Hey, guys. There won’t be any reviews for a while. Why? I gotta be honest. I don’t enjoy writing reviews anymore. I’ve been feeling this way for a while, but I knew I lost my joy when I had to force myself to write last week’s review. I don’t know why I don’t enjoy them anymore. It could be because I’m working or I’ve found other interests. I’m not sure if I’ll even do reviews anymore. There’s a lot of things that I’m uncertain about right now. Just be patient as I try to figure everything out.

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BraceFace: S2, E8 “Vanity Fur”

The episode starts off with Maria competing in a snowboarding competition. Surprisingly, Maria is nervous but Sharon reassures her with a hug that she’ll be fine. Aww!


Maria impresses everyone with her tricks and is the winner of the competition. Later, Sharon asks Maria what she won and someone comes up from behind them and answers the question. Her name is Belinda Lightburn, a representative of Radical Tundra Boarding Gear. She tells them that Maria has a sponsorship with them and having to explain what all of that means because 14-year-olds don’t know what that is. The girls are screaming with excitement. The screaming is so annoying that Belinda wishes they would stop:


“Please, stop screaming”.

Belinda takes the girls to the store to give them a sneak preview at their new clothing line. Maria gushes over a blue jacket with fur on it, which of course concerns Sharon. Maria tells her that it’s probably fake and Belinda tells them that it’s real fur.


Sharon expects Maria to tell the woman that she refuses to wear real fur, but Maria does the opposite. Belinda gives Maria her card and she sets up Maria to come to their corporate office and sign a contract. Sharon, we’ve talked about this in “The Meat of the Matter”. Not everyone is going to share your views on everything. Also, this reminds of an episode of “That’s So Raven” that had a similar plot. Maria’s parents drop off Sharon and Maria at Sharon’s house. Sharon tries to talk to Maria, but she doesn’t pay attention and shouts to Connor (he lives across the street remember) that she won. Connor is happy for Maria and I guess he couldn’t go because he’s babysitting his cousin.


Awww! What a cutie!

Sharon walks over to Maria and gets upset that she accepted the sponsorship. They get into an argument while Connor is trying to shush them so they won’t make Ethan cry. They continue arguing and the baby ends up crying. Sharon and Maria ask Connor to take their sides, but Connor tells him that he’s the one who needs help. The girls stop arguing and stop Ethan from crying. Connor suggests that the girls convince Radical Tundra to not use fur. Sharon agrees and decides to do this, but Maria chickens out.  We cut to Sharon giving her speech on why Radical Tundra shouldn’t use fur.


After she finishes, it is revealed that her dad was listening to the speech. Hey, Richard long time no see!


Richard looks creepy in this shot.

Richard thinks that it’s good and that she’ll do great. We cut to Sharon headed down to their headquarters and she decides to ditch her dad’s lucky tie thinking it looks hideous. Ha. She goes inside as asks the receptionist to see Belinda. We get that annoying “You need an appointment” bullshit and when Sharon decides to book one, it’s 3 months from then. Sharon leaves and heads home and sees Connor outside trying to make Ethan laugh. He’s dressed like a clown and Ethan is not impressed. Lol.

Connor tries putting on a puppet show, but the only thing he succeeded at is getting Ethan to fall asleep. I can’t help but question why is the baby outside? It’s snow outside so it’s below freezing. I wouldn’t keep a baby outside in the cold for a long period of time. Watching this gives Sharon an idea. She decides to head over to RT’s corporate office dressed as a bunny delivering balloons for Belinda.


The receptionist tells her that she’ll give them to her, but Sharon tells the receptionist that she has to deliver them to her and that the balloons are from Mr. Lightburn. The receptionist tells Sharon that she’s not married. Ha! Sharon corrects herself and says that they’re from her father, but the receptionist tells her that he’s dead. Oh, this just keeps getting funnier. Sharon says that they’re from her eccentric, uncle and the receptionist buys it and tells her to go on in. The receptionist is really shitty at her job. I would have turned Sharon away the minute she showed up. Did she not recognize Sharon from yesterday?  Sharon gets in the office and gives her speech to Belinda, but she’s not trying to hear it.


She sends her bodyguards to drag Sharon out of her office:


Sending bodyguards on a 14 year old is extreme.

Sharon tells Maria that her plan was a fail and suggests to Maria that she should agree to promote the clothing line that is fur-free. Maria agrees to it and Belinda laughs at the idea of promoting half of the clothing line and still receiving perks. Belinda lets Maria know she recognized Sharon (too bad the receptionist didn’t, fire her ass) and tells her it’s an all-or-nothing deal. This just occurred to me that Maria is underage and signing a contract. Shouldn’t her parents be with her reading over the contract and signing it? We cut to Connor at Life Cycles with Ethan and he’s reminding me of Velma from Scooby Doo with the “My glasses! I can’t see a thing without my glasses” act. I find it weird that Alden and Brock are sitting with Nina and Evvie, two people who hate Sharon. I would think that Alden wouldn’t sit with Nina considering he doesn’t like her. And why is Evvie there? (Looks I was wrong about her appearing in one episode) Wouldn’t it make more since to have Allyson there instead since she’s Nina’s friend? It’s interesting that the writers showed this.


Maria walks in and Sharon assumes that Maria didn’t sign the deal. Alden and Brock congratulate Maria on her sponsorship and they’re eager to see the clothing line. Sharon is upset that Maria signed the deal and gets all preachy again. Everyone comes to Maria’s defense saying that it’s a lifetime opportunity and whatever, but Sharon isn’t trying to hear it. No one notices Connor is looking for his glasses and he accidentally steps on them. Sharon walks away from everyone making Maria feel bad.

Sharon is at her dad’s apartment and I can’t help but ask this question. Is Richard done touring or something? Back to the episode, Sharon tells her dad everything and apologizes that she didn’t wear his lucky tie. He doesn’t mind since he’s not a tie person. He gives us a back story on the tie. It all started with Richard going out with this girl (who I assume to be Helen). She wanted to go to a restaurant that required you to wear a tie. That’s stupid. Richard doesn’t like the idea of having to look a certain way to be respected (I agree), but “Helen” insisted that she wanted to go to this restaurant. Richard decided to have dinner at his house with the restaurant catering the food. He also wore the tie. Sharon is confused by this since he wore a tie anyway, but Richard tells her that he did it on his own terms. He also tells her that she has to fight this fight on her own and she can’t expect Maria to. Sharon is worried about their friendship and Richard tells her whatever happens, happens. Of course, this doesn’t make Sharon feel better.

We cut to Maria venting to Connor about her fight with Sharon, but Connor is sleeping. She wakes him up and all he can think about is Ethan, who has gone home. Connor is tired of them fighting and tells Maria that Sharon wants Maria to understand her. More like she wants Maria to do what she wants her to do. Maria and Connor head down to (what I assume to be) a vet’s office to get information on what animals RT test on. Maria discovers that they test on Minks and learn about the horrible conditions they live in and that they are killed at 5 months.


They also watch a film about fur farms and now Maria understands why this is so important to Sharon. Ugh, I’m tired of this episode. It’s the day of the fashion show and Alden and Brock showed up to support Maria. Sharon makes a call on her cell phone confirming that the local news station will be at the event. Oh, Sharon don’t do this. Connor overhears this and asks Sharon why she’s calling the news station. We cut to Maria getting her makeup done and Belinda hands her a mink coat:


The makeup isn’t too bad compared to the one she and Sharon had in “Mommy Nearest”.

Sharon tells Connor about her plans to sabotage the event by climbing on the scaffolding, throwing anti-fur pamphlets, and making a speech on a megaphone. Sharon, who are you fooling? We all know that you’re clumsy and you’re probably going to fall or a fear of heights might kick in. Connor rightfully tells Sharon that she’s being selfish and doing that will ruin Maria’s big moment. The show starts and Maria is first. When Maria comes out, Sharon realizes that she can’t go through with this. Maria takes the mic away from Belinda and starts her own protest against fur.


Save our animals.

Maria announces that RT is going to start a fur-free sports line and Belinda goes along with for appearances (though we all know she’s pissed). Sharon is shocked at what Maria did and is ashamed of herself for what she was about to do. After the show, Belinda approaches the girls and decides that going fur-free is a good idea (they have no choice since Maria announced it), but she fires Maria for being insubordinate.

I didn’t like this episode at all. It was a combination of “The Meat of the Matter” and that episode of “That’s So Raven” I mentioned earlier. I didn’t like Sharon at all in this episode. She was being too preachy and once again acting like she did in the S1, E5 episode. It’s like she learned nothing from that episode. Not everyone is going to like or agree with everything that you do. You can’t force people to be who you want them to be. I just hated that she guilt-tripped Maria into giving up a great opportunity for something that she doesn’t really care about.  If Sharon wants to protest against RT, then that’s fine and dandy. Just don’t make your best friend do it. I didn’t buy Maria “understanding” why Sharon wanted to protest against RT. It just didn’t come off genuine to me. I actually wished Maria went ahead with the fashion show. I get that her protest was for her and others to realize how horrible killing animals and wearing them as clothes are, but I just felt like it was done so Sharon could get what she wanted. The only thing I liked about this episode was seeing more of Connor and him being a mediator.

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BraceFace: S2, E7 “Skin Deep”

Everyone’s getting ready for the annual Fashion show and of course, Sharon is going to be helping out Dion. Good to see Dion again. I love this guy. Dion shows off the dress that he designed and Sharon will be modeling it:


Everyone is amazed at how pretty the dress is (some of it was made out of receipts) and Nina is jealous that Sharon gets to model in it. Nina and Dion have a catty exchange and as always Dion has the last laugh. Nina attempts to make Sharon think that she’s fat and some guy steps in and calls out Nina for implying that Sharon is fat. Sharon is far from fat. If she’s fat, then I guess I’m obese. Sharon thanks him for standing up for her and Dion introduces them to each other. His name is Harrison and he is the set designer for the show.  Dion wants Sharon to try on the dress and Sharon mentions that the dress is a little tight. Dion decides to loosen up a few places in the dress and while he’s doing that, Sharon starts thinking about Nina’s comments and sees a magazine with a thin model on the cover. Yep, this is an episode touching on anorexia.


