment again.

At Sharon’s house, Maria suggests to Connor that he should do something about his allergies since it’s affected his love life (or lack thereof). Connor says he hates needles so I’m guessing she suggested acupuncture. Sharon and Maria tell Connor that he’ll live a life of loneliness because he’s afraid of needles. Connor agrees but only if they accompany him. Maria backs out and says she’s afraid of needles (what a hypocrite), so Sharon goes with him.

At the acupuncturist, Connor asks Sharon to turn up the nature sounds and here comes her wacky braces fucking things up again. I’m starting to think Nina controls her braces because they don’t like Sharon at all. The needles come right off of Connor’s face and Sharon tries to put the needles back in without him realizing it.

After going to the Acupuncturist, they head to Life Cycles. We see the asshole owner again and Connor makes sure to point out that they have clothes in the dryer so he doesn’t start shit with them again. I seriously don’t get this guy’s problem. I get that some establishments don’t want kids hanging around especially if they’re not customers, but they bought smoothies so I think that’s enough for them to hang out there. Connor doesn’t feel different after the acupuncture, which is a relief for Sharon. And here comes Sharon bringing up Alden again and Connor shares my sentiments on this. While they’re talking, Connor takes off his glasses to clean them and all of a sudden Sharon is having an orgasm over Connor. I hate it shows do this. A nerd who wears glasses or ugly clothes suddenly becomes attractive by taking off their glasses and wearing nicer clothes. And to top it all off, the show tries to make it look like they’re a totally different person. As Connor stares at his reflection in the dryer, he notices some socks are missing. Apparently, Sam (the name of the asshole owner) is trying his best to get rid of Connor and Sharon. Okay, I’m convinced this guy wants to lose customers. Who the hell does that? Connor threatens Sam, but all he does is do the stereotypical evil-doer laugh. While all of this is going on, Sharon is turned on by Connor and wonders if she is starting to fall for her best friend. Because a show targeted towards teenagers isn’t complete without the “falling in love with your best friend” cliché.

At school, Sharon is so annoyed seeing Connor and Tally together. Maria thinks they’re cute together and doesn’t get why Sharon doesn’t like them since she hooked them up and that he looks happy. Sharon calls out to Connor to remind him that they’re going to buy socks after school. Connor looks back and laughs as does Tally. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seemed like Tally and Connor were laughing at Sharon.

After school, Sharon is waiting for Connor to show up and he decides to bail on her to hang out with Tally. Connor is bragging to Sharon about how the acupuncture has made him a whole new person and has given him self-confidence. Sharon is trying to convince herself that Connor’s new attitude is supposed to be a good thing, but she knows it isn’t for her.

In chemistry class, Sharon and Connor are working together and Sharon is acting all lovely dovey over Connor. Connor asks Tally if she has any acid. Sharon quickly says that they already have some, but Tally walks over there anyway to give it to him. Sharon and Tally proceed to have this back and forth about who knows more about chemistry. You see it’s funny because they’re in chemistry class and Sharon is trying to have chemistry with Connor, but he has chemistry with Tally (Does anyone get it or am I just making a bad joke?). I noticed that Connor’s hair has gone back into its original form.

After class, Maria asks Sharon what was up with her catfight with Tally. Maria even says “meow”, which got a chuckle out of me. Sharon acts like she doesn’t know what Maria’s talking about, but Maria isn’t falling for it. Maria calls Sharon superficial because she’s only attracted to Connor because of his “makeover”. *sighs* I really hate it when TV shows/movies do this. I understand teaching kids/teens that looks aren’t everything and they should like someone for who they are, but I don’t think that people should be condemned for being attracted to someone based on their looks.  While they’re talking, Connor (or his clone) walks by in the background. I’m not sure if the writers intended to do that or not. Anyways, Sharon denies that she likes Connor in that way as they go their separate ways.

An hour or so later, they come back to the same location and Sharon admits that she’s feeling Connor and she starts to think that she might be superficial. And of course the only way to find out is to take some stupid quiz out of some teen magazine. They quickly realize that the quiz is nothing but horseshit when one of the questions asks “If you could take only one thing on a desert island, what would it be?” and one of the choices is all of the above. Maria tells Sharon that what she’s doing is stressing Connor out (He’s breaking out in rashes) and that he’s probably had a crush on her since they’ve known each other.

Sharon is out walking her dogs and she runs into Connor, who’s mowing the lawn. Connor decides not to go the acupuncturist anymore (His allergies are back) and he also decided to stop going out with Tally since he believes Sharon doesn’t like her. Sharon denies this and Connor says that his friendship with Sharon is important to him. Connor starts spilling his heart out to Sharon and she starts using her dogs as an excuse to get away from him. Connor asks Sharon out to the movies and she agrees, even though she doesn’t seem excited about it.

At the movies, Connor is getting on everyone’s (including me) nerves with his allergy problems and germophobia. They finally get inside the theatre and they’re acting super awkward. I don’t mean the cute awkwardness we saw in the first episode with Alden asking Sharon to the dance; I mean painfully awkward. Connor excuses himself to go to the bathroom….in his dad’s office since he’s afraid of the germs in public restrooms. I get not wanting to use public restrooms (I don’t like them either. I prefer the bathroom in my house), but who would go the extreme of doing that? While watching the previews, Sharon realizes that she doesn’t want Connor for a boyfriend anymore. She feels like they can’t joke around the way they used to and that they have to follow some boyfriend/girlfriend protocol. Okay, this is just stupid. Who says that you can’t do some of the things you used to do when you were friends? I know people who started out as friends and eventually dated and they carried their friendship over into their relationship. Sharon realizes she messed up and she needs to fix everything. Connor comes back and Sharon suggests that they leave and go do some laundry. She even wore two socks for a double load (Hmmm….those socks weren’t there before) and Connor just so happened to be wearing two socks in case the date didn’t work out. So they just wasted their money on tickets, popcorn, and drinks for nothing. They could have at least stayed to watch the movie, but whatever. Sharon gives some lesson of the day speech about how it’s best to appreciate what you have instead of trying to change things.

I don’t really have much to say about this episode. It wasn’t my favorite, but I’m glad that they didn’t let Sharon and Connor actually date. I’ve never been a fan of that “best friends turn into lovers” cliché. Some people are just better off as friends.  This was a nice Connor-centered episode. Something that stuck out to me (I didn’t mention in my review) was how Connor told Sharon that she is the most important person in his life (aside from his mom). I’m not sure if it was him saying that in the moment, while he poured his heart out to her but it was interesting to hear. It made me want more character development from Connor. What is his relationship like with his father? He mentioned him in this episode, but he didn’t count him as an important person in his life? What about his mother? Is she anything like Sharon? It would be nice if the show would develop the characters, but it’s a show for kids/teens so I can’t really expect too much depth.


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