I am a college graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in English for Corporate Communications. The purpose of this blog is to critique and analyze TV shows that I grew up watching. I also created this blog to practice my writing skills and to have something on my resume (It’s hard out here for a college graduate). I plan on reviewing all of the episodes and giving my thoughts and analysis for each episode. These reviews will be posted once a week. I’m excited to start writing and I look forward to receiving feedback on my work.


About rosecoloredglassesreviewer

Just a 20-something year old who loves writing and critiquing 90s/early-2000s TV shows. NOTE: I don't hate the shows I review. I enjoyed them as a child and I still enjoy them as an adult. My issue is with people who are blinded by nostalgia and believe that the shows they grew up are the best of all time and who believe today's shows suck.
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