When Dion is finished, Sharon tells him that he doesn’t need to “let it out” because she had a big breakfast and she’ll be a size smaller in time for the show. In the lunch line, Sharon is telling Maria and Connor about the show and she sees another magazine like the one from before. Sharon decides to skip lunch and lies to her friends about coming down with something. As they head for their table, Harrison comes by and tells Sharon that he owns her for “slaying the red-headed dragon”. Haha. This guy is funny. Sharon is helping Harrison with the designs for the show and they seem to have really good chemistry. Someone blinds Sharon with a bright light and she gets mad until she notices how hot he is.


Sharon: “Hey, what’s the big idea?” Darryl: “Sorry about that” Sharon: “Oh…it’s okay”

The guy’s name is Darryl and Harrison looks pissed that Sharon has taken a liking to him lol. Darryl shines his light on Sophie Katz, who won Miss Teen Elkford last year. She is annoyed by Darryl and as she walks away, Sharon admires her figure. No, not like that. It’s like an “I wish I had her body” admiration. Sharon and Harrison are finally finished painting the background for the show and Harrison asks if Sharon wants to get something to eat. Darryl walks by and winks at Sharon and compliments them on doing a good job. Sharon gets all nervous and excited and asks Darryl to come with them, but he can’t because he has to finish his work. Harrison tells Sharon that he has to stop by his locker and Sharon tells him she’ll meet him out front. Dion tells Sharon that Harrison has a crush on her. Sharon is shocked to hear this and tells him that they’re only friends.

Harrison and Sharon are at the restaurant and once again, Sharon is only drinking soda. Harrison invites Sharon to play Frisbee golf afterwards and tells him that he’s been the city champ for two years in a row. Nina comes by with a guy on her arm (not the same guy from “14 Candles”) and makes fun of Sharon and Harrison.


She also points out that they’re a perfect match. Harrison tries to make a smart remark, but fails again because Nina gets the last word just like before. Nina walks away and tells Sharon to enjoy her date. Sharon denies that it’s a date and accidentally drops the pepper on the floor. She and Harrison reach for it at the same time:


Harrison: “We gotta stop meeting like this”

Harrison is about to tell Sharon something (it sounds like he was going to admit his feelings for her), but Sharon cuts him off and lies to him saying that she has a boyfriend. Harrison looks disappointed and asks who the guy is. Sharon tells him that his name is Shawn and he lives far away. Remember the days you could turn down a guy by lying to him and telling him you have a boyfriend and it worked? Today if you tell a guy you have a boyfriend, they don’t give a rat’s ass. We cut to school and Dion is trying to decide how to do Sharon’s hair. Sharon’s stomach is growling again and that PB&J sandwich sitting in front of her isn’t helping:


Harrison comes in and asks Sharon if Shawn will be coming to the show. Dion comes back from putting sandwich away and asks who Shawn is. Harrison tells him that Shawn is Sharon’s boyfriend and the expressions Dion gives Sharon are ones for the book!

The bell rings and Harrison has to head off to class and once he leaves, Dion asks Sharon why she lied to Harrison. She tells him she panicked because he was about to get mushy on her, but Dion isn’t buying it. Dion and Sharon are walking down the hall and Sharon tells Dion that Harrison isn’t her type. Darryl just so happens to be walking by and Sharon gets all nervous and shy again. Dion knows what’s up and Sharon tells him that there are plenty of reasons why her and Harrison won’t work but Sharon can’t give a legit reason. (sighs) We’re doing this again. We touched on a similar situation like this in “Crushed” with the whole “Sharon is a shallow bitch because she doesn’t want to date someone who isn’t attractive” thing. I just hate it when the show recycles topics from past episodes and make a whole episode on it.

Sharon is exercising her ass off trying to make sure she can fit the dress before the show.

At school, Sharon runs into Darryl again and he compliments her on her jacket. Sharon can’t remember where she got the jacket, but she says she’ll let him know later. He has to go and we get an ass shot of Darryl walking away:


Fan Service for all of the pre-teen/teen girls watching.

During gym class, Sharon gushes to Maria over Darryl and thinks it’s because of her diet. Maria is shocked to hear this and tells Sharon she doesn’t need to lose any weight, but Sharon isn’t trying to hear it. Sharon runs off so she can go to her last fitting for the dress. The dress fits Sharon perfectly, but you can see that Sharon weight loss is taking a toll on her:


Nina asks Sharon how Shawn feels about her dating Harrison. Sharon says that she and Harrison are just friends and ends up fucking up by saying that he has a “big heart”. (sighs) The fat jokes are too easy. At home, Maria and Connor decide to eat dinner with Sharon since everyone will be home late. Sharon decides to pass on dinner and tells her friends that they can eat some tofu that Helen left in the oven. Her friends finally tell Sharon that she needs to seek help, but Sharon insists that she has it under control. Sharon insists that she’s on a diet, but her friends aren’t buying it. Maria and Connor give us all a PSA about the unrealistic expectations for women’s bodies (i.e. airbrushing and photoshopping their bodies, making women feel insecure about their bodies so they’ll lose weight with diets, exercise, etc.). Sharon eats some of the tofu dinner her mom left her so her friends will shut up.

We fast forward to the big fashion show and Sharon’s hair looks cute!


Dion even notices that Sharon is looking pale and decides to add some blush on her. While Harrison has gone to get Sharon’s shoes, Darryl is handing out invitations to the wrap party. Nina comments aloud that it’s too bad that her “boyfriend” couldn’t make it. Darryl stares at Sharon and she blushes.


Sharon tells them that she and Shawn broke up last night and Nina says it was because he was jealous of Harrison. Sharon denies going out with Harrison and they’re just friends. She also denies liking him as a friend because “look at him”. And guess who happens to walk by as soon as she says this.


He even dropped the boots.

Poor ole Harrison is hurt by this and walks away. Sharon tries to run after him, but the show is about to start. While Sharon is on the runway, she starts feeling bad about how she’s treated Harrison. All of a sudden, Sharon starts feeling dizzy and passes out on the runway.


Harrison gets up and carries Sharon backstage. Later, Sharon comes to and Harrison tells her that she fainted and Maria went to get her food. Sharon looks around and asks for Darryl. Harrison and Dion both look pissed at goes to get some more ice. Haha. Sophie tells Sharon that Darryl left for the party and explains to Sharon that she would never go out with him because he’s not her type. Harrison comes back with the ice and Sophie leaves Harrison and Sharon alone. Sharon apologizes to Harrison and he accepts her apology and tells Sharon he wishes she was happy with the way she looked. Sharon asks Harrison for another chance, but he doesn’t seem to want it. Maria comes back and all she could find was a soda. Really? I get that Sharon’s a vegetarian so that limits your options a bit, but that’s all you could find. SMH. Sophie comes back and it is revealed that she and Harrison are dating and they’re going to the party. Sharon decides not to go to the party and instead pigs out at Life Cycles.

I really liked this episode. I like that they touched on eating disorders and the unrealistic expectations that society places on women’s bodies. As much as it annoyed me that the writers reused a topic from a previous episode, I do like that it tied in with the body issues theme for this episode. While I’ve never had to worry about trying to look skinny (because I’ve always been skinny), I have struggled with the way I looked for a long time. Yes, I know that being skinny is a beauty standard, but being skinny isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I hated being skinny because I was tired of people esp. my mom telling me I need to eat more and that I looked like one of those starving kids from Africa (the ones in those commercials). I was also being teased for it and I was told that guys would never go out with me because I didn’t have any tits or ass. It also didn’t help that I would see rappers/R&B artists having girls with big asses in their music videos. And I would always hear guys that I like prefer girls who had more meat on their bones. Fortunately, I learned to embrace my petite frame. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m not going to go into depth about the shallowness thing because I’ve talked about it in my “Crushed” review. But long story short, I’m tired of people calling someone shallow because they don’t want to date someone they don’t find attractive. Harrison seemed like a cool guy and he didn’t look fat to me at all. Such a shame we don’t see him in future episodes because he’s pretty funny.

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BraceFace: S2, E6 “The Friend Zone”

Shalden fans, it has been two episodes since the breakup. How y’all holding up? I know your ship has sunk, but fret not because this episode is for you guys.

Sharon is in looking through her closet trying to find the sweater that she borrowed from Maria. Am I the only one who doesn’t borrow other people’s clothes? It could be just me since I’m petite and it’s hard to find clothes that fit me. She knows that she has it because the last time she wore it was to Alden’s party two months ago.


Maria tells Sharon to call Alden since it’s probably there and Sharon doesn’t like the idea of it. Sharon hasn’t spoken to Alden since the breakup and she reveals that she misses hanging out with him. Sharon hopes that they’re still friends. Maria assures that they’re still friends because of the email Alden sent about forming a hockey team and practice starting tomorrow morning. Apparently, Sharon didn’t get an email and assumes that he only sent it to his sport friends. Maria laughs and mentions that Connor got one. Sharon starts overreacting and assumes that Alden wants to forget her. He’s probably thinking it would be too awkward to invite an ex just like how Sharon thought it would be awkward to talk to him.

Adam and Hanna are planning a Monster Movie marathon and are coming up with guests to invite. Adam suggest inviting Kevin and Lisa, but Hanna mentions that they just broke up. Adam decides to just invite Kevin. Sharon relates to her own situation and is upset that Lisa wasn’t invited. Hanna tells her that they’ve known Kevin longer, but Sharon isn’t trying to hear it. Later, Sharon is in her room reading a magazine and eating a PB&J sandwich. I haven’t had one of those since elementary school. Ah, those were simpler times.


Sharon’s reading an article about getting in the friend zone with your ex. And this is where shit goes downhill. I never take advice from magazines. Step one is to let him know you’re available to him as a friend. Okay that works. Sharon realizes that maybe Alden doesn’t know that she wants to be friends with him and decides to go to hockey practice. Sampson (the dog) starts messing with the magazine. Sharon tells him to leave it alone and they have a tug-o-war that results in part of the magazine being ripped off.

Sharon goes to hockey practice and Maria is happy to see her there. Maria asks Sharon what position she wants to play and she says whatever is the easiest, which is being the goalie. Maria sets Sharon up with the gear and Alden notices Sharon. He’s surprised she came and is glad that she did. Sharon is excited about all of this.


Their first encounter since the breakup.

A girl named Marlo is a part of the team and she and Alden are really playful towards each other. She hits the puck into the goal and Sharon dodges it instead of catching it. Sharon doesn’t think that being a goalie is for her and that she’d rather be the score keeper. She realizes that being a score keeper is boring and she keeps giving points to the wrong team. She brought the magazine from earlier with her to keep her busy. Step two is being supportive of your ex because it’s hard not to be friends with someone who’s rooting for you. Not bad advice either. Throughout practice, Sharon is constantly cheering for Alden even when he fucks up.

At school, Sharon tells Connor that Alden didn’t say anything to her after practice and wonders why. Connor gives Sharon his “guy advice” and tells her that Alden might think that she wants him again. That’s not “guy advice”, that’s common sense. Anyone could have gotten that vibe that Sharon was giving him. We cut to Marlo, Alden and Brock. Alden and plan on trying out for the junior hockey team. Sharon is about to approach them and remembers step three, which is to make sure to let him know you’re not interested anymore. And this is where the article from the magazine turns into horseshit. Is this an article on getting in the friend zone with your ex or trying to get back with your ex by coming off as being a crazy, stalker? She runs into a classroom so that they won’t see her and then she runs to them out of nowhere.


Alden: Damn, where did she come from?

Sharon compliments Marlo on her performance during practice and asks Alden if he thinks the same, while giving him a wink. Oh, God. Sharon, please stop. I’m not in the mood to suffer second-hand embarrassment. He agrees with her and Sharon tells Alden and Marlo that they’re cute together. They deny going out, but Sharon doesn’t believe them. (long sigh) Sharon also tells Alden she’s available if he needs advice from a platonic female friend. All three of them realize that Sharon is just being plain creepy and all find excuses to get out of this awkward situation. Haha. Sharon returns Adam’s hockey stick to him and contemplates giving up on trying to be Alden’s friend. Adam thinks that Sharon is talking about hockey and tells her to not give up so easily and if you have to go for it if you really want something. Sharon agrees and swears that she’ll make Alden be friends with her. OMG. This just keeps getting worse and worse.  He doesn’t have to be your friend, Sharon. He doesn’t have to do anything for you. Jesus Christ.

At the rink, Alden and some older guys are having an argument. Alden has the rink booked and the older guys refuse to leave. One of the guys push down Alden and Brock, Maria and even Connor (yes, you read that correctly) step in to defend Alden. Alden tells them to let it go and gets the last word by saying they need all the practice they can get. Burn! In the cafeteria, Sharon tells Maria that she snitched on those guys to the rink manager. Maria doesn’t think that was a good idea to do since Alden said to let it go, but Sharon insists that what she was doing was being a good friend. (sighs) She had good intentions, but this was stupid. Connor comes in and tells Sharon and Maria to come out in the hallway. They run outside the boys’ bathroom and a couple of guys from the group are giving him a swirly because they believe that he was the one who ratted him out. The leader throws Alden out of the bathroom and now no one can use the rink in the morning because of this.


They walk away and Alden is confused as to who was the snitch. Sharon gives herself away by saying whoever did had good intentions. Alden is furious and tells Sharon that he could use a lot less of her help. Yikes. Back in the cafeteria, Maria tells Sharon that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be friends with Alden but she got carried away. And that ladies and germs is one of Sharon’s biggest faults. She does way too much. This kind of behavior is very off-putting. Sharon reveals to her friends that she’s been taking advice from the magazine and realizes it was giving bad advice. She throws it in the trash can and realizes that she doesn’t need to fight to be Alden’s friend and that she already has great friends. Sharon asks them if they want to hang out after school, but they can’t because they’re going to hockey tryouts. Sharon looks disappointed, but she tells them that she has other plans.  What are those plans you ask? Sharon decides to go to Adam and Hanna’s MMM party, despite not liking horror movies.


I didn’t realize that Tony was there until I took a screenshot.

She ends up leaving because she can’t take all the gore and shit. So, Sharon is in the kitchen all by herself. We cut to Alden’s family restaurant and Marlo, Alden, Brock, Maria and Connor are there. Sharon calls Maria and Maria tells her that Brock and Alden made the team, but dicks from the rink didn’t. Sharon asks if she could drop by and Maria pretends to not understand Sharon and lets everyone know that Sharon wants to hang out. Brock makes a joke and Alden shuts him up. Sharon decides not to go and Maria asks if she and Connor can come over and watch the MMM with her, but Sharon declines. Hanna comes in to check on Sharon and suggests that she eats something, but Sharon declines saying that she just needs fresh air. Hanna checks on Sharon and Sharon asks Hanna what she would do if she was in her situation. Hanna tells Sharon to do nothing and just let whatever happens happen. I agree with this. Sometimes you just have to do nothing and let things happen. You can’t force things to happen.

Sharon decides to do something to make herself feel better. And where does she go? The drug store, no not for drugs you dumbasses, to buy some beauty products. Sharon is checking out some nail polish and guess who just so happens to be there.


Alden is at the drug store buying some stuff for his sisters who have the flu. And instead of asking for medicine, they’re asking for a bunch of beauty products. Alden is annoyed with them asking for stuff and hangs up the phone. Alden walks over to the nail polish and grabs some for his sisters. He’s on the other side of where Sharon is and a sign is blocking their view. They just keep on building this up. I love it!


The two come in contact with each other when they reach for the same nail polish. Sharon makes a joke about Alden buying nail polish and he explains that he’s buying them for his sisters. Sharon thinks it’s sweet that Alden is doing this for his sisters and tells him that Adam would never do that. Those assholes hockey players come in and taunt Alden for buying “girly stuff”. He pushes Alden knocking him into a display in the store. The other guy comes up and twists Alden’s arm. They notice panty hose in the cart that Alden was carrying and taunts him even more. Sharon steps in and says that it’s her stuff and Alden was carrying it for her. A security guard walks over and asks the guys to leave. The guy blames Alden for the stuff being knocked down and the security guard says that they can check the security footage. The guys decide to leave and Alden thanks Sharon for sticking up for him. Sharon tells him that she owns him and apologizes for being a snitch. Alden said he was mad, but he’s over it.


They make-up.

Sharon congratulates Alden on making the team and asks him where he and his team will play. He mentions that Maria found a rink for them to practice and asks if she’ll be there. Sharon thanks him for the invite, but tells him she can’t skate. Alden offers to give Sharon some lessons before practice and she agrees. We cut to Sharon getting ready to go to practice and Sharon finds a piece of the article from Girl Power attached to her skates. She reads it and it includes step 5 which is basically the advice Hanna gave Sharon. Sharon decides to post it on her wall next to the picture at Alden’s party which was shown at the beginning of the episode. We see Alden teaching Sharon how to skate and she thinks that she and Alden would be great as friends.


Remember Maria’s missing sweater from the beginning of the episode? Look who’s wearing it.

I really loved this episode and I’ve been waiting to review this one. This was a great episode to see where Sharon and Alden stand post-breakup. This was a nice episode for you Shalden fans out there. Your ship may have sunk, but don’t give up hope. This episode shows that you can be friends with an ex. I do believe that you can be friends with an ex, but it depends on the seriousness of the break-up imo. I could see myself being friends with an ex if we dated, but decided that we were better off as friends. However, I couldn’t see myself being friends with an ex that fucked me over big time (i.e. cheating, abuse, etc.) I’ve seen some people be friends with their ex who have done those things to them, but to each is to own. I really liked Hanna in this episode. She provided a big sister role to Sharon and I wish we could get more of that. I think the introduction of Marlo could have been better, but if memory serves she’s a pretty good character so we’ll be seeing more of her. I have to admit that Sharon was a bit annoying in this episode. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be friends with Alden, but she took things too far. She was also doing all of the steps all at once. She should have approached it slowly. Sharon’s heart was in the right place when she snitched on those guys to the rink manager, but she should have let it go when Alden said so. I did feel bad that Alden took the blame, but I think his reaction was a big over the top. I don’t think he would have been as mad if Sharon wasn’t annoying him up until then.



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BraceFace: S2, E5 “Mommy Nearest”

So not too long after I posted that this review would be delayed because the Internet was down, it came back on! I would have started writing this review yesterday, but I’ve been without Internet access (aside from my phone) for a couple of days so I had a lot of catching up to do. Sick of hearing about the election aftermath? I know I am. I would have been able to avoid most of it if my Internet was working so I could watch some shows online. I wasn’t able to watch them on my phone so I was stuck with hearing about it more than I wanted to. It didn’t help that my Internet went out on Election Day (inserts emoji face with rolling eyes). If you’re like me and you’re drained from hearing about it, hopefully this review will take your mind off of it.

It seems like Sharon has moved on pretty quick from Alden because she’s got her eyes on a guy named Tony Sparelli (let me guess he’s Italian). Okay, I take back that “moved on pretty quick” since I don’t know the time span between this episode and the previous one. She’s at home fantasizing about him and calls Maria. She tells her it’s been a month since the breakup and that she needs to move on. See, I knew there had to have been a time length. She tells Maria about her new crush who is also Adam’s friend. Maria tells Sharon there’s no way that’s happening since he’s one year away from being a legal adult, but Sharon swears that he’s into her. We get a flashback to last week (in their time) to Tony removing spaghetti out of Sharon’s hair in the cafeteria. Okay that seems nice of him.


Maria corrects her by saying he happened to come at the right time because some guy named Drew was intending on hitting her.


Why do I get the feeling Brock was behind this?

Tony takes the spaghetti and throws it at Drew. He also jokes to Adam about Sharon’s hair smelling like garlic and they walk away laughing. Sharon took his joke as him flirting with her. (facepalms) She goes on by thinking an older guy would be great for her because older guys are way more mature than guys our age! She asks Maria to join her at Life Cycles to see if he’s there, but Maria declines to do a book report on a book from childhood. Now, Sharon is stuck trying to find something to do to spend her Friday night. She goes downstairs to call for Helen, who’s downstairs slow dancing with David. They share a kiss, which is interrupted by Sharon.

Sharon asks Helen if she wants to watch a movie with her and she can’t since her and David are getting ready for their ballroom dancing lesson. Helen suggests that Sharon do her book report and Sharon agrees since she has nothing else to do. Sharon asks to use her mom’s computer since her computer’s modem is slow and she agrees. Sharon gets on the phone with Maria and grosses out over her mom and David kissing. Maria jokes about Helen having more of a love life than Sharon. Shit, both of them have more of a love life than I do. Sharon is looking up Cliffs notes and Maria chastises her for using them for “Little Little Riding Hood” and Sharon agrees not to use it. As someone who majored in English, I actually don’t mind that. Yes, the tale is pretty straightforward but sometimes Cliffs notes can provide you with a perspective that you never thought about or helping you understand symbolic things that went over your head. I used Sparknotes (similar to Cliffs Notes) instead and I used it from high school up until college and I have no regrets. On with the episode, Sharon looks up “Little Red Riding Hood” and finds a different kind of LLRH. This causes her to blush and cover her cat’s (not that cat, get your mind out of the gutter) eyes.


And that kids is how porn was discovered on the Internet.

Sharon is so shocked at what she finds that she hangs up the phone. And Sharon can’t stop looking at LLRH porn. At school, Sharon tells Maria what she saw and this prompts Sharon to feel like she needs to “mature” in order to get Tony to like her. We cut to after school and Helen confronts Sharon about the porn she saw because it was in her browsing history. Ah, the days before you could delete your browsing history. Thank God that option existed when I was going on websites my mom forbidden me and my brother from using. Sharon complains about not having privacy and Helen tells her that she put a parental block on all of the computers. We cut to Adam and Tony playing foosball in the dining room. Sharon comes in and overhears them talking about going to see a movie that almost got an X-rating. She chimes in and tells them that her and Maria are going to see the movie. Little does Sharon know, her mom is eavesdropping:


Adam and Tony tease Sharon for being too young to watch the movie. Adam realizes that he can’t go because he has a date with Hanna. Tony suggests that he bring her along, but Adam knows that Hanna wouldn’t want to see something like that. Sharon has decided that her, Tony, and Maria will go to the movie together. Tony blows off the idea because she and Maria wouldn’t be let it. Sharon doesn’t know what to say so she pretends she hears Helen calling her. This is Helen’s cue to run so it won’t look like she’s been listening. Helen attempts to get Sharon to go to an art museum with her to prevent her from going to the movie, but fails. At school, Sharon tells Maria the plan and they decide to wear make-up so they can pass for 17. This wouldn’t work for me. I have a baby face so there’s no kind of makeup in the world that would help me look older. I’ll always look like a middle/high school student no matter what. Sharon plans on telling her mom that her and Maria are going to see “The Parent Gap 2” (an obvious parody of The Parent Trap). We cut to Friday night and Sharon and Maria have entirely too much makeup on.


Maria: “I look like a drag queen!”

Then, Helen knocks on the door and the girls rush out of there saying that they’re headed to the movie. Helen asks what they’re seeing and Maria tells her “The Parent Gap 2”. Helen gushes over how much she loved the first one and asks to tag along. Ha! They’re at the movies and I guess Helen made the girls take off that horrendous makeup.


I guess it’s an animation error because in this scene the makeup is back.


The girls overhear Tony and his friends and they’re about to head in. The girls are in a dilemma here because Helen is looking for them and she notices Tony and starts talking to him. They try to sneak pass them, but Helen catches them. Helen asks Tony what movie he’s going to see and he lies and says he’s going to see the same movie that they’re seeing. I don’t know why Tony is lying. If I’m not mistaken, you have to be 17 and older to see an R-rated movie. Idk if the same applies in Canada, where the show is based in. Tony’s friends play along and Helen starts looking at them like an evil witch from a Disney movie.


When they get home, Sharon is stomping around being angry and Helen is acting as if she has no idea what’s going on. Sharon goes off on Helen for embarrassing her and ruining Tony’s night. She is right about fucking up his night. He’s old enough to see an R-rated movie so why is Helen acting as if he isn’t. Helen is all “You’re just growing up so fast” bullshit I hear all of the time. Sharon calls bullshit and says that Helen just wants to spy on her. Helen tells Sharon the truth about Tony and says that guys like him shouldn’t be interested in younger girls. She’s definitely right about that. Older guys see younger girls as someone who’s easily to manipulate. It also doesn’t help the fact that younger girls usually think that older guys are more mature than the boys in their age group, when in actuality they’re no different. Sharon, of course, doesn’t want to hear it and wants her mom to butt out of her life.

On their way to school, Sharon tells Maria about her fight with her mom and they see Tony. Sharon is afraid to face him and hides behind Maria. Maria doesn’t see the big deal and tells Sharon to go and say hi to him. Fortunately for Sharon, Tony is already out of sight. They continue walking and Sharon finds a flyer that’s an invitation to a party on Saturday. Sharon recognizes the address as Tony’s and decides that she has to go. Maria isn’t too thrilled about going to a wild party. Ya know, sex, drugs, and underage drinking. At home, Adam laughs about the events of Saturday night. Sharon, annoyed with him making fun of her, changes the subject to Tony’s party. Adam wonders how Sharon knows about the party and Sharon tells him that she was invited. You guys attend the same school. Of course, she’s going to know about it. It’s not like she’s in junior high or something. Adam doesn’t believe it and advises Sharon about going. Hell, he’s not even going because he knows that party is going to be a mess. Sharon blackmails Adam into not saying anything to Helen about the party because she’ll tell her about him skipping class to make out with Hanna. Adam agrees not to say anything, but he doesn’t think that Sharon will be able to go because Helen is going to try to force Sharon to go to the art museum that was mentioned earlier.

Fast forward to dinner, everyone is talking about their Saturday night plans. Josh is going to hang out with Richard and Adam has a date with Hanna. Adam makes sure to bring up the art museum and Sharon kicks Adam’s foot under the table. Sharon suggests that Helen goes with David instead. David mentions that he has tickets to a costume Charity ball that night and Helen isn’t sure about going to it. Sharon insists that Helen go and she agrees. Sharon tells Helen that she’ll invite Maria over and have a spa night. We cut to Saturday night and Helen and David are dressed as Hansel and Gretel.


Helen explains the house rules to the girls and Adam warns Sharon not to anything that he wouldn’t do. As soon as everyone leaves, the girls take off their robes revealing their outfits for the party.


The girls get to the party and they’re wearing that ridiculous makeup again. They start dancing and Sharon stops to look around and see two people making out and some people arguing.

She starts getting nervous and spots Tony talking to some friends. She starts walking over there and accidentally bumps into some drunk guy who spills beer on her shirt. He asks Sharon if she wants to get in his car. No. No. No. Leave right now! Sharon scolds the guy for planning on drinking and driving and asks for his keys.


“Gimme your keys, you’re drunk”.

She tells him that he can have them back when he gets a sober driver. Tony comes by and starts cracking jokes at Sharon. He asks Sharon if she wants anything to drink. She tells him she wants a soda and he and his friends start laughing. He suggests something a little stronger and Sharon makes up an excuse to get away from them. Sharon tells Maria that they’re leaving, but Maria doesn’t want to leave because she’s enjoying the music. The guys arguing from earlier start fighting and Sharon insist that they leave. We cut to Helen and David coming home early and David thought that the ball had a costume theme. And Helen and David just so happens to be riding past Tony’s house and spots Sharon and Maria outside. Maria thinks this is a great party and doesn’t understand why Sharon wants to leave. That’s odd. Earlier Maria wasn’t keen on the party and now she’s likes it. Sharon calls a cab and sees David and Helen pulling into the driveway. Some people at the party start laughing at Helen coming to get Sharon and of course she’s embarrassed. The drunk guy from earlier asks Sharon to give him back his keys because he found a designated driver. David suggests that they all go home and Sharon’s cab just so happens to pull up. Sharon tells them that she just wanted to get home safely and Helen insists that Sharon come home with them, but refuses. Maria goes in the cab with Sharon and we see Sharon crying, which I don’t really get why.


We fast forward to Helen and David arriving home while Sharon is sitting on the roof. David asks Helen if she needs help with Sharon, but she tells him that she can do this on her own. Helen joins Sharon on the roof and decides that she should allow Sharon to make her own mistakes. She also commends Sharon for being responsible for calling a cab and taking the drunk guy’s keys. She also allows Sharon to come up with her own punishment.

I’m not sure how I feel about this episode. I do like that the episode was fast forwarded from last episode and this one, but I would have liked to see how Sharon got over Alden. I know it couldn’t have been easy, but it’s nice to see her try to move on. I don’t think Sharon discovering porn on the Internet should have been included because I don’t think it really added anything. I get that it was there to prompt Helen to go into Mama Bear mode in this episode, but it was never mentioned ever again. I guess I would have liked to see this episode take a different approach. Remember when Helen told Sharon about older guys being into younger girls? I wish the episode would have built on that. Yes, I know they’ve done an episode somewhat similar to this in Season 1 but this could have reinforced why older guys shouldn’t prey on younger girls. Tony could have taken advantage of Sharon and she’s acting out like this because she loves him and everyone is trying to tell her that he’s a dick. Idk this wasn’t a bad episode, but I just wanted this episode to be a bit different.

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BraceFace Review Delayed

Sorry guys, I’ve been without wi-fi since Tuesday. My Internet should be working tomorrow and I’ll try to have the review up this weekend.

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BraceFace: S2, E4 “Dear Alden”

I have been waiting to review this episode ever since I decided I wanted to do BraceFace reviews. If any of you are Shalden fans out there, you guys aren’t going to like this episode. This review is quite long because I got rambled a bit, but enough stalling. Let’s start.

Our lovely couple are at Alden’s house (a nice change of scenery) watching what I assume to be Casablanca.


N’aww how adorable.

But Brock the Cock Blocker makes another appearance and ruins their sweet moment. Brock tells Alden that it’s time for practice despite the fact that it’s not for another hour. Brock starts playing the guitar and Alden gets up and plays his, ignoring Sharon. Sharon decides to leave and Alden tells her goodbye and hopes she has fun with her dad. Sharon tells him to have fun at the football game and reminds him to take plenty of pictures. When Sharon leaves, Brock complains to Alden about Alden and Sharon’s PDA. Alden just brushes it off to Brock being jealous, which is right about. Brock denies it and swears he’s likes being single. Alden challenges him to talk to some girls and Brock asks Alden if he’s noticed any other girls. Alden denies it, but his body language is very telling:


Brock mentions a bunch of cheerleaders that have been trying to get their attention and Alden starts getting annoyed. Alden says he doesn’t want to hurt Sharon’s feelings and that she’s a good person. He starts looking for the remote and says that they can hang out with other people, but Brock isn’t buying it. We fast forward to Monday and Maria tells Sharon about the football game, but stops herself. Sharon is curious to know what happened and she hears Alden and Brock laughing. She turns around to see them sitting with some girls.


One of the girls starts showing off her cheerleading moves and Brock and Alden are impressed. Naturally, Sharon starts getting jealous and pressures Maria to tell her what happened at the game.


One of the girls starts touching Alden’s hair and suggests that he get highlights. Brock asks Tess (the girl touching Alden’s hair) if he should get highlights and the other girl suggests that they have a highlight party. That’s when Sharon interrupts them by clearing her throat loudly. Brock gets up and introduces the girls, Tess and Leanne. Sharon says hi to them and an awkward silence comes between them quickly. Alden breaks the awkward silence by asking Sharon about her weekend. Sharon and her dad went to see experimental theatre and saw an actress who could imitate electronic sounds and everyone laughs. Sharon claims that the show was really good and it had a good message, but no one is trying to hear it. The way Sharon described it makes me want to see something like that. Fuck them, Sharon! I’d love to hear about it. Hell, I’d go to one. The bell rings and Alden tells Sharon that he’ll see her later. Maria tells Sharon not to think what she’s thinking and that Alden knows that those girls are lame. Sharon lies and says she has no problem with him expanding his circle of friends.

Later on, Sharon can’t help her jealous feelings and Maria assures Sharon that Alden is only hanging with them to help Brock get female attention. This is true. Sharon starts getting paranoid and thinks about calling Alden. Maria stops her so she doesn’t give Alden the idea that she’s a jealous, insecure girlfriend (which she’s being right now, but understandable). Sharon tells Maria that she’s only calling to let Alden know that he doesn’t owe Brock anything. We cut to Alden in a dark room hanging up photos while on the phone with Brock. Alden isn’t answering the phone and it goes straight to voicemail. Sharon gets angry and Maria tells her to calm down and that he was probably on the phone with someone and didn’t pick up his call waiting (which is exactly the reason). Sharon wonders who he’s on the phone with and starts heading over to Alden’s house. Geez, that’s a bit extreme. She gets to Alden’s house and tells him that she can help with his math homework and he declines. He tells Sharon he’s going to get a snack and she accompanies him. *facepalm* Alden makes himself a sandwich and while Sharon reminds Alden of all of her good qualities and he looks totally out of it.

In the girls’ bathroom, Maria asks Sharon if she talked to Alden about Brock and Sharon tells her that she was too busy reminding Alden about all of her great qualities. Tess pops up, looking in the mirror and asks them if her foundation looks okay and Maria makes a snide remark. God, the shade throwing on this show is awesome. Tess goes on about some makeup stuff that I don’t understand because I don’t wear/hate makeup. She asks them what they think about her makeup and Maria says that it looks good on her. She also asks Tess if she knows she’s a stereotype and Tess says that she loves stereos. Excuse me while I laugh for 2 minutes straight. Maria then asks Tess if she has any other interests besides cheerleading and Tess says no. Tess gets ready to leave the bathroom and tells the girls that pure silk bras give you the right balance and she says that Alden told her this. Oh, shit! Sharon is livid and Maria holds her back.


“Let me at her, let me at her”.

Maria tells her to ignore it and that she’s trying to get to her. Sharon tells her that Tess is getting to her. Maria advises Sharon to make sure that she doesn’t see Alden without her. Yeah, this isn’t one of Maria’s smartest ideas. You can see when she went to Alden’s house that he’s getting annoyed with her. Sharon decides to skip her volunteer work at the vet’s to go to Alden’s band practice. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. I’d never ditch school, work, etc. for a guy. Brock tells Sharon that Alden had to go help out at his parents’ restaurant because one of the cooks got sick. Sharon starts to head out to the restaurant and changes her mind. She reminds herself that she’s in a committed relationship and she shouldn’t put her life on hold. Great idea, Sharon. Later, she heads down to the restaurant and finds Alden…with Tess.


Dum dum dum…

Sharon walks in and tells them that the music is too loud. Alden explains that Tess has been keeping him busy while he cleans up. Sharon asks if there’s anything she can do and Tess says everything’s done. Sharon gives her a “Bitch, did I ask you?” look:


Alden tells Sharon that he’ll stay around and do homework and get a ride with his mom when she closes up. Sharon suggests that Tess can take the bus with her, but Tess plans on doing homework with Alden because “he’s so good at math and I’m horrible at it”. Alden says that Sharon can stay if she wants, but she declines. Sharon is on her computer looking at a picture of Tess on the school website. She complains about how fake Tess is and wonders what Alden sees in her. Josh, who was in Sharon’s room getting a CD without her noticing, tells her to ask him herself. A light bulb goes off in her head and Sharon decides to type Alden a letter. While Sharon is typing the letter that she’ll never sent to Alden, Moishe (one of the cats) starts playing with the computer cord in the socket.


This won’t end well.

Electricity starts coming from the cord, goes up to the computer, and into Sharon’s braces. She ends up hitting her head on the keyboard posting the letter on the school website. Her computer also ends up crashing. I’mma let you finish, but this episode had the best second-hand embarrassment moment of all time. On their way to school, Sharon tries to convince herself that nobody will read the letter because no one goes on the school website. Maria also helps, but they both know they’re lying to themselves. They reach school and someone has vandalized Sharon’s locker. Gee, I wonder who could it be…


The message says, “Surrender Spitz, you’re way out of your league”. But why is it not legible for the readers?

Sharon opens up her locker and boxes of tissue fly out. Tess and Leanne coincidentally shows up (the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime) and mocks Sharon. Sharon considers being fake sick so she can go home (if you go through with it, take lessons from the previous episode), but Maria convinces her to stay. She also suggests that they go to the library to see if they can take the letter off of the website. Yeah, it’s a little too late for that and I would think that whoever runs the website would have taken it down. Connor, because no one pays him any mind, is confused as to what’s going on. We cut to Brock and Alden and some girls walk by laughing at Brock aka “Mr. Desperate”. Brock complains about the things she called Brock and Alden (there was some truth in what she said) in the letter and Alden swears he wasn’t doing anything with Tess and he couldn’t help it that she showed up to the restaurant. No, you couldn’t help it but I think you could have told her to piss off if you had any sense. Brock asks him why it matters since Alden told him that he and Sharon weren’t exclusive. Oh, yeah I forgot to mention that in an earlier scene. Alden lied and told Brock they weren’t exclusive. Alden agrees and says that he’s not exclusive with Tess either. As they talk, they walk right pass Sharon and Co. trying to get to the library. Unfortunately, the library is closed. Sharon notices the guys walking by and she says hi to them. They turn around and the expressions they give Sharon are just hilarious!


An awkward silence comes between them and Alden says hi. That doesn’t fit the mood. Just a few seconds ago, he was giving her a nasty look now he’s saying hi to her like nothing happened. Brock chastises Alden for talking to her. Sharon apologizes to them, but they’re not trying to hear it. Alden curses Sharon out for writing the letter, having a low opinion of him and Brock, and for talking shit about Tess and Leanne because they’re perfect angels who bullied Sharon for no damn reason.



I don’t mean to take away from this moment, but Alden is kind of cute when he’s mad.

Sharon asks Alden if they can talk in private, but Brock cuts in and asks why. Then, Maria jumps in to defend Sharon. The bell rings and Alden heads off to class with Brock following him.


Sharon goes home and decides to hop on her computer to rectify the situation. The next day, we find out that Sharon posted a hate letter about herself on the school website. So, anyone can just post on the school website, huh? Sharon tells her friends that she wrote the letter about herself. Maria thinks that Alden might forgive her after doing this. No, I don’t think so. We cut to Sharon and Alden in the band room. Alden doesn’t want to talk about the situation anymore and that he’s just needs some breathing room. Sharon asks Alden if he’s breaking up with her. He doesn’t say anything, but his face says it all. I have to screenshot this moment.


Sharon asks him if she’s going to start dating Tess and Alden denies it saying that they’re just friends. Alden says he just wants to be by himself for a while and walks out of the room, leaving Sharon in tears. Sharon says that she had a feeling it was coming, but it still hurts. Damn, I felt that.


R.I.P. Shalden

At Sharon’s house, Maria does what every best friend does when their friend is going through a break-up: snap them out of their depressive mood. She brings some clean laundry because Sharon loves the smell of it, but it’s not working. While this is going on, some music from Alden’s band is playing is the background. Maria insults the band’s music and Sharon chimes in. Sharon asks Maria if there’s a chance her and Alden will get back together. Maria tells her that she doesn’t know and they probably won’t. I love her honesty. She tells Sharon to give her a list of reasons why the break-up was a good thing. Sharon pretty much lists their differences, him being into airheads, and that change is good. Then, Sharon and Maria have a play fight best friend moment.

Wow, this was an interesting episode. Shalden’s breakup shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Since “Stormy Weather”, their relationship has been on the rocks and I love that the writers build on it instead of pulling it out of their asses like some shows do. I think that Brock’s jealously played a hand in their relationship. He was butthurt that Alden got more attention than he did. This might be a reach, but I think that he intentionally gave Alden horrible relationship advice (ex. Giving Sharon a shitty gift for her birthday). The communication was also a big problem with their relationship. Alden knows nothing about being in a relationship and like I mentioned before, listened to Brock (who doesn’t know shit about relationships and is jealous of Alden) giving him shitty advice. I could go on and on about the problems in their relationship, but I’ve already mentioned them in episodes where they had problems.

Now on to the episode, Sharon and Alden were both wrong. Sharon let her insecurities get the best of her. I know what it’s like to get insecure over girls who are more attractive than you are esp. when they’re around your significant other or crush. And I could see how she could feel that way. Remember how Evvie was all over Alden in “The Social Fabric”? Not to mention, they’ve hardly spent time together since they’ve entered high school. However, this doesn’t justify her stalking Alden which you can see was annoying him. As for the letter, she messed up by doing it on the computer. Can you imagine this episode taking place in 2016? Everyone would have seen and shared Sharon’s Tumblr rant, which would probably make in her internet famous. When I do rants, I open up Word, Note, or my old-fashioned diary. I get the concept of writing an angry letter. I do it all of the time, but next time Sharon be careful. Now on to Alden, I get why he’s trying to put on a show for Brock and say that he and Sharon aren’t exclusive. You guys know how male ego is, but that’s no excuse for it. And I can’t believe how much Alden was kissing Tess and Leanne’s asses when he went off on Sharon for the letter. “You don’t even know them.” Apparently you don’t either, you shithead. I can’t believe he had the nerve to say then, when just a few seconds ago he said that Tess destroying Sharon’s locker was too extreme. I’m even more pissed off at him for not realizing that Tess was clearly trying to get his attention to make Sharon jealous. Even Stevie Wonder could see through her bullshit. And does he even though about the comments Tess made to Sharon? Then again, this is the same guy who let his girlfriend get bullied and blamed it on her, instead of taking up for his girlfriend.



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BraceFace: S2, E3 “Working Girl”

Sorry if this isn’t my best review, but I’ve busy. What have I been up to, you ask? Well, the title and the theme of this episode explains it all. I’ve been hesitant to say anything about it out of fear of jinxing it (like the last one), but I have a job. It’s only a temp position, but it’s better than nothing. So, if my next 2-3 reviews aren’t all that great you know why. But that’s enough about me, let’s start the episode.

We start the episode off with Sharon narrating about how high school is all about fitting in while she’s walking through the hallways trying to figure out what’s trendy. In English class, Sharon is reading a magazine marking off things she wants to get and the teacher closes the magazine.


Reading in class? Not on my watch!

But luckily for Sharon, the next day was allowance day. Is getting allowances something that only happens in TV? I don’t know anyone who got an allowance growing up. I mean, my parents would give me and my brother money as graduation and birthday gifts and when we lost a tooth (sorry kids the tooth fairy doesn’t exist) but that was it. Anyways, Helen gives the kids their allowance and Sharon doesn’t receive as much as her brothers. Helen said that she had to make a few “deductions”.  We cut to a scene of Sharon telling Maria what her mom told her. She didn’t vacuum, forget to clean out the cat litter, and that she was passive-aggressive to Helen…twice! Hehe. Sharon, of course is upset over this and gets even madder when she sees that Nina has bought all of the things she wanted from the magazine.

Maria tells her to get over it and brings her attention to the school ski trip. Maria tells Sharon that the ski trip is a big deal and it’s a lot of fun. Sharon asks how much it costs and it cuts to Helen being shocked at the trip being $100. Idk if it’s just me, but I don’t think that’s too bad for a ski trip. But then again, Helen is a divorced mother raising three children on her own so she can’t spend money all willy nilly. Sharon promises to do a shit ton of chores in exchange for the money, but Helen refuses. Helen explains to Sharon that she doesn’t have that kind of money, but if she did she’d spent it on something that they need. Sharon gets upset and complains that since Helen is the parent, she gets to decide how “their money” is spent. I’m sorry, what? Helen rightfully tells Sharon that since she earns the money, she gets to decide what her money is spent on. Sharon decides that she’s going to earn her own money.

At Life Cycles, Sharon is reading the Help Wanted Ads posted on the bulletin board and she learns about the “Need a job to get experience; need experience to get a job” lesson sooner than most people. Connor cheers Sharon up by telling her that he’s not going either because skiing isn’t his thing. Maria tries to convince Connor to go on the trip by telling him that it’s going to be a huge party and offers to give him some ski lessons, but Connor refuses. Then, some guy asks Sharon for her order. Sharon is confused because he’s not Bill (ya know the dick manager from last season). The guy starts being a sarcastic twat towards Sharon and Maria asks where Bill is. The guy says he doesn’t know and that he bought the place from him. He also threatens to have Sharon and Co. arrested for loitering if they don’t order anything. This guy’s worse than Bill when he made his first appearance.


They order smoothies and then complain about how much of a dick this guy is. Then, Sharon gets the idea that he needs help. No, not that kind of help. Help at work. Sharon tries to convince the guy to hire her by telling him that he can’t do everything by herself. She even mentions her feeding her pets and being good with people, while he’s good at the blender. He asks Sharon if she can work a few weekends and evenings for minimum wage. Sharon tells him that she can do whatever shifts he needs except the 24 because that’s the day of the ski trip. He agrees to hire Sharon and tells her that she starts tomorrow. (sighs) If it were only that simple to get a job….


At dinner, Sharon tells everyone that she’ll be working at Life Cycles. Helen asks Sharon if she can juggle a job and school. This isn’t Sharon’s first time working. She had a job in “The Meat of the Matter”. Granted, she quit due to her newfound animal rights activism but still. Sharon makes sure to emphasize that since she’s earning money, she gets to decide how to spend it. It’s Sharon’s first day and she’s already off to a bad start by socializing instead of working. Her boss walks over to her with the Employee Handbook that he just put together and chastises Sharon for sitting around on the job.


He starts training Sharon and he’s yelling at her for making mistakes. This guy is just the worst. Sharon is cleaning the lint out of the dryers and Nina starts mocking her. Sharon is about to respond when her manager tells her to go clean the toilets.


The toilets aren’t going to clean themselves.

At school, one of the jocks (he’s a background character and was Nina’s mentor in the first episode of this season) and asks Sharon if she works at Life Cycles. Sharon tells him that she does and they have a relatable conversation about having shitty bosses. Back at Life Cycles, Sharon is talking with Connor and their conversation ends when her boss tells her to start giving everyone their orders. The jock guy from earlier asks Sharon if she’s going on the ski trip and Sharon tells him that she is. Sharon is giving Nina her order and Nina tells Sharon that the jock guy is only talking to her so he can get free smoothies. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Nina might actually be right. How often do you see popular, jock hanging around people like Sharon? Sharon brushes it off and checks Nina on her rich, white girl privilege. Nina shows off her ski equipment to make Sharon jealous and Sharon tells Nina that she could never handle the responsibilities of a job because she’s spoiled.

When Sharon’s shift is over, she is handed her first paycheck. Sharon clearly doesn’t understand how payrolls work because she’s surprised that her paycheck is only $72.31. The next day Sharon complains about not having enough money for the trip or ski gear. Maria tells Sharon that she can borrow some of hers and some of Sharon’s clothes will be fine. Alden and Brock walk over and Alden asks Sharon if she’s coming to the game. Sharon can’t since she has to work extra shifts. Sharon heads off to work and works harder than she’s ever worked before. Sharon missed out on a lot of fun things happening over the course of two weeks, but she knew it would be worth it.


Fast forward to the day before the ski trip and Sharon is as happy as can be. Her boss hears this and tells her that she’ll be working tomorrow. Sharon explains to him that when he hired her that she said that she need that day off. He fires back by saying he never agreed to it. He’s right though. He explains to Sharon that he’ll be attending a business seminar tomorrow. He also tells her that since he’s the boss that he has first dibs on getting off work. Boom!

Sharon is at Connor’s house complaining about her boss while she’s doing yoga. I like the call back to “Whose Life Is It, Anyway?” And Connor is getting rid of some of his belongings. The two go down memory lane and start talking about Connor’s original Halloween costumes as a kid. This prompts Connor to ask Sharon if she thinks she worries too much about what other people think. Sharon denies it and Connor asks her why she wants to go on this ski trip. Sharon fails to give Connor a good reason and tells him that she wants to be a part of something that’s cool. Connor tells Sharon that she won’t be uncool if she doesn’t go, but Sharon insists on going. They both get frustrated at each other for not seeing things from one another’s perspective.

We cut to Sharon trying on a ski suit complaining that it’s not as cool as Nina’s. Maria is painting her nails and gives Sharon some excuses to tell her boss. Maria comes up with the ‘ol sick excuse and uses her nail polish to paint dots on Sharon’s face. To make it seem more convincing, she also has Sharon smell onions to make her eyes water.


Now that’s a clever trick!

Maria rushes Sharon to go before the effect wears off. She heads towards Brett (we finally get the guy’s name) and he’s repulsed at what he sees. He refuses to let Sharon work like this out of fear of scaring off customers. He tells Sharon to go home and that he’ll be working. And Sharon and Maria are off to Sunny Peaks! Sharon is trying to snowboard, but is failing at it. The jock guy comes up and offers to give her some lessons. Back in Elkford, Connor heads over to Life Cycles and apparently he is the only one who didn’t go on the ski trip. I refuse to believe that the entire school went on a ski trip. We cut back to Sunny Peaks and the jock guy teaches Sharon how to snowboard and she’s got it. They’re about to go ride on the slopes when Nina and Allyson show up. Nina mocks Sharon’s outfit and shows off her snowboarding gear with all the flashy gimmicks. Sharon decides to leave with Maria and thanks Isaac (the jock guy) for the lesson. Nina laughs at Sharon needing snowboarding lessons and says she doesn’t need it because her snowboard does everything for her. Isaac tells her that you still need to know how to, but Nina brushes it off. Nina starts going down the slopes and her snowboard goes haywire.


She bumps into Sharon and they bump into a TV crew filming at Sunny Peaks and Brett and Connor just so happen to be watching. Sharon is on camera long enough for Brett to see and he damn near has a stroke.

We cut to Brett cursing Sharon out and firing her in front of everyone at Life Cycles. I kinda felt bad for Sharon here. And to make matters worse, Nina is throwing Sharon’s words back at her. She may be right that Sharon can’t handle the responsibility of a job, but I bet that Nina wouldn’t last a second if she had Sharon’s job. Connor comes over to Sharon’s house and tries to apologize, but Sharon ends up apologizing to Connor and commends him for being himself and not giving a damn about what people think. Connor and Sharon go to the park and rolling down the hills like children:


Not a bad episode, but I definitely wouldn’t put this in my top 5 favorite episodes. Of course, it introduced the responsibilities of getting a job as a teen. Most teens only think about the things they can buy and their independence and don’t get a sense of reality. One of my issues with this episode was rehashing a lesson from a previous episode. The lesson in the first episode of this season was being yourself and we see this come up again. It may not have been the main lesson in this episode, but it was still there. I wish the writers would have just stuck with the job responsibility lesson. It reminds me of “Miami Vices” where the episode’s lesson went from rules are important to a special episode about underage drinking. Obviously, I didn’t like Brett and I don’t recall seeing him in future episodes so I’m glad this is his first and last appearance in the show (don’t quote me on it). He was a straight up douche bag and made Bill look like a saint. I really liked Connor in this episode. He and Dion aren’t afraid to be themselves and the world needs more people like them. I’m glad that Isaac broke the stereotype of jocks being assholes (even though the writers have him being a basketball player because black people are good at sports) and I wish that he would have appeared in future episodes because I don’t recall seeing him in anymore episodes.


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BraceFace: S2, E2 “14 Candles”

Nina is celebrating her birthday and Sharon’s is coming up in 6 days. I’m glad it’s not one of those annoying “Arch nemesis is having a party the same day as mine” clichés. A chef brings out a big cake for Nina and apparently Nina has a boyfriend. I guess she’s given up on chasing Alden:

This, of course gets Sharon thinking about her own birthday. After school, Sharon helps her mom with gardening and Helen tells Sharon that Richard will be in town for her birthday. Sounds nice, right? Then, Helen tells Sharon that her Aunt Katie and Uncle Bernie will also be in town for their annual Leaf-changing trip (seriously who does that?). But, wait! There’s more! David is also free that night and he’ll be bringing his twin daughters along. You think that’s bad? Oh, it gets worse. Helen made reservations to a Chuck E Cheese typed restaurant called Mindy’s. Sharon, of course, doesn’t like this idea and is upset that Helen is only considering David’s daughters and not her. Helen defends herself saying that she was trying to find something for everyone. I don’t think Mindy’s is a restaurant that five adults and a teenager would enjoy. Sharon tells Helen that spending time with David’s twins and two relatives she could not give a shit about is not her idea of special. Instead, it’s Helen’s idea. Helen agrees with Sharon and apologizes for not thinking. She asks Sharon what restaurant she wants to go to. Sharon doesn’t want to go with them and decides to spend her birthday with her friends.

The next day, Sharon tells her friends that she’s free on Saturday (her birthday). Unfortunately for her, Sharon’s friends already have plans. Connor has to go apple picking with his family (he’ll be disowned if he doesn’t go, which is silly) and Maria has a volleyball game out of town. Sharon, understandably, is disappointed and her friends fell badly about it. Sharon goes in the bathroom and Nina and Allyson just so happen to be there. Nina and Sharon have a lovely, witty cat fight (I see Dion is teaching her something) and Sharon leaves with the last laugh. Sharon realizes she forgot her brush and goes back into the bathroom. When she opens the bathroom door, she overhears Nina and Allyson talking and thinks that someone is throwing her a surprise party.


Allyson grabs the toilet brush that the janitor left behind and rubs it on Sharon’s hair brush. Ew.


That’s just low even for these two.

Sharon comes in and grabs her brush and leaves, having no idea what just happened. That’s just disgusting, man. Sharon finds her friends in the hallway studying and hypothetically tells them what type of party she would want. Maria and Connor have no idea what’s going on. Man, Sharon is setting herself for disappointment. Before Algebra class, Alden asks Brock what he should get Sharon for her birthday. According to him, she kept touching her ear and he doesn’t know if she wants earrings or if she has an itchy ear. Lol. Brock advises Alden to either take her out on a date or give her a gift. Alden asks why can’t he do both and Brock says that you don’t overdo it for a girl’s birthday. He also mentions that if you take her out on a date and give her a present, she’ll be expecting more and that’s how guys go broke. (sighs) This is why Brock doesn’t have a girlfriend. Alden decides to go the gift route and get her a bracelet. Brock tells him it’s not a good idea and that he should get Sharon a mouse pad since she said tomato juice spilled on her other one. Alden, please stop listening to Brock. He has no idea what he’s talking about. Alden doesn’t think that sounds special and Brock tells him he has to take Sharon out to dinner and maybe take her to a movie. Alden can’t afford all of that and Brock tells him to take Sharon to his parents’ restaurant so he’ll have enough left over for a movie. No. No. No. No. No. That’s the worst advice I’ve ever heard in my life. Sharon comes in and Brock tells Sharon that they weren’t talking about her. This has Sharon believing that Brock and Alden were talking about Sharon’s non-existent surprise party. Sharon gets home from school and her dad is home:


He gives her a gift and it’s a doll to add to her collection:


Sharon thanks him for the gift and tells him that she stopped collecting dolls and you can see the disappointment on Richard’s face:


Poor Richard.

He changes the subject by asking her about her birthday plans and Sharon keeps hinting at the surprise party and Richard is completely clueless. Adam comes in and overhears Sharon talking and he’s confused as well. The more this happens, the more I keep feeling bad for Sharon. We cut to Life Cycles and Adam asks Maria about a surprise party. She tells him that there’s no surprise party and that her and Connor won’t even be there for her birthday. They put two and two together and realize that Sharon thinks that they’re throwing her a surprise party for her, but they’re not. Adam asks because he doesn’t want Sharon to be alone on her birthday. Aww that’s nice of Adam. At lunch, Alden tells Brock that Sharon’s expecting a surprise party and asks him what to do. Oh, God. More advice from a guy who doesn’t know diddly squat about relationships. Brock tells him to get a new girlfriend. (heavy sigh). Alden is starting think that Sharon is a little high maintenance and Brock is thanking the lucky stars that he’s not attached. Weren’t you just complaining about Maria not wanting to date you a few episodes ago? Shut up.

We fast forward to Sharon’s big day! Nothing special happened during the day other than Sharon spending time with her aunt and uncle. So let’s get to the evening where Sharon believes her surprise party is going to take place. Sharon is about to go in her closet and try on outfits when she opens her closet and finds balloons and a present:


She opens the present and finds a video tape inside. Downstairs, everyone is about head out to Mindy’s and Helen asks Sharon for the last time if she wants to come along. Sharon is positive she doesn’t want to go. Sharon plays the video tape and Maria and Connor made Sharon a birthday video. They apologize for not being able to spend time with her on her birthday and Sharon thinks they’re lying. Poor Adam doesn’t have the heart to tell his sister the truth.


Adam gives her a vague advice and leaves with the rest of the family. Alden, stupidly takes Brock’s advice and takes Sharon to his parents’ restaurant. Sharon is constantly checking her watch and eating through her food like it’s the last food on earth. They go to the movies and Sharon keeps checking her watch. Alden is starting to get pissed:


I laughed at his expression for a good 5 minutes.

Oh, I see. He thinks she’s being ungrateful. He asks her if she enjoyed everything and she says yes in a nonchalant kind of way. Sharon keeps looking at her house and walks away without saying anything to Alden. Alden is sad and Sharon notices him walking away thinking that he’s pretending to walk off. She waves bye to him and Alden is just over it. Sharon lets “everyone” know that she’s opening the door and is shocked to see no one is home. Alden comes back to give Sharon the mouse pad that Brock told him to get.


Sharon is so upset that she runs upstairs to her room leaving Alden at the door. Maria calls Connor and asks him if Sharon has called him. He tells her no and Maria says she hasn’t called either and is mad. We cut to Alden at Life Cycles with Brock and tells him about their date. Alden isn’t sure if he wants to be with Sharon anymore. Brock assumes that Sharon is one of those girls who expect too much and Alden agrees. Alden’s phone rings and it’s Sharon. Brock tells him not to answer because he’s “been through enough” and Alden does so. Sharon leaves a voice message for Alden apologizing and thanking him for everything. She also leaves a message for Maria. She looks at the clock and she’s “officially 14”.


Sharon hears a knock at the door and it’s her father. He comes in and wishes Sharon a happy birthday. Wait? You mean to tell me she didn’t hear anyone coming in the house? Okay. Helen comes in and wishes Sharon a happy birthday. We get the story of Sharon’s birth. Her parents were at a U2 concert and three songs in, Helen’s water broke. Why would you go to a concert and you’re pregnant? Especially at nine months (I assume)?  Her parents start saying some sappy, shit and tell Sharon that they love her.


After this, Sharon starts being all grateful and decides to do something for the people that love her. Sharon made spaghetti (ah, that’s why she was picking tomatoes) for everyone. She apologizes for the 10th time (according to Alden) about how she acted and thanks him for the mouse pad. He said it’s okay. Are you sure about that?

This episode was just…idk. I see what the writers were trying to do, but it wasn’t executed well. Watching this, I never got the impression that Sharon was being ungrateful. Sharon overheard Nina talking about a surprise party and assumed that she would be getting one. She got her hopes up and was disappointed. Anyone in her shoes would be. However, I could see how everyone around her would see her as being ungrateful. I guess it’s because I sympathize with Sharon a bit. Yeah, she shouldn’t have gotten her hopes up like that, but we’ve all gotten our hopes up about something and ended up disappointed. It pissed me off that no one outright told Sharon that she wouldn’t be getting a surprise party. They all knew that Sharon was expecting one and no one had the balls to tell her the truth. I get that they didn’t want to hurt her feelings, but I think not telling her was worse. However, I could also see that Sharon would probably not believe them if they did. It was a lose-lose situation from the start. Alden pissed me off in this episode and so did Brock. Brock is the definition of a cheap guy. No girl should accept a shitty date from a guy. Granted, they’re teenagers so they don’t have full-time jobs but that was just awful. He gives awful advice about girls and he wonders why no one wants him. And I’m even more upset at Alden for listening to Brock. He should have gotten Sharon a bracelet instead of a mouse pad. Also, knowing that Sharon wouldn’t be getting a surprise party I think Alden could have made more of an effort to make her birthday more special.


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BraceFace: S2, E1 “The Social Fabric”

Here we are folks, Season 2! As I mentioned before, I’ve been waiting to review this season and it’s finally here. And it could not come at a better time because I’ve been really depressed these past few days. So without further ado, let’s begin!

During breakfast, Adam tries to scare Sharon with freshman horror stories. Ah, yes I remember seeing this trope all of the time on TV and was scared that it would happen to me. And nothing happened. If anybody reading this is entering high school soon, this will not happen to you. Don’t get me wrong you might get bullied, but not all freshmen are going to get picked like this. Helen tells Adam to stop teasing Sharon and believes that Sharon will be alright. We cut to Sharon and Co. and I spy some new outfits…from Sharon and Maria that is!


Sharon is worried about the freshman haze (as I call it); while Maria doesn’t think it’ll be so bad. Connor suggests that they blend in with the lockers. Ha. They finally reach their new school:


Welcome to Elkford High!

They’re all sitting in the auditorium and the principal informs the freshman about their new mentoring program. It just occurred to me. This would be the perfect time to pull a prank on the freshman since they’re all sitting together. Or maybe they’re saving their pranks for the end of the year. Back to the episode, the freshman will be paired with a senior and the senior will help them transition through high school. That sounds like a nice idea, but I highly doubt seniors volunteered for this. That’s not to say there aren’t seniors who care about helping out a freshman, but I highly doubt that there was enough volunteers to be paired with every freshman. It’s probably a volunteering class or something that’s an easy “A”. And how is it enough seniors to be paired with each freshman? I guess it’s an equal amount of freshmen and seniors, but it doesn’t make sense since the freshman class is usually the biggest and the senior class is the smallest. Well, at least that’s how it was when I was in high school (shrugs).

Sharon thinks the mentor program is a cover-up and it’s just to pick on the freshman. Connor chimes in on his concerns and hopes that they can switch and coincidentally, the principal tells them they can’t switch and wishes them good luck.


Looks like Maria is going to like it here.

Everyone seems to be paired with someone who shares their interests. Alden’s mentor, Evvie likes Mangled Metal’s (the name of Alden’s band in case you forgot) music. She’s auditioning to be a TV3 VJ and is pretty confident she’ll get the job. She also thinks that she can take the band to the next level. And who is Sharon paired with? Someone who doesn’t even remotely shares her interests.


Meet Dion.

Sharon, understandably is embarrassed by Dion. She asks him to come out from underneath the table because people are staring. He couldn’t give an ounce of a shit and continues reading under the table. Okay, writers I see where you’re going with this. While Dion is picking up empty soda cans with Sharon, he tells Sharon his real name: Mark Jones. He doesn’t think the name suits him and named himself after Celine Dion, his idol. He chastises Sharon for thinking Celine is okay and promises to make sure that Sharon really “listens” to Celine. Geez and I thought Justin Bieber’s fans were bad. Dion goes over to a recycling bin to collect more cans and Evvie shows up. She and Dion have a little shade fest and I’m here for it! Dion tells Sharon that he rejected her to be a model in one of his shows and ever since then she’s hated him. Sharon asks why they’re collecting cans and Dion decides to show her this:


He needs to have a dress (called “The Social Fabric” hence the title of this episode) complete for his portfolio to apply for the Fashion Institute. He asks Sharon to be a model for the dress. He also tells her she’s has uniqueness to her and that her braces compliment the dress. He’s right it’s perfect for his metal theme. In the locker room, Sharon tells Maria that she’s starting to like Dion and asks her if anyone has tried to initiate her yet. Maria tells her no and just believes it’s all a rumor. Sharon asks Maria to join her for lunch, but she can’t. She asks Alden to join her and he can’t because he’s hanging out with Evvie and her friends. Sharon wants to come along, but Alden has to ask Evvie if it’s okay and Sharon flips her lid. I can understand why Alden has to make sure if it’s okay. When you invite someone to hang out with you, sometimes people don’t want other people joining it. However I do understand why Sharon would be upset. Alden is clueless and Sharon doesn’t like that Alden’s spending so much time with Evvie and points out that her and Dion aren’t hanging out all of the time. Alden promises Sharon that they’ll have lunch tomorrow, but that doesn’t make her feel better. Alden explains to Sharon that he and Evvie have a lot in common and that she can help the band. Just then, Evvie calls out to Alden and Sharon’s facial expression is hilarious:


Sharon asks if they’re still having band practice later today and Alden confirms it and mentions that Evvie will be there as well. Ah, nothing like high school drama. Mangled Metal performs for Evvie and her friends. She thinks they’re cute and tells them they need to work on their image and tighten up their rhythm. She walks up to Alden and tells him she’ll take him shopping for clothes.


Alden: “Sharon, who?”

She also tells them to ditch Sharon and Maria. Sharon objects to this and Evvie swears she knows what she’s talking about. Sharon asks Alden what he wants to do and agrees with Evvie and he’s  “so sorry”.


Sorry, my ass.

Maria calms down Sharon and they both leave. Maria doesn’t make a big deal about it because she doesn’t have time to rehearse with all the sports she’s involved in. Sharon complains to Maria about how Alden looks at Evvie and says that she’s “too gorgeous”. Maria assures Sharon that Alden is just impressed by Evvie and that Evvie is probably insecure. Maria also tells Sharon that she should join something and have fun in high school. (sighs) Everybody and their mother used to tell me this. I hated high school. It wasn’t as bad as middle school (that was pure hell), but it was still awful. I didn’t have fun because I didn’t really have any friends, I always felt like l didn’t belong and there were nothing I was interesting in joining. I joined a business club my senior year just to put on my college applications that I was involved in something.

The next day Sharon is trying to find her way to History class. Ugh I just got a flash back to being late for all of my classes because I couldn’t find them. I’ll never forget the time I asked the principal to help me find my Biology class. He escorted me to class and everyone was staring at me like I was a juvenile delinquent. I’m embarrassed all over again. Sharon walks into a classroom thinking it’s her class and she walks into a class with Evvie and Dion. Evvie, as usual teases Sharon and Dion tries to step in and help Sharon. He and Evvie start Round 2 of their Shade fest and once again Dion comes out victorious. Sharon excuses herself out and Evvie points out that Sharon has green food between her braces and the rubber bands on them pop. Sharon runs out of the classroom and heads to the bathroom.


The second hand embarrassment makes its Season 2 debut.

God, I hate Evvie so much. I hate her for sharing the same name as one of my favorite Gen 1 Pokémon (even though the Pokémon’s name is spelled Eevee).Later on, Sharon is going through her locker and Dion stops by. He asks Sharon to try on the dress, but Sharon lies and tells Dion that she has too much homework to do. Dion puts on a front like it’s no big deal, but you can see it in his face he’s disappointed:


Sharon is trying to get away from Dion as much as she can, but Dion doesn’t seem to get it yet. He surprises Sharon with Celine Dion concert tickets and Sharon lies to him saying that she can’t go because it’s her brother’s birthday. Dion realizes that Sharon is trying to avoid associating with him and walks away. Poor Dion. During lunch, Evvie and her friends confront Sharon about modeling for Dion. Sharon denies modeling for Dion and Evvie writes the number 9 on Sharon’s forehead while her friends hold Sharon down.

Evvie warns Sharon that she’s got more surprises for her. And you thought Nina was bad? This bitch is just petty as hell. Because the 9 is written in permanent marker (I assume), Sharon can’t get it off with just water and has to wear a bandana to cover her forehead. Sharon tries playing volleyball with Maria so she can blend in and avoid Evvie, but volleyball clearly isn’t for her and she starts to miss hanging around Dion. Sharon finds Alden in the band room and asks him to tell Evvie to leave her alone. Alden refuses to because he doesn’t want to ruin his chances to help his band. He also advises Sharon to not bug Evvie and stay out of her way. (inserts internal scream) Remember when I said that Alden starts acting like a dick? And you’ve only seen the beginning. I’m so fucking mad right now. Ugh, I’ll save my rant for later.

Sharon is trying to head home, but Evvie pops up. I would make an “A wild Evvie appears” joke, but she’s not worthy of it. Evvie apologizes to Sharon for how she’s treated her and promises to leave her alone. Yeah, right. She manipulates Sharon into stealing the dress for her VJ audition by telling her it’ll beneficial to Evvie and Dion. And Sharon stupidly agrees to it. Sharon goes into the fashion room and just when she’s about to grab it, Dion sneaks in and turns on the light switch. The light bulb gives off electricity to Sharon’s braces and her braces attach themselves to the dress, thereby ruining it.


Dion, of course is pissed. He and Sharon pick up the soda can tabs and Sharon offers to sew it back on. Dion, angrily, refuses her help. Evvie comes in asking what’s taking so long and Dion finds out about everything. Dion believes that Sharon was doing it for herself and not for Dion. Dion goes on about it’s going to take him forever to fix it and that he’ll never meet his deadline. Evvie interrupts him by complaining about what she’s going to wear for her audition and Sharon tells her off. This should be a moment that I should be celebrating, but I’m not. It just came a little too late for me. Evvie walks out of the room and Dion apologizes to Sharon for saying she wasn’t an original (he started saying that after he realized she was avoiding him). While Dion comes up with a Plan B, dental floss and rubber bands fall out of Sharon’s pocket when she picks up some soda can tabs. And she gets the idea to use them to put the dress back together. At the end, we see Sharon modeling the dress and it looks good on her.

I have to say that I quite liked this episode. Dion is one of my favorite characters and I love that he’ll be in future episodes. I love that he’s himself and doesn’t give a rat’s ass what people think about him.  He definitely was the perfect mentor for Sharon. The summary of this episode describes Dion as “a fashion designer whose sexuality has been called into question”. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I didn’t get that from this episode. No one in this episode avoided Dion because he was gay. I saw it as people didn’t want to associate with him because he’s eccentric. Earlier in the episode, you saw people staring at him because he was reading a book under the table. Regardless, Dion is an awesome character. I like that Sharon’s junior high peers weren’t in this episode a lot. It’s just a reminder that you’re not going to always see everyone from junior high and that high school is completely different from junior high. I just hated Evvie so much. She just picked on Sharon because she was Dion’s mentee. She was just a petty bitch and thank God she doesn’t appear in any future episodes (from what I recall). Alden was just awful this episode. I understand that he wanted to take his band to the next level, but that was no excuse for how he let Evvie control him. When Evvie suggested that Alden get rid of Sharon and Maria, Alden didn’t even bother to stand up for them he just went with it. And I can’t believe he didn’t defend Sharon! If somebody was messing with me, I would want my boyfriend to stand up for me. That’s not to say I couldn’t do it myself, but I would want him to be on my side. And don’t get me started on the bullshit advice he gave Sharon. Don’t bug her?! Stay out of her way?! Sharon didn’t do anything to deserve being picked on. Sharon never bugged Evvie at all. I didn’t agree with Dion when he said that Sharon wanted to steal the dress for Evvie because she wanted Evvie to like her. I think Sharon did it so Evvie could leave her alone. I never really got the impression that she wanted to impress Evvie.

